Community Expectations During Quarantine Period

Message sent to all resident students on August 10, 2020

Dear Student,

As you are preparing to move on campus, we want to clarify the community expectations during the quarantine period from August 14-30, 2020. The University continues to monitor the pandemic and adjusts the plans with a focus on student safety.


The objective of the 14 day self-quarantine for students in residential housing is to create a potential area of protection in a place where control measures such as social distancing and universal masking are not always possible. Limiting potential outside exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 protects everyone in the residential community


The following conditions of quarantine must be observed during the period of August 14-30 to ensure your ability to participate in classes on August 31.


Initial period of Quarantine - All students will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to campus prior to moving into their residential assignment. After moving in, students will remain in their residence halls until they receive a negative test result. We anticipate this will be for approximately 2-3 days. During this initial period of quarantine, students will be able to leave their residence halls to pick up meals from designated dining halls.


Students living in apartments on the Storrs and Stamford campuses, without access to a meal plan should arrive on campus with the necessary food and supplies for the initial quarantine period of 3 days. During this time, you will be expected to remain in your apartment and not travel to get food.


Throughout the initial phase of quarantine, there will be virtual engagement opportunities for students. Information about some of these opportunities are included at the end of this message.


Second phase of quarantine – Once everyone has received the results of their COVID-19 test we will enter the second phase of the quarantine period. During this time, students who received a negative test result will have the ability to engage in limited outdoor activities with other members of their designated family units. We anticipate this will begin on August 20.


Remaining in your family unit will help to create a quarantine “bubble”. You must remain within your family unit throughout the quarantine period.  The family unit term describes groups of individuals living in close proximity to one another within university residence halls. Within the ‘family unit’ structure, students are able to operate as they would in a home environment. Family unit include 1) Residents in apartments, 2) residents in a suite (two rooms connected), and 3) residents assigned to a residential floor (floor section) who share a communal bathroom.


Following the quarantine expectations is necessary to help keep our community safe. During this residential quarantine, guests will not be allowed in the residence halls and residents will not be permitted in buildings to which they are not assigned.


Student Engagement during Quarantine

During this period, we will be offering engagement activities aimed to help the students living on campus to connect. A few programs are highlighted below:


UKindness – Is a University-wide initiative intended to inform, engage, and connect with students throughout the University during the COVID-19 pandemic? The UKindness website has a great deal of information which students may find helpful.


HuskyWoW – Typically we offer large scale, in person activities during the HuskyWow program but this year we are unable to follow our standard format. Staff have worked throughout the summer to redesign the HuskyWOW program to meet the needs of the community while abiding by the state of Connecticut and UConn Covid-19 guidelines. The HuskyWowschedule is available online.


Student Community Connection Ambassadors - UConn students are available to chat with students online to answer questions about the following - Updates on the Calendar of Activities, Student Organizations at UConn, Accessing Resources Around your Campus, Links to Important Information, Tips from one UConn Student to another Husky. This program is available now online.


This is just a sample of the engagement opportunities that will be available to students during the quarantine period. You will receive more information when you arrive on campus.


Please remember that we are taking student health and wellness very seriously, working together to offer a positive experience under challenging circumstances. It will look different from our typical fall opening but our goals of offering a rich educational and student life experience remain unchanged.


The steps we need to take for the fall 2020 are certainly not what any of us expected or planned to navigate but together we can each step up and do our part to keep the UConn community on track and moving forward to provide a positive and enriching experience for students.



Residential Life