Busby Suites Spring Check in

Check In Dates and Times for Busby Suites


Residential Life staff at UConn hope you and your family are healthy and looking forward to the spring 2021 semester. This email provides basic details about arriving on campus for the spring semester.  Due to COVID-19, the University has implemented safety protocols for the check in process. 


You should have received a secure message form Student Health and Wellness (SHaW) about the required pre-arrival COVID-19 testing. If you have not yet requested the test do so immediately.  As soon as you receive it, administer the test and send it in.  Test results must be received by January 14 2021 by UConn SHaW. If you have not received this or have questions contact Student Health and Wellness at shaw-covid@uconn.edu

You will be checking in at the Innovation Partnership Building (IPB).  Please use the Discovery Drive entrance to campus (off of route 44). IPB will be on the right side of the road before you reach the main campus intersection. Please park in the lot directly south of the building (follow signs). The student checking-in will be asked to get out of the car and proceed to the marked entry door. Students should wear a mask/face covering and line up according to physical distancing parameters. Bring your UConn ID with you and please leave family and friends in the car. You will be checked into housing, receive your room keys and your re-entry COVID test at this location. Following these steps, you will move to unload at your assigned residence hall.


  1. Check-in will occur on January 16 and 17.
    • In order to limit the number of people in our residence halls at a given time all students must sign up for an arrival time.
    • Sign up in your MyHousing account (found on reslife.uconn.edu) by January 12 at 11:59pm.
    • Students are expected to arrive during that selected time and may be turned away on campus if they arrive outside their selected time.
    • Students must bring a copy of their confirmation email and UConn ID card.
  2. You must be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival.
    • This testing will be done at your check-in site.
    • No student will be issued room keys or allowed to reside on campus without arrival COVID testing.
    • Please go to the COVID-19 testing/check-in site alone to help reduce the number of people in line.
    • Family members and helpers should stay in the car while students follow through with these processes.
    1. Students are permitted only one vehicle at the move-in location. Students should plan accordingly when packing.
    2. Students are permitted to have one person with them in their assigned residence hall to help with the move in process. Others that have come to campus with the student must wait outside of the building or in the vehicle.
    3. Masks must be worn at all times by students and all others while on campus. Anyone experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, should not come to campus (students or others.)
    4. Students must be mindful of time when unloading their vehicle as others need to unload as well.
      • Vehicles must be unloaded at the curb or a designated space.
      • After unloading, vehicles must be moved to the assigned parking area in order to provide spaces for others to unload.
      • Your helper should help unload and carry items in and then leave the campus at the completion; this will reduce the number of people in a building at a given time.
    5. It is important that all students and helpers are mindful of physical distancing in the hallways, stairwells, and elevators and that they pay attention to directional signage in the buildings.
    6. Students should bring their own hand truck or dolly to assist with carrying items into their residential area. UConn will not be providing carts/dollies or volunteers to help move during spring 2021 opening.
    7. Please be aware that student mailrooms will not be open until the first day of classes, January 19. Students should plan to bring what they need for the first couple of weeks on campus.
    8. Please review the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures document found at: https://reslife.uconn.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/1534/2021/01/Spring-2021-THSP-revised-for-web-1.5.21.pdf
      • Some wording changed in Section II. Letters g. and J,


    Do you have questions?

    There are FAQs on the Residential Life website and well as information about living on campus in the spring please check here for answers to many questions:


    Living On Campus Spring 2021 | Residential Life (uconn.edu)


    Living On Campus Spring 2021 Residential Life

    If you have questions about another office on campus, please see the FAQ’s by office found here: https://reopen.uconn.edu/faqs/

    If you still have any questions, please write to ResLife-Communications@uconn.edu