Continuing Student Housing Placement Process

Residential Life recognizes that the past 12 months have been far from ordinary and we understand that your first year as a UConn student has likely not been how you expected. With many students choosing to live at home for part or all of this academic year and others living on campus but still feeling a bit disconnected, we anticipate that the upcoming Housing Selection process may pose some additional worries for students. Many students may feel as though they have not met enough people to find a good roommate match and may be hesitant to select a room and live with someone they’ve never met.  

New this year, we have created an opportunity for students to sign up to be “matched” with a compatible roommate and then assigned to a room for Fall 2021, alleviating the stress of trying to find a compatible match on your own. This process is entirely optional and any students who do not opt-in will proceed through the Room Selection process as planned.  Due to the logistics of room selection, please know that signing up for this process is binding and students are unable to change rooms until the Summer Room Change.  


Do you have specific questions?

On Thursday, March 4, a live chat option will be available on this page from 10:00am until 3:00pm ET for students to chat with professional staff members within Housing Services and learn more about this process. Students can also email at any time with questions.

Students Eligible for this Process

  • All undergraduate students admitted to UConn-Storrs for Spring 2020, Fall 2020, and Spring 2021, including transfer students and campus change students.
    • Our goal is to offer this process to students who have not experienced a full semester of on-campus housing during a time of full capacity.
  • Students in learning communities, Honors, and those with accommodations through CSD are also eligible. 
  • RAs, athletes, and students living planning to live in Husky Village are not eligible. 

Process Timeline

March 1 –14: Application Available in MyHousing 

March 4Live chat available with Housing Services staff from 10:00am to 3:00pm 

Week of March 15: Participants will receive confirmation email 

Mid-May/After Housing Selection: Assignment and Roommate information will be visible in MyHousing 

July 2021: Summer Room Change Process for students to request to change rooms  

Application Information

Interested students can sign up in your My Housing Portal between March 1 and March 14.  

We will ask for your unranked housing location preferences, your lifestyle preferences, room rate preference, and what factors are most important to you when making a match.  

Placement Information

Students who sign up for this process will be placed in areas where sophomores commonly select during the Room Selection process, including Busby Suites, Northwood Apartments, and traditional halls. Other apartment and suite areas will not be included.   


Students will share three unranked preferences for areas of campus and our staff will assign participants to one of those areas with rooms. Assignments will be visible after room selection has been completed. Should the dates for Selection be moved later this spring semester, we will do assignments as soon as General Selection ends. 

Students in Learning Communities and Honors

Students who have accepted spaces in learning communities and those who live in honors housing are eligible for this process, but room placements are limited to the learning community area and McMahon for Upper Division Honors students.  

Students with CSD Accommodations

Many students with accommodations through the Center for Students with Disabilities will also be eligible for a roommate match through this process.  

Meal Plan and Room Rates

Students in traditional and suite areas are required to purchase a meal plan. Residential Life will take into consideration the rate preference shared on the application to participate in this process and will assign students no higher than the rate shared. Please note that sharing a rate on this application does not guarantee a specific room type or location.  

Summer Room Change Update

Students who participate in this process and decide that they would like to change rooms will be provided with a priority room change time in front of the other students in their class status during the Summer Room Change process. 

Want to learn more about this process?

Overview of the Process

Timeline of the Process

How We Find Your Roommate

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a friend I want to live with. Can I live with them?

Students who already have a roommate in mind should not opt into this process and can select in their usual housing selection process and mutually match as roommates during the roommate pairing process. This process is intended for students who do not have a roommate in mind for the fall 2021 semester.

When will I know my assignment and new roommate?

We will notify you of your assignment and roommate just after selection ends.

Where will I live?

Rooms will be assigned in areas rising sophomores commonly select during Housing Selection, including Busby Suites, Northwood Apartments, and traditional hall areas such as Northwest, North, McMahon, East, Alumni, and West. When completing the application in MyHousing, students will share three unranked preferences for areas and staff will assign them into one of those locations. 

Students who are in learning communities will be assigned a space in their community and participants in Upper Division Honors housing will only be placed in McMahon-North Tower.

Can I live in Hilltop Apartments or Charter Oak Apartments in this process?

Because rising sophomores do not typically live in these spaces, they will not be available in this process.

What if the person I am matched with leaves housing or changes rooms?

We are unable to control who cancels their housing or participates in the summer room change, but will make every effort to reassign you to another compatible match.

Why should I trust Residential Life with my Fall 2021 assignment?

Historically, Residential Life matches about 2/3 of incoming first year students, using lifestyle preferences in the housing application. These lifestyle preferences (such as how neat you like to be, how you prefer to study, if you like to listen to music or prefer a quiet space) are shown to be the best way to match students with a compatible living partner.

In the Fall 2019 semester, 97% of students remained in their assigned space with the student we matched them with! While our roommate matching success rate has been very high, students in this process will be given a priority time in the summer room change process, allowing them to select a new room before others in their class year, if they wish to find another roommate or housing location. 

What if I don’t like the person I am matched with?

You will be eligible to participate in the summer room change process and select a new space. Students in this process will be given priority pick times, allowing them to pick before others in their class standing. 

What if I don’t like the assignment I am given?

You will be eligible to participate in the summer room change process and select a new space. Students in this process will be given priority pick times, allowing them to pick before others in their class standing.  If you and your match wish to move together, you can also request this during the room change process and we will do our best to assist you in moving together. 

What factors will you use to determine who I live with?

When you apply, you will be asked to confirm your lifestyle preferences (similar to the questions on your housing application), your major, your room rate preference, and for 3 areas on campus you’d like to live. You will also indicate which of these criteria is the most important to you.  We will do our best to find you a match with as many similar preferences!

If I sign up but change my mind before Room Selection takes place, can I switch into the General Selection Process?

Due to the complicated logistics of this process, once you sign up, you cannot withdraw. Students who change their mind will be eligible to change rooms during the Summer Room Change Process.

Will this process be available for Stamford residents?

At this time, we are only piloting this program for students living on the Storrs campus for fall 2021. 

Will this be an option in the future?

This year is a pilot program, but we hope to offer it again in the future.

I already have one friend I want to live with. Can you help us find a third roommate to go into a suite?

At this time, we are not able to take specific roommate requests. Students who have a friend in mind will need go to through the General Selection Process and create a roommate group via the roommate pairing process in MyHousing once it opens.

Can I participate if I am in a Learning Community?

Yes! Students who have agreed to live in a Learning Community can participate, but assignments will only be made in housing designated for that Learning Community.

Can I participate if I want to live in Honors housing?

Yes! Students who have agreed to live in Upper Division Honors Housing can participate, but assignments will only be made in McMahon-North Tower Students hoping to live in Snow must go through the Honors Room Selection Process. 

I have applied to live in a Learning Community or Honors housing, but I have not heard back if I am approved. If I am not approved, what happens?

We will still match you with a roommate and assign you elsewhere on campus. You will have the opportunity to change rooms during the Summer Room Change process.