Housing Selection Instructions

Spring 2016 Housing Selection Overview

Steps to Select a Room

  • Step 1 – Choosing Roommate(s)
  • Step 2 – Choosing a Room/Suite/Apartment – Be Careful, You Get One Pick

Step 1 – Choosing Roommate(s)

Always add/confirm your roommates to your roommate list, before your room assignment is selected. Make sure to assign them to the room when you select it for yourself. If you assign yourself to a room, and then add a roommate later, you won’t be assigned together. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Roommate = Permission to Choose Your Housing
Adding/confirming a roommate in your roommate list gives that person permission to choose a room for you. Anyone on your roommate list has the ability to pull you into a room.

Roommate Changes
You can add/remove roommates from your roommate list up until your housing selection is made. Once you’re assigned, you can’t change the roommates you’re assigned with.

Roommate Limit
You can request up to 5 roommates on your roommate list. Busby and Garrigus Suites can accommodate 6* students in one suite (also Honors Suites in Connecticut Commons). *Please note that we do not expect any completely open suites to be available.

“Your Roommate Group is Fully Matched”
Roommate requests must be mutual to be able to pick housing together (see Step 2). “Your roommate group is fully matched” means the roommate request is mutual and the students can pick a room together. “You have an unmatched roommate group” means that someone in your list hasn’t added you to their roommate list and you cannot pick together.

Step 2 – Choosing a Room/Suite/Apartment

There are 3 ways you can be assigned to a room during housing selection:

  1. Assign yourself, with your roommate(s)
  2. Assigned by one of your requested roommates
  3. Assigned by Residential Life (proxy or manually assigned)

Choosing a Room with Roommates

  1. Just one person in your group chooses for the entire group.
  2. The person with the earliest pick/selection time in your roommate group should choose for the group.
  3. All roommate requests must be MUTUAL. Everyone in the roommate group needs to confirm everyone else in the group before a selection can be made together.
  4. The person picking for the group will only be able to see available rooms/apartments/suites that have enough spaces for the entire group. For example, a group of 6 students will only see rooms with 6 spaces, and no other options.

Busy at Your Selection Time? Request a Proxy!

If your pick time conflicts with a class, request Residential Life staff to select housing for you at your pick time. Request at least 48 hours in advance by email to livingoncampus@uconn.edu. Include your full name, 7 digit student ID number, or NetID and 3-4 halls/areas/room types in ranked order.

Finding Your Pick Time

Housing selection times (pick times) are available in MyHousing.


Due to the lack of rooms with multiple vacancies, students may need to choose as an individual. Students should have alternative plans if they are unable to choose a room with a roommate.

One Pick

Once your room assignment is completed, it cannot be changed during housing selection.

Make Back-Up Plans!

Plan, plan, plan – what you hope will be available might not be open at your selection time.

Apartments, South Campus & Single Rooms
There are ALWAYS more students who want to live in an apartment, South Campus, or single room, than there are spaces available. There is never a guarantee that one of these spaces will be open when your selection time arrives. Make sure your plan B, C, etc. includes picking in a non-apartment, South Campus, or single room.

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