Welcome to Shippee Hall

Shippee Hall is located across from Mirror Lake, across the street from the School of Fine Arts and just a block away from the newly built Mansfield Downtown establishment. Shippee is a short walking distance away from both Buckley and Whitney dining halls.  All incoming freshmen Honors students are assigned to Buckley and Shippee Hall.  Shippee currently houses 296 residents, and the rooms are broken down to 145 doubles. Some rooms share a common bathroom while those in the "C section" have a private bathroom. Shippee also has a basic community kitchen equipped with a stove and microwave located on every floor.

Want to get involved? Look for information and events sponsored by the Area Council, Resident Assistants and Learning Communities on the bulletin boards throughout Shippee Hall.

Shippee is primarily a Freshman and Sophomore area on-campus.  These areas are designed to help students adjust to college life and transition to community style living.  Students will be assigned to these areas with other freshmen students as roommates, or with 2nd year students as roommates who are familiar with these areas and can serve as resources and mentors. 

Room Features & Hall Amenities

  • 6 co-ed floors
  • Room Details:
    • Furnishings: Desk, chair, small dresser (bureau), bed
    • Beds: XL twin (80" x 36"), bunkable
    • C Section rooms have private bathroom
  • Laundry: Basement
  • Mailroom: Buckley Hall, Lower Level Elevator Lobby
  • Dining: Buckley
  • Learning Communities: First Year Honors
  • Recreation: Patio, games and sports equipment available at the desk

Shippee Area Contacts

Office Location: Shippee Hall – Main Floor
Phone: 860-486-3709

Shippee Hall Directors

Residential Services

Visit Residential Services to submit Maintenance Requests/Work Orders

Residential Services

Floor Plans & Virtual Tours

Get more details about this space! Visit the Floor Plans page for housing diagrams. Check out the Virtual Tours page for 360 tours of sample rooms.

Floor Plans
Virtual Tours


Building Code: SPRH

Please note that this is the physical address for the building not the mailing address. For the correct mailing address please visit Student Mail Services