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Important Selection Update

The software system we use for housing selection is experiencing some technical difficulties and is causing some issues with student groups of 2 or more students when attempting to select a space as a group. 

If the student selecting a space on behalf of the group experiences any browser issues, please contact our office immediately at 860-486-2926 or livingoncampus@uconn.edu.  Some examples of issues students have been experiencing are:

  • A browser time out
  • An error page
  • A housing confirmation email that is incorrect (i.e. indicates all students have been assigned but checking a MyHousing account does not mirror that information)
  • No receipt of a confirmation email with a housing assignment
  • Difficulty searching for rooms prior to the start of a selection time

The system is open at night but if you login and experience any of the above, please delay taking any action until the following business day.  Contacting our office during business hours when staff are readily available to assist you will ensure you are viewing accurate information. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will work diligently to ensure your attempted assignment is intact.


Tutorials & Information

General Housing Selection Tutorial

Roommate Selection Tutorial

Room Selection Tutorial


Housing Selection Kick-Off
March 1st, 11:00am to 3:30pm Student Union 104 - stop in at any point to get all your housing selection questions answered.  There will be set presentations, snacks and prizes.


Selection Times and Class Standing

Current class standing determines the order in which students select a room. Seniors select first, followed by juniors, then sophomores, and then freshmen. Within class standing, students select rooms based on the number of credits earned. If more than one student has the same number of credits, students select in random order. Class standing by credits is as follows:

  • Seniors - 86+ credits
  • Juniors - 54-85 credits
  • Sophomores - 24-53 credits
  • Freshmen - 0-23 credits

Class standing is determined by the number of earned credits at the start of the Spring 2017 semester (recorded by the Registrar).

Priority in Housing – University Scholars and the incoming Residence Hall Association (RHA) Executive Board receive priority in housing selection based on their academic status/ contributions to our residential communities. University Scholars priority has been given at least 15 years – RHA priority has been given the last 7 years.


Finding Your Pick Time

Housing selection times (pick times) will be available on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 in MyHousing. Class standing is determined by the number of earned credits at the start of the Spring 2017 semester (recorded by the Registrar).

Students unable to go online at their scheduled time have two options.

  • Option 1: Enter MyHousing at a later time during your selection period to make your selection, or
  • Option 2: Request a proxy to enter housing selection at your scheduled time and select a space for you. To request a proxy, email livingoncampus@uconn.edu at least 48 hours prior to your selection time asking for Residential Life staff to serve as your proxy. The email must include the following:
    • Email Subject: Proxy Request
    • Full name
    • Student ID Number (PeopleSoft number) or NetID
    • Selection date/time
    • Rank ordered list of at least four halls/areas or room types you would hope to select. A staff member will enter the housing selection at your scheduled time to pick a room on your behalf.


Student Participating in the Fall 2017 Selection Process

(As of February 23, 2017)
Class Status Number of Students
Freshman 2,056
Sophomores 2,746
Juniors 2,524
Seniors 1,046


Spaces Available for Selection

 Does not include any spaces in Honors, Learning Communities, housing accommodations, etc.
(As of March 21, 2017)
Housing Option

Beds Available for


Apartment Spaces

HTA, COA, Mansfield and Northwood


Suites Spaces

Busby, Garrigus, South, NHI--including doubles, triples, and singles in suites

1, 482
Traditional Doubles 3, 166
Traditional Triples 78
Traditional Singles 211


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Don't Have a Roommate?

Students do not need a roommate to select a space on-campus, but if you would like to connect with other students looking for a roommate, visit UConn's ResLife Roommate Page in Facebook.


Residential Life can only verify the accuracy of information on our own website and materials. Information obtained elsewhere may not be accurate.

We encourage students who have questions to email livingoncampus@uconn.edu.

Questions? Contact Us!

Department of Residential Life
Whitney Hall - Garden Level
Phone: (860) 486-2926

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm


March 1st
Housing Selection Kick-Off
Student Union Rm 104
11am - 3:30pm

March 3rd - Campus Change Deadlines
Campus Change Approval
2017-2018 Housing Application

March 8th
Housing Selection Times Available

March 21st
Honors/LC Roommate Selection Begins

March 22nd-24th
Housing Selections for LC and Honors Students

March 27th
Undergraduate Roommate Selection Begins

March 28th-April 9th
Undergraduate Housing Selection

April 14th - Deadline
Room Reservation Fee Appeal Deadline

April 20th - Deadline
Room Reservation Fee Deadline

Room Reservation Fee