Canvassing, Posting and Solicitation

Policy Statement

Canvassing, Posting and Solicitation Policy

This policy is established to promote and enhance the safety, security and privacy of students living on campus. Canvassing is prohibited in and around the residence halls and apartment facilities managed by Residential Life, except for the purposes of political canvassing outlined below. Posting of material(s) is permitted in the residence halls and apartments as outlined in this document. Solicitation is strictly prohibited in and around the residence halls and apartment facilities managed by Residential Life.

Political Canvassing Policy

Door-to-door political canvassing in University owned housing is limited to the purposes of conducting voter registration or to campaign for a political candidate or issue contested by vote. This includes campus, local, state and national elections. Political canvassing does not include the option to solicit money for any purpose (campaigns, charity and commercial alike). Designated days and times for approved canvassing are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

  • Any recognized student organization (registered with Student Activities), candidates for any elected university position, or local, state or national candidates for elected office may apply to canvass at the Residence Education office, in Holcomb Hall.
  • All applications must be completed and received at least three (3) business days (Monday-Friday) prior to the desired canvassing date, so that applications can be reviewed and access to buildings can be arranged. Applications can be downloaded here and submitted to
  • No more than five (5) applicants may canvass a residential area (i.e., North Campus, Alumni, Northwest, etc.) on any designated night.
  • Residential Life staff will notify applicant if canvassing request has been approved and details on how to gain access to the residential areas.
  • All canvassing will be monitored or escorted by Residential Life staff or otherwise designated members of the residential community.
  • Any materials must adhere to the Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code and must contain the name of the sponsoring individual or organization.
  • Canvassers must be aware that to intimidate, harass, abuse, or threaten another by means of use or threatened use of physical or nonphysical force is a violation of Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code. Individuals who believe that they have been intimidated, harassed, abused, or threatened may file a complaint with their Resident Assistant, Hall Director or Community Director, or UConn Police Department.
  • Canvassers may not use amplifying devices or other techniques that might disturb the peace on the floor, in hall or surrounding communities.
  • Canvassers must respect any form of contact refusal by a member(s) of the residential areas within which they are canvassing. Residential students may place a sign on their room, suite or apartment door indicating “NO CANVASSING” (sign can be downloaded here if they do not wish to be approached. Canvassers will respect residents’ wishes to not be disturbed.
  • Canvassers are required to carry their UConn identification card with them at all times. Candidates who are not members of the UConn community will be issued temporary identification that must be worn at all times.
  • Canvassers who do not adhere to the aforementioned policy guidelines will be required to leave the residential areas immediately.

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Posting Policy

Posting is defined as public display of any informational or promotional materials. Residential Life has designated space in the residential areas for the purpose of providing a place for groups and organizations to market their activities, events, information, programs, and services. Posting materials may include, but are not limited to: banners, flyers, leaflets, notices, posters, or signs placed or affixed in public space for the purpose of advertising activities, programs or services. Only university departments, faculty, recognized student organizations, and candidates for student government office are eligible to post materials in the residential areas.

To request to post in the residence halls, submit an original sample (before copying) for approval and stamping to the Residence Education Office in Holcomb Hall, unit 4238. The posted material must clearly identify the name of the sponsor or student organization, date(s) of the events, and contact information.

Once a sample is approved, departments and organizations requesting permission to post materials must separate the posting materials based on the distribution list provided to ensure a timely delivery to the residential areas. A distribution list outlining the residential areas may be obtained from the Residence Education Office in Holcomb Hall (860-486-0353).

  • When posting in select residential areas: Copies must be received at least five working days prior to the event. Posting material will be reviewed by the appropriate Assistant Director of Residence Education.
  • When posting in all residential areas: Copies to post must be received at least seven working days before the date of the event. Posting material will be reviewed by the appropriate Associate Director of Residence Education.


  • Promotional materials may only be posted on bulletin boards or other designated areas approved by the Assistant Director or the Associate Director of Residence Education in Residential Life.
  • Posting is not permitted on the walls, windows, or doors in any residential area.
  • Posting is not permitted on buildings, lampposts, blue lights or sidewalks surrounding the residence halls.
  • Chalking is not permitted in any areas inaccessible to rain, or on any vertical surface.
  • Only one flyer per activity is allowed on a bulletin board or in a designated area and no posting may infringe upon another previously posted sign.
  • Only tacks or staples (for bulletin boards) and masking tape (for other designated areas) may be used.
  • Recommended sizes for flyers are 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″ or 11″ x 17″. Due to limited posting space, any posting material exceeding 11″ x 17″ will not be approved.
  • Flyers with expired event dates will be removed. Signs posted for longer than four weeks may be removed.
  • Promotional materials will be removed and appropriate actions may be taken in the event that an individual or organization fails to adhere to the aforementioned policy guidelines. Residential Life reserves the right to not approve any posting due to space or time limitation, or inappropriate content.
  • If you wish to post flyers in the Dining Halls, please contact Dining Services at (860) 486-3128.
  • All matters for posting not covered under this policy must be approved in advance by the Associate Director of Residence Education (or a designee).

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Solicitation Policy

Solicitation is defined as going door-to-door to directly sell or advertise for products and services, raise donations for charity, and or request for residents to make contributions for the tangible or intangible benefit of individuals or groups.

  • Door-to-door solicitation is prohibited. No person or student representing any organization or company is permitted to offer any products or services for purchase in the residence halls and apartments.
  • Students or student organizations wishing to raise non-cash donations for charity through social programs or other means may obtain permission from the appropriate Assistant Director of Residential Operations to collect materials in a designated, non-living space, centralized location. Assistant Director contact information is located at All donated items must comply with the current On-Campus Housing Contract expectations and not pose a health or fire safety threat to the community.

Dining Policy on Dining Hall Foyer Use

The Department of Dining Services allows student groups to utilize the Dining Units foyers for student table solicitation. If a student group wants a table they must register with the Student Union Events Services at (860) 486-3421. The name of the sponsoring organization must be on all advertising. Groups are not allowed to post flyers, banners or similar advertising on walls. Groups may use existing bulletin boards if they are available. Students may not solicit credit cards or credit card applications. If the sale of baked goods, etc will be taking place then prior approval and certification must take place with the Department of Environmental Health and Services. Groups must review all policies in the Student Organization Reservation Policies available at the reservations office in the Student Union Event Office. When all criteria are met the Reservations Office then contacts the Department of Dining Services to check on availability. Dining Services maintains the master calendar for foyer use. In the event the student group determines that they will not be using the table they had reserved they must call the Reservations Office between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm at least 24 hours in advance. Failure to cancel reservations may jeopardize the group’s future reservation privileges.

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Mailbox Policy

Recognized student organizations and candidates for student government offices wishing to distribute political literature in the Residence Halls’ and Apartments’ mailboxes must contact the respective Associate Director of Residence Education at (860) 486-0353 to obtain approval.