Campus Change Students

As a regional campus student, it is important to remember that you are a current UConn student, and you will be treated as such. If you call our office, please identify yourself as a Campus Change Student.

Living in the residence halls is an important part of your experience at the Storrs campus! You should make plans to visit the campus and take advantage of a campus tour from the Lodewick Visitors Center. On the tour you'll see a dining hall and a model residence hall room.

All students who are interested in living on campus must apply for housing in order to be assigned a space in a residence hall. The staff in Housing Services can answer all of your questions about the housing application process.

Thinking ahead about what it will be like to live in a residence hall can help ease the transition when you arrive and move in. To start planning, be sure to explore the Community Living and Items to Bring pages, which have lots of helpful information. The On-Campus Housing Contract also provides important information you should review with your family.

If you need more information be sure to Contact Us!

Spring 2021 Housing Information

Students approved for Spring 2021 Campus Change to Storrs must submit a Spring 2021 Housing Confirmation Form in MyHousing to request on-campus housing. Please email for access if you do not see the form listed under "Applications".


Spring 2021 Housing Confirmation forms will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis and residence halls will be operating at a reduced capacity for spring 2021. All campus change students submitting a Spring 2021 Housing Confirmation Form must also submit a personal statement explaining why they need to live on campus, through the Spring 2021 Appeal Form. The priority deadline for the confirmation form is November 6, 2020, but requests will still be accepted after that date.


Spring 2021 Frequently Asked Questions



Important Dates

November 6, 2020 Housing Confirmation Form Priority Deadline
(Requests still accepted after this date)
January 1, 2020 Meningitis Vaccination due to Student Health and Wellness
January 2021 Spring 2021 move-in for all residents--more information coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click on the banner to see answers to our frequently asked questions:

Are Campus Change students guaranteed housing?

Spring 2021 Housing Confirmation forms will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

How will you consider my medical needs when making my assignment?

Students who have documented disabilities that may impact their living environment are encouraged to request a housing accommodation with
appropriate documentation regarding the disability at the Center for students with Disabilities (CSD). Students who request a housing  accommodation must meet all Residential Life deadlines (including application deadlines). The CSD staff will determine if an accommodation is necessary and if so, make a recommendation to Residential Life.

Visit or call (860) 486-2020 for more information. Campus Change students are encouraged to request an accommodation by December 1 for spring 2021 housing and by February 2021 for fall 2021 housing.

How will Residential Life communicate with me?

  • Residential Life utilizes the UConn email system exclusively to communicate with students on a regular basis. It is important to regularly check this email account to stay informed about important housing related updates. Students will receive their housing assignments in their UConn email accounts.
  • Residential Life is not responsible for email messages not received by students.

What is the duration of the housing contract?

  • Students who submit a housing application for fall 2020 housing are bound to the terms and conditions of the housing contract for the full academic year (fall and spring terms). Cancelling the contract to live off campus may result in a financial penalty.
  • Students who submit a housing application for spring 2021 housing are bound to the terms and conditions of the housing contract for the remainder of the academic year (spring term). Cancelling the contract to live off campus may result in a financial penalty.

Are there penalties for cancelling housing?

Please visit the Cancellation Policy page for specific details on cancelling housing. Campus change students may not be eligible to cancel housing due to the Residency Requirement.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?

Living with someone is a great opportunity to develop life-long relationships, even though it can be a challenging new experience. Before arriving to campus, students complete the Sharing Spaces Module online, which includes tips on fostering a positive roommate relationship (available Summer 2020). Students who experience difficulties with their roommate(s) are encouraged to seek out help from their HD (Hall Director). HDs are professional staff members trained to assist students in resolving conflicts with other students. Students can also choose to participate in up to five different room change processes held throughout the year.

Can I smoke in my room?

All state-owned buildings, including residence halls, are smoke-free per Connecticut State Law. Residential Life collects information on smoking preferences in an effort to facilitate compatible roommate pairings, when possible.

Is one area better to live in than others?

Students find benefits in each residential area. The single most important factor in determining a student’s level of happiness on campus is a willingness to communicate and compromise with roommates and floor-mates. The University of Connecticut owns and operates over 100 residential communities. Each building/area is unique and offers a variety of programs and activities to residents. You can view specific information and descriptions for each campus area by clicking on Housing Options on our website. Most rooms are designed for two people, however, some triple and single rooms are available on a limited basis.