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Information about the RA Position and Application Process

The Resident Assistant [RA] position is a wonderful student leadership opportunity. The RA program is centered around the 3 tenents: Live. Learn. Lead.*

Live: 68-70% of Storrs undergraduate students choose to live in on-campus housing; therefore, RAs have the ability to impact over 12,000 students living in 116 residence halls. RAs live a unique and challenging lifestyle filled with high expectations and standards. RAs live in diverse and inclusive communities which recognize, respect, accept, and appreciate individual rights and differences in people and ideas.

Learn: RAs are responsible for fostering an environment of on-going learning, engagement, and inquiry. The residence halls provide a premier living and learning experience for residents that is centered in innovation, inclusivity, and excellence. RAs challenge and support their residents by establishing and holding residents accountable for community expectations. In doing so, they help their residents advance their skills for effective citizenship and help them develop into community members who are prepared to enrich society.

Lead: RAs are true leaders in their communities. They are responsible for developing strong, meaningful relationships with their residents and encouraging relationships between their residents. RAs foster dignity, integrity, kindness, respect, and pride within their communities by taking initiative, managing conflicts, and setting the example for others to follow. They not only are responsible for leading their community, but are also responsible for identifying and encouraging leaders in their communities who can enhance the community in the future. *2014-2015 RA Training & Development Committee

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