About the Room Reservation Fee

$300 Non-Refundable Room Reservation Fee Requirement

Room Reservation Fee Basics

  • $300 Room Reservation Fee Due April 20, 2017
  • The non-refundable $300 Room Reservation Fee (RRF) is a pre-payment for on-campus housing – not an additional fee.  This fee will be collected in April 2017 through the Student Administration System.
  • The RRF is credited to a student's fee bill. If a student pays the fall RRF, it is credited to their fall housing fee.

Miss the Deadline?

  • Continuing students will have their assignments cancelled.

Room Reservation Fee Billing

  • Payments can be accepted online by credit card, electronic check, by mail or in person at the Bursar’s Office in Storrs.

Current Students in 2017-18 Housing Selection

  • Emailed payment instructions 1-2 business days after receiving a Fall 2017 assignment

Students Exempt from the Room Reservation Fee

  • New Admits
  • Students assigned to Stamford Housing
  • Students who receive a full scholarship (tuition, room and board) with Nutmeg or Day of Pride from the University
  • Students who are Pell Grant eligible
  • Students hired as Resident Assistants (RAs) for the fall semester (students should still pay the fee if hiring decisions have not been made prior to the payment deadline)
  • Students attending UConn as a National or International Exchange Student


Students Eligible to Receive a Refund of the Room Reservation Fee

The Room Reservation Fee will be refunded ONLY for the following reasons:

  • Students academically dismissed from the University
  • Students hired as a Resident Assistant (RA) for the Fall Semester in Residential Life
  • Students participating in a UConn sponsored off-campus program (i.e., Co-op, Study Abroad, internship)
  • Students required to leave UConn on military orders

Frequently Asked Questions About the Room Reservation Fee

What if all of my tuition and fees are paid through scholarships and I won’t have access to that money to pay the Room Reservation Fee?

During the spring semester, Residential Life works with the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to identify students who are granted a Room Reservation Fee Exemption. These students are notified via University email by Residential Life. All students should prepare to pay the fee in the event they are not exempt.

Current Students

Students eligible to participate in housing selection can also submit a Request for a Room Reservation Fee Exception Form. Supporting documentation that will help Residential Life consider these requests can be included. Students are notified during the spring semester via University email when this form is available.

What if I do not pay the Room Reservation Fee by the deadline?

Current Students

Students who miss the payment deadline are removed from their fall assignment and their housing applications are cancelled.

Are there penalties for cancelling housing?

See Fall 2017/Spring 18 Undergraduate Housing Cancellation Fee Schedule as shown below:

 Fall 2017 Undergraduate Housing Cancellation Fee Schedule                                                                              


All New Students

June 1 - August 1, 2017


Continuing Students Who Paid RRF

Date Paid RRF - August 1, 2017


Continuing Students Exempt from Paying RRF

Day After April RRF Payment is Due - August 1, 2017


All Fall 2017 Undergraduate Housing Applicants & Residents

After August 1, 2017

100% of Fall Room Rate




Spring 2018 Undergraduate Housing Cancellation Fee Schedule    
Fall 2017 Residents August 2-September 30, 2017      $500
  After September 30, 2017   100% of Spring Room Rate
New Spring 2018 Residents  Until December 31, 2017    $500
  After December 31, 2017   100% of Spring Room Rate


Pay the Room Reservation Fee