Residential Life COVID-19 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The worldwide pandemic involving COVID-19 (coronavirus) has produced unprecedented challenges in the UConn community and around the world. Please visit the University's Coronavirus (COVID-19)  page for specific information regarding major announcements from UConn.


Please note that this information is intended for residents at the Storrs campus. Students who lived on-campus at Stamford for the spring 2020 semester will have specific information related to their move-out process by early June.


What is the best way to contact the office or staff members?

Residential Life Professional Staff are working remotely during standard business hours. While we are checking voicemails periodically, email is the best way to reach staff at this time. Please use the links below to contact Residential Life staff members, Hall Directors, or submit general questions to


Contact Residential Life Staff

Contact your Hall Director

I have questions for Student Health and Wellness

Please visit the Student Health and Wellness website for additional information.

I am approved to remain on campus for the part or all of the summer. What do I need to know?

Students who are approved to remain on-campus should keep in mind the following:

  • Dining will be open for takeout meals only. Please refer to the Dining Services website for details:
  • We may be relocating residents who are approved to remain on-campus in late June or early July. In the event that relocations need to occur, students will be notified.
  • Students who are living on campus with their belongings will have the opportunity to pack their own belongings in the event that they need to move-out of their room or be relocated.

I am currently approved to stay on-campus but I need to cancel that request

If students are approved to stay on-campus and need to cancel that request, please email with the date that you will be moving off-campus.

Please include in your email your first/last name and seven-digit student ID (Peoplesoft) number to assist staff in finding you in our system.

What is happening with housing selection?

Storrs campus housing selection has been postponed until after April 5. Additional information with specific dates for each process will be emailed to students who are eligible for room selection and posted to Housing Selection Central.

I saw that the Board of Trustees have approved refunds regarding housing, where can I learn more?

UConn trustees authorized pro-rated housing and dining cost refunds for students who had to leave the university as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The bursar’s office will calculate each student’s amount and their accounts will be credited. Students who participated in Education Abroad will also be reimbursed based on the nature of their program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Move-Out

How does Express Check Out work?

Students will receive specific information via email about when they will be eligible for Express Check Out inside of MyHousing.


Where should I leave my key after I move out?

Go to your respective location listed below.  You will find a key bin and will be instructed to fill out an envelope with your key/s.

Locations where keys should be dropped off: 

  • Alumni- Watson Hall  outside HD Office Ground floor
  • Buckley- Outside Assistant Hall Director Office
  • Busby-  Main lobby in front of  Hall Director Office Bubble
  • COA –Outside of the community center
  • East- Whitney Hall by the Hall Director  Office Hallway
  • Garrigus- Main lobby in front of  Hall Director Office Bubble
  • Hilltop Halls –Ellsworth Hall Director Office bubble area
  • Hilltop Apartments - Community Center near Hall Director Office
  • Husky Village- Outside of Hall Director House
  • Mansfield Apartments -Laundry Room under Hall Director Office
  • McMahon –Main lobby outside of Hall Director Office
  • North- Outside in front of McConaughy Hall main entrance (under the dining hall)
  • Northwood Apartments–Outside of Hall Director Office
  • Northwest Quad- Batterson Hall outside of Hall Director Office
  • Shippee –Main Lobby near Hall Director Office
  • South Campus-Rome Lobby Area
  • Towers- Lafeyette Hall outside  Hall Director Office
  • Werth Towers –Main lobby in front of main desk
  • West Campus- Alsop B outside of Hall Director Office Door

I live far away from campus and won’t be able to come back to move-out

Please email to share the following information:

  • The reason you will not be able to return to campus this semester
  • The status of your room--do you have belongings still in your room? Did you fully move out?
  • When would you be able to return to campus to collect your belongings?
  • Is there a friend who lives nearby who could assist with collecting your belongings?

I already moved out but still need to return my keys

If you have already moved out and need to return your keys, please email Assistant Director for Residence Education, Willie Garcia ( for additional instructions.

What is the process to have someone other than myself move out of my room?

You may have a designated person pick up your belongings and move your items out of your room.  If you would like to use this process, please write to to make the request.  Staff will follow up with you with details.

What are the Executive Orders in Connecticut that I need to plan for when I arrive?

  • All persons must wear a face covering or mask while in the residence hall.
  • Maintain safe distancing of 6 feet from others.
  • Students and their guest helping move out must be mindful of this while taking the stairs or using elevators.

Will there be an area around my hall to load my car?

We have carefully scheduled move out so that there are limited students moving out at any given time.  Based on this schedule, there should be room as long as students move out during their time slot and move their car upon completing move out.

Can I bring more than one car if I have a lot to bring home?

Yes, you may bring more than one car to campus but please have only one car by the hall to load at any given time.

My summer off-campus housing plans fell through, can I come back to campus?

Please email with a detailed explanation of why you need to come back to campus for Summer Housing.

Please include in your email your first/last name and seven-digit student ID (Peoplesoft) number to assist staff in finding you in our system.

I have questions about my mail/packages

Please visit Student Mail Services for specific information related to their policies for the remainder of the semester.

I lost my ID card and I am asked to return to campus to move out, what do I do?

If you do not have your ID card and are being asked to return to campus to move-out or are approved to remain on campus, please email for additional instructions.


For general questions regarding your OneCard, please contact the OneCard office.

I’m an RA–do I need to return to campus to help with move-out?

We appreciate all of our Resident Assistants and we would like you to follow the general move-out instructions that will be shared with all residents after the campus reopens.

I am living in the same room for fall 2020. Can’t I just leave my belongings there until fall?

Unfortunately we cannot allow students to do this. We need to enter all rooms in order to do maintenance and cleaning.

I borrowed library books before spring break–how can I return them?

There will be bins on the loading dock of Babbidge Library where students can drop their books if they are coming to the Storrs campus to move out of the residence halls over the next few weeks.

I have items at the Rec Center that I need to pick up

Please visit the Rec Center website to learn more about their process for locker content retrieval:

Do you have a listing of what’s open in Mansfield/Storrs in case I need something during the move-out process?

A listing of open restaurants in Mansfield can be found at The business listing is available at Please remember that the State of CT requires masks and only outdoor or take-out dining is available at this time.

Information Related to the Possibility
of Packing Up Student Belongings

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the University may need to re-purpose residence halls to support the State and University’s response.  These very unusual circumstances may require the University to pack up and store students’ belongings.  This will ONLY happen if absolutely necessary to meet the evolving needs of the pandemic response. Additionally, a student's belongings may be packed if they are unable to return to campus to participate in the move-out process.


We understand that students may have questions related to the possibility of having their belongings packed up by the University and we have attempted to anticipate and answer these questions below.  Responses are based on the best available information and current and foreseeable Federal, State and University policies/restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and have been developed out of concern for the health and safety of students, staff and all members of the University community.


We recognize the uncertainty that the storing of belongings and extended move-out process may cause and are taking steps to ensure any process is as safe and as smooth as possible under these unusual circumstances.  We very much appreciate your understanding as we navigate this evolving situation.


The below information will be updated periodically and you are invite to check back for updates.  We ask that you read all of the information below before sending us your questions.

Have my belongings in my residence hall been packed/boxed up?

As we are moving through a series of move-out stages, student's whose belongings get packed will continue to be notified.

Will I be allowed to move out/retrieve my belongings?

Each of our move-out stages have organized sign-ups and instructions for moving out of the residence halls and/or retrieving any belongings that were packed and stored. Students will receive detailed instructions via their UConn email address. Students may also continue to check our website for these updates.

Why can’t I just come up and get my belongings now?

State and University restrictions on the social distancing, gathering sizes, and other matters related to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic require us to exercise care and caution in developing a process that ensures the health and safety of all students and staff.

How will I be notified of when I can come to get my belongings?

All students will receive an email to their UConn account notifying them of date(s)/time(s) and locations to pick up their belongings

Who will move my belongings?

The University has contracted with a professional moving company (‘Movers’) to provide moving services.

How will my belongings be kept separate from my roommate(s)?

Roommates’ belongings may be packed in the same boxes as there is no way for our storage contractor to know who owns what. Students will be able to go through the packed items to sort them at the pick-up location.

How will my belongings be labeled?

Belongings in each room will be packed and stored in boxes labeled to indicate the residence hall name and room number.

Where will my belongings be stored?

Packed and labeled belongings will be stored in a climate controlled and secure storage facility where there is 24 hours security present.

What if my belongings are damaged during the move?

The ‘Movers’ is a professional moving company, is independently bonded and makes every effort to carefully handle the items they move.  Students will be asked to inspect and sign for their belongings when they pick them up.  If, in the unlikely instance, an item is damaged as a result of this process, the ‘Movers’ and the University will provide information about how to file a claim.

How will I turn in my room key?

If you are not returning to campus and took your keys home, please mail your keys to:

Residential Life

Attention: Willie Garcia

1346 Storrs RD UNIT 4238

Storrs, CT 06269

We ask that you please wrap or tape your keys inside the envelope, so they don’t fall out in transit.

What if I have other questions about the possible packing/boxing up of my belongings?

After you have read the above, if you have other questions specifically about the possible packing up/boxing of your belongings you may submit them here.

If you have questions related to any other Residential Life Matter you may email them to