Storrs Fall 2022 Early Arrivals

This webpage is only relevant for Storrs campus residents.

Need to arrive early for the Fall 2022 semester? Early Arrival applications for undergraduates will be accepted via application in MyHousing from August 4th through August 17th. Please review the information in the drop-down menus below to help guide you through this process.

Individual Early Arrivals Fees

  • Can request to arrive on Tuesday, August 23rd for $250.  No other nights are available for Early Arrivals.  Students are not permitted to arrive any other date other than Tuesday, August 23rd.
  • Requests are accepted August 4th through August 17th. There will be no late requests accepted after August 17th.

Group Early Arrivals (Part of UConn Sponsored Group Arriving Early)

  • If you are arriving as part of an Early Arrival group (ex. employer or Greek Life) you will be requested by your groups Early Arrival coordinator and you will receive an e-mail from Residential Life by August 4 confirming your Early Arrival status based on the group’s request.  You do not need to submit an individual Early Arrival request.
  • If you need to confirm that you were requested by a group prior to August 4, please contact your group coordinator.
  • If you were requested by a group you will not have access to the individual Early Arrival application and can refer to the Residential Life e-mail sent on or around August 4 for your check-in instructions.

Early Arrival Request Instructions – Deadline is August 17th

  • Log-in to ApplyOnline beginning on August 4th to complete the application.
  • Choose the Fall 2022 Undergraduate Early Arrival Application from the drop down menu.
  • From the drop down menu, select your status or arrival date. All charges will be posted to student fee bill after the start of the fall semester:
    • Tuesday - $250
    • Friday - Sibling of New Freshmen - $75
  • List the name and student number (not NetID) of your new freshmen sibling, if applicable.
  • Submit the application to complete the request. Carefully read the confirmation email that is automatically sent to your UConn student email account.
  • You will then receive an e-mail to your UConn account by August 18 with an approval/denial status and check-in instructions if you are approved.
  • Students that are approved to arrive early will be required to sign up for a move in time on Tuesday, August 23, 2022. Students will not be permitted to move in outside of their scheduled move in time.
  • Students that sign up for early arrivals will be charged the Early Arrival Fee regardless of if they arrive early.

Early Arrival Requests: Important Information to Note

  1. Not all requests can be granted. Some rooms are unavailable until Opening Weekend. If this applies to your room you will be notified by August 17th. Students approved to arrive early will receive check-in information via UConn email account by August 18.
  2. Students who are not SHaW Compliant with all requirements by August 1 will not be permitted to arrive early.
  3. Arrival and check-in on Friday, August 26 is reserved for newly admitted freshmen (and their siblings) ONLY.  Arriving on August 26, even as an approved early arrival for an earlier date, will result in a $200 early arrival charge placed on the student bill.  This $200 fee cannot be appealed or removed.
  4. Siblings of Newly Admitted Freshmen:Register online by August 17th for an approved August 26 arrival. No late requests will be accepted after August 17th.
  5. Students Not on the Approved Early Arrival List who check-in to their assignment early will encounter a delay in receiving keys and will be charged a fee for early arrivals.

Meals for Early Arrival Period

The Fall 2022 meal plan begins on Friday, August 26, 2022 at lunch. For meal options prior to August 26 at lunch, please contact Dining Services at (860) 486-3128. Students arriving with a group should contact their group coordinator to determine if meals will be provided by the group, or if the student is responsible for all meals.

Approved for Early Arrival Status?

Here's what you need to know now:

Early Arrival Check-In Information

Please refer to your Early Arrival confirmation e-mail for your approved date of arrival.

Office Hours:

  • Early Arrival Check-in will take place at the Charter Oak Community Center from 9am to 8pm.




Arriving After Hours?

If you arrive after our office hours above, please call the Operations Center 860-486-3113 when you arrive on-campus to be let into your housing assignment and give you directions on how to check in officially the next day. If you arrive in the morning prior to the check-in office time, you will need to wait until the check-in location opens to check-in to your assignment.



Phone: (860) 486-2639 (beginning August 20)

Fall 2022 Early Arrival Policies

  • Early Arrivals will not have access to the Residential Life staff in the same way you will during the academic year. If you encounter an emergency, you must contact the UConn Police Department.
  • The residential areas of the UConn campus officially open on Friday, August 26 for newly admitted freshmen, and Saturday, August 27 for all other students.
  • Students who arrive early are not permitted to have overnight guests in their rooms until the official opening of the residential areas.
  • Students who arrive early are held accountable to the On-Campus Housing Contract and the Student Code as well as all other written policies of the University.
  • Students must officially check into their residential area. Students that have not officially checked in, and are found in the residential areas, will be asked to leave, and the situation will be documented through the Community Standards process.
  • Students must be fully SHaW Compliant by August 1.

Card Access

Your University student ID card gives you access to residential facility. Please make sure to have your ID card with you at check-in. If you arrive outside of One Card Office business hours and do not have your ID card at check-in, please have another photo ID available to provide identification. If you need to obtain an ID card, please visit the One Card Office. Please bring a government issued ID with you for verification when you come to the One Card Office to get your student ID.

Early Arrival Mail

Mail Services will not open until Monday August, 29 which is the first day of classes.  Please be prepared to not receive packages until Friday September 2nd.


Email Please make sure to include your first/last name, 7 digit student ID number and include "early arrival" in the subject so that we can disseminate the emails quickly.

Friday, August 26 - New Freshmen and their Siblings Only

Arrival and check-in on Friday, August 26 is reserved for newly admitted freshmen (and their approved siblings) ONLY. Arriving on August 26, even as an approved early arrival for an earlier date, will result in a $200 early arrival charge placed on the student bill. This $200 fee cannot be appealed or removed.