Fall 2020 Housing FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to providing as holistic a living experience as possible for our students, while implementing precautions to protect their health. Safety measures include reduced density and a new housing assignment process, earlier move-in and move-out dates, and testing and quarantine protocols. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services is available to assist students in securing off-campus housing and to support those students who commute to campus from home.

As always, campus services for students, faculty, and staff will be available when campuses reopen. Please visit the Reopening UConn website for additional information.



What is the best way to contact the office or staff members?

Residential Life Professional Staff are working remotely during standard business hours. While we are checking voicemails periodically, email is the best way to reach staff at this time. Please use the links below to contact Residential Life staff members, Hall Directors, or submit general questions to livingoncampus@uconn.edu.


We are currently experiencing a high volume of emails and will respond to your email within the same business week. We are prioritizing emails from students that pertain to their fall housing preferences and questions. Thank you for your patience while we respond to emails as quickly and thoroughly as possible to answer all questions and concerns.


Contact Residential Life Staff

Contact your Hall Director

I have questions for Student Health and Wellness

Please visit the Student Health and Wellness website for additional information. SHaW has also updated their Mental Health Resource Page with other information and resources.

Where will I get tested for COVID-19?

Please visit the Student Health and Wellness website for additional information.

Is it possible that plans could change during the fall semester if COVID numbers decrease?

The current plan is for the entire fall semester; at this point there is no plan for any adjustments that would ease policies in regards to COVID-19.

If it becomes necessary to close the residence halls prior to November 21, 2020 will students receive a refund for housing and dining?

If it becomes necessary to close the on-campus residential facilities prior to November 21, 2020, the institution will make a decision about refunds and inform students of that decision.

What does it mean when people say “reduced density”?

  • “Reduced density” is a term used to refer to the occupancy levels of rooms or spaces on campusWe have been creating plans to limit the number of students on each floor and to reduce the number of students sharing bathrooms in order to provide additional social and physical distancing for on-campus residents. 

  • This also means that students in traditional doubles will not have a roommate in their space and that suite spaces in Busby and Garrigus will only have 2 residents per room. 

  • Some spaces that may already be considered reduced density (such as 4 Person – 4 Bedroom apartments or doubles with private bathrooms) will not have the number of residents reduced for the fall semester. 

Does my “guaranteed housing” status mean that I can definitely live on campus this fall?

  • Students will have the opportunity to request housing for the fall semester.  
  • All requests will be carefully reviewed by Residential Life but due to reduced density in the halls we cannot guarantee that every request will be approved.  
  • All students will receive an update regarding their housing eligibility in July.

Will freshmen still be guaranteed housing?

  • Freshmen will still have the opportunity to live on campus for the fall semester and will need to complete additional steps to accept housing.  
  • The residency requirement has been suspended for the fall semester and any students who were previously required to live on campus will now have the option to commute to campus if they prefer. 

I am a new student who hasn’t done Part 2 of the housing application yet–do I still have to do it?

At this time we have closed the Part 2 application, as students assigned into traditional rooms will not have roommates. The Part 2 application collects lifestyle questions to help staff assign students to roommates who have similar preferences. While students will not have roommates for the fall semester, we keep your answers on file throughout the year and need this information in the event that you are assigned a roommate in the future.

Where will I return my room keys in November?

Before leaving for winter break, all students, regardless of it they are returning to campus for spring, returning to the same room, or not returning for the spring semester, should return their room keys to Residential Life. Please remember that all students who are not approved for Winter Recess housing must leave the halls by 5:00pm on November 21, 2020.


Keys Returned Before November 9, 2020

Keys can be returned to the Residential Life Main Office, located on the ground floor of Whitney Hall in East Campus. After hours, keys can be returned at the Residential Life Key Drop Box, located outside of Whitney Hall.


Keys Returned November 9 - November 21

Keys can be returned to the key return bin located by your Hall Director Office. Specific instructions will be sent to all on-campus residents on November 9 with more information regarding the location of your key return drop box. Please remember that all keys must be returned by 5:00pm on November 21 if you have not received an email confirming that you are approved for Winter Recess housing.

Can my family help me move out at the end of the semester?

Students may be allowed only one support person to assist with moving them out. Support persons and family members who are sick should not come to campus.

What is the timeline for indicating interest in housing?

Students will be encouraged to indicate interest for housing by July 6, to allow staff appropriate time to notify students of their status and to complete assignments.

When will I know if I am allowed to live on campus or if I need to plan to commute?

Information regarding the fall 2020 housing processes will be emailed to all students in late June and updates regarding housing eligibility will be shared in July.

If I am taking all online classes, can I live on campus?

Students are able to indicate interest to live on campus regardless of method of course instruction.

I would like to have access to the Housing Request Form but I don’t see it in MyHousing

Please following the following steps to request housing for the fall semester if you do not automatically see the form in MyHousing:

  1. Please email livingoncampus@uconn.edu and request to have access to the form. Please share your 7 digit student ID (Peoplesoft) number and that you cannot currently see the form.
  2. Login to MyHousing and submit the Housing Request Form.
  3. IMPORTANT: You must also submit a written document explaining why you need to live on campus via the Housing Appeal Request Form. More information regarding your housing status will be shared in July. Please note that as of August 13, we are not able to accept any additional written documents explaining why a student needs to live on campus.

When should students expect to hear about where they are living and if they have been given housing?

Students will hear if they have been guaranteed housing the week of July 13 and assignments will be emailed and posted by July 24.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fall 2020 Assignments

Will my housing assignment change?

  • In order to maintain reduced density within the halls, many students will be reassigned into different rooms for the fall semester. All updated assignment information will be available to students in MyHousing by August 1. 
    • Apartment residents:  Students currently assigned into apartment spaces in Hilltop Apartments, Charter Oak Apartments, and Mansfield Apartments will have the ability to request up to 3 roommates to live with them in a group of 4 total students.  
    • Suite residents: Students currently assigned in Busby Suites, Garrigus Suites, and South Campus can request 1 roommate to share a room within these locations.  
    • Traditional Hall residents: Students in traditional halls will be assigned into spaces by themselves and will not be able to share roommate requests. Husky Village has a shared bathroom floor and is considered traditional housing.

What does this mean for students in Husky Village?

Husky Village is considered traditional housing (residence halls that use a shared floor bathroom). Students in Husky Village will not be assigned roommates for the fall semester.

If I want to share a traditional room with my friend, can I?

Students assigned to a traditional room will not have roommates.

As an incoming Honors student, can I still pull in my non-honors friend to live in Buckley/Shippee near me?

  • As most students in traditional rooms will not have roommates, Honors and non Honors roommate requests will not be accommodated for the fall semester.

I’m living in a reduced density area. Can I sign a waiver in order to have a roommate for the fall semester?

Unfortunately students/parents cannot sign a waiver. The University has made decisions about density in our housing units based on guidance from medical professionals.

Where will I live for the 2 weeks of quarantine before classes begin?

The majority of students will move into their fall 2020 housing assignment when they arrive on campus in August and will remain in that assignment for the entire semester. If a student is not able to move into their fall assignment initially, more information will be sent to their UConn email.

If we are being relocated, can my friends and I move to an apartment? Is there a waiting list for these types of spaces?

Unfortunately we are not able to collect a waiting list for specific room types, but there will be a roommate request process for students to request to share an apartment space together. After assignments are released, students who would like to request a room change will need to wait until a future room change process to request a different assignment if they are hoping to move to a different room or room type.

Can I still be a Hartford or Avery Point student and live at Storrs this fall?

Regional campus students can indicate interest in living on campus along with any other student.  Eligibility will be considered for students with guidance from the Provost’s Office and the academic priorities of the institution.  Students who are approved to live on campus for the fall will be notified in July.  

Can the cancellation fee be waived?

  • The housing cancellation fee schedule has been updated due to the changes to campus housing for the fall semester. All on-campus residents will have the option to cancel their housing without cancellation fees until August 14, 2020 by logging into MyHousing. Students who cancel housing after August 14, 2020 will be responsible for 100% of their fall room charges. 
  • Students who do not complete the process to confirm their interest for housing for the fall semester or miss the July 6 deadline will have their previously submitted housing application for the fall 2020 semester automatically cancelled. 

I’m a freshmen who was required to live on campus but now I want to live at home.

At this time, the residency requirement for the fall semester has been suspended. While freshmen will be offered the ability to live on campus, they are no longer required to do so and can cancel by completing the cancellation application in MyHousing.

What if I am still uncertain about where I want to live? Can I request a specific location?

Our housing team will be reassigning all students into housing and we will use the answers that you provide us on the housing application to help us identify your highest preferred room rate. Students will not be able to share specific halls or areas of campus that they would like to be assigned into; all assignments will be based on our available rooms and the overall reduced density for our housing stock.

I really want to stay in my suite/apartment/single. How do I make that happen?

There will not be a remain in same room option for all students and the majority of students approved to live on campus will be reassigned.  We will make every effort to accommodate students’ preferred housing rate.

Can I live in a single room?

Single rooms are extremely limited in number and we cannot guarantee that a single room will be available for every student who requests one. However, students who live on campus for the fall 2020 semester will live in reduced density housing, which means that the majority of students will not have a roommate for the fall semester. 

How does this impact the students who are still on the waiting list?

The current waiting list will be suspended for the fall semester.  Students interested in living on campus for the fall can request access to the housing confirmation form and will be notified of their status in July.  There will be a process developed for the spring semester for any students initially on the waiting list for housing to determine eligibility for spring.

Will housing cost less if we go home at Thanksgiving?

The University has decided to move the entire housing and dining contracts forward to begin and end 2 weeks earlier than originally planned, which means that your room rate and meal plan will cover the same amount of time, even if the calendar days differ from our original plans for the fall semester.

How does the Thanksgiving move-out impact me if I am not able to leave campus during Winter Recess?

  • Students who are not able to leave campus for the Winter Recess time period (beginning on November 21 until the start of the spring 2021 semester) will be able to request to remain on campus for Winter Recess. 

  • Students who are unable to return home and must remain in the residence halls after Thanksgiving will be permitted to stay following a review by the Department of Residential Life. However, for safety reasons, they will not be permitted to leave campus for the Thanksgiving break.

  • More information regarding the Winter Recess process will be available in October 2020

Will there be a similar housing request process for Spring 2021 housing? Would I be able to select my own room?

Residential Life will work on developing a housing process for the spring semester corresponding with the appropriate guidance of the institution.  More information will be communicated to students about spring housing availability and processes during the fall semester. 

If I cancel my fall housing, does that mean that I won’t be guaranteed if I apply for spring 2021?

There will be a process developed for the spring semester for any students who are interested in living on campus.  More information will be available during the fall semester.

Can I request a room change?

We realize now as students continue to cancel housing, this creates open spaces in desired areas and with desired roommates.  However, due to all students returning to campus this week, we have limited time to process any changes and still schedule arrival times appropriately for all students to ensure the health and safety of our move in process.  For these reasons, we have to conclude processing any room changes.


Please know that we accommodated as many requests for as long as we possibly could, but at this time we are no longer able to accept any room change requests, trading spaces requests, or roommate requests.  Please consider all this information in regards to your decision to live on campus for the fall.  Students can cancel housing until August 14th with no cancellation fees.

What are the plans for the end of semester move-out?

Plans for closing the halls are still being finalized and will be shared soon. All students who are not approved for Winter Recess housing will be expected to be out of the halls with their keys returned to Residential Life by 5:00pm on November 21, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions about Living On-Campus for Fall 2020

What is UConn doing about safety precautions in the residence halls?

We are providing cleaning materials in common areas bathrooms. Students will be expected to wipe down sinks, toilets and showers after each use.  Housekeeping staff will clean bathrooms and touch points in the halls twice a day, 7 days a week.  Appropriate signage will be displayed reminding students of mask wearing and physical distancing.  There is some responsibility for all who live in the community to make sure they are upholding the expectations.   

How will common bathrooms be safely used?

This response is for the community bathrooms within the residence halls.

We are recommending that students minimize their time in all shared bathrooms, do not use their cell phones or store personal items in the shared bathrooms.  Sinks, showers and toilets will have cleaning materials provided for students to wipe down after each use.  All of these bathrooms will be cleaned twice a day, 7 days a week by cleaning staff.   

How will Residential Life enforce the new rules in the Temporary Health & Safety Procedures? For example, will Residential Life enforce the new guest policies that require no overnight guests/no guests using community bathrooms?

Our staff will address the Temporary Health & Safety Procedures in the halls just as we would enforce The Student Code and Housing Contract. We will address any violations that we see.

What consequences will students face if they do not adhere to the social distancing rules/regulations?

Any incidents that come to our attention will be addressed by our staff. We will always focus on an educational approach with our students, however, in any serious incidents and/or continuous violation housing will be assessed.

What are Residential Life/UConn’s plans for accommodating students who don’t get housing?

Students who are not offered housing will have the opportunity to appeal the decision by submitting the Housing Appeal Request form at https://reslife.uconn.edu/housing-appeal-request/ by July 19.

What is Residential Life’s plan to support students who may be financially insecure or facing housing insecurity?

Any student who has financial needs should reach out to the Dean of Students Office.

What steps is the University taking to ensure my safety and the safety of staff performing maintenance in my room during the semester?

The University has used CDC and state guidance to develop best practices to ensure the safety of  both students and employees.  All staff members will be required to wear face coverings while in the residence halls and students rooms.  When staff members respond to a work order submitted for student rooms they will ask the resident to put on a face covering and remain at least 6 ft from the staff member while they are performing work in the room.  If it is not possible to maintain safe physical distance from staff members while they are in student rooms the staff member may ask you to temporarily leave the space while they are working in the room or reschedule the work for a time that works better.

Will UConn staff be cleaning my residence hall room or apartment?

Facilities will not be disinfecting or cleaning within suites or apartments, but has increased disinfection in common areas campus wide.  All touch points in common areas outside of student rooms, suites, and apartments will be disinfected twice daily campus-wide.  This includes multi-stall bathrooms in traditional style residence halls. The University will provide residents who live in suite and apartments a spray bottle of disinfectant and a roll of paper towels. These items should be used by residents in these spaces to disinfect bathrooms after use.  A spray bottle of disinfectant will also be available for students in multi-stall bathrooms in traditional style residence halls, and all other multi-stalled bathrooms on campus.

How often are bathrooms and common areas being cleaned?

In our residential buildings all common areas and bathrooms are serviced/cleaned daily. In addition to this daily cleaning our Custodial Staff will be disinfecting touch points throughout residential buildings and academic/administrative buildings twice a day, 7 days per week. These touch points include but are not limited to: faucets, common door handles, stairwell railings, elevators, etc.

Can students leave campus or go to work during the 2 week quarantine period?

No. The objective of the 14 day self-quarantine for students in residential housing is to create a potential area of protection in a place where control measures such as social distancing and universal masking are not always possible. Limiting potential outside exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 protects everyone in the residential community 

I have family/vacation/standardized tests planned during the 2 week quarantine period. What do I do?

There will be options for students who are not able to complete the 14 day self-quarantine that are still under review. 

Once classes begin, can I go home on the weekends?

Students who establish residency on campus should plan to remain on campus for the duration of the contract.  Limiting potential outside exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 protects everyone in the residential community. 

Can I have more information about move-in?

Students offered on-campus housing must sign up for a time to check into their assignment. Check in will be available between August 14 and August 17, 2020 so that residents can be quarantined on campus for up to 14 days after being tested for Covid-19 and before attending in-person classes. A combined quarantine and testing process is intended to allow the University to control for potential false negatives and prevent spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by students who have yet to become infectious. Students will not be allowed to receive their room key or move into the residential facilities until they have been tested for COVID.

If any student is experiencing symptoms, should they be tested?

Yes, any student who is experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should be tested for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

When a student goes to be tested, will they be moved to an isolation space?

Any student who is tested for COVID-19 and has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be placed in self-isolation until the test result is final. If a diagnosis of COVID-19 is made, then the student will be in self-isolation until they have been medically cleared to leave self-isolation.

What happens if someone living near me tests positive?

That will depend if you are identified as a “close contact” to the individual who tested positive. “Close contacts” are household members and anyone who was closer than 6’ for more than 15 minutes to the individual during the time they were able to spread the virus. Living near someone who tests positive for COVID-19 does not necessarily make you a “close contact”. 

If I get tested for COVID-19 at home, do I need to be tested again?

Please visit the Student Health and Wellness website for additional information.

If a student needs to stay on campus for any reason throughout Thanksgiving and afterward, is it required for them to have a meal plan?

This has not been determined at this time.

Will RAs need to remain on campus throughout Thanksgiving Recess and afterward?

This has not been determined at this time.

Can parents and family members visit on-campus residents this fall?

Family members are welcome to visit their students but these meetings cannot take place in the residential buildings.  Parents and family members are considered guests and no guests, other than residential students, can be invited into the residential buildings this fall.

Frequently Asked Questions about Opening for Fall 2020

As members of the UConn residential community, we all bear the responsibility of ensuring health and safety within our community and this includes maintaining physical distance, proper mask use, and self-monitoring of symptoms prior to your arrival to campus. Additionally, it will require your cooperation and adherence to all Opening guidelines, the Housing Contract, and University policies and procedures to ensure a safe and efficient fall 2020 opening.


We are committed to providing as holistic a living experience as possible for our students, while implementing precautions to protect their health. Safety measures include but are not limited to:


  • Reduced housing density
  • Designated move-in appointments
  • Directional signs for elevator and stairwell usage
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations
  • Testing and quarantine protocols and procedures
  • No Husky Haulers to help with move in to reduce people in the area
  • Check in locations outside when allowable
  • Expectation for all students and visitors wear a mask or face covering when outside of their vehicle and on campus.
  • Expectation for all students and visitors to not come to campus if experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19

Can my family come to help me move in?

This is such a milestone for our students and want you to have your loved one with you but we do need to limit the number with you inside the building to one helper at a time during your move in time window.  There can be others in the car, just one in the hall at a time.

Will there be hand carts or bins on wheels to help me move in?

In effort to maintain health and safety, students will be responsible for providing all necessary moving materials including hand carts and/or moving bins.

How long do I have to move in?

As we are trying to limit the numbers in a hall at any given time, we ask that you please plan accordingly and once your items are unloaded to your room that your helper leaves the hall to reduce people on the floor and area.

What will quarantine look like during those 2 weeks before classes?

Students will be expected to remain on campus and limit physical contact with others. Overall, the purpose of the 14 day self-quarantine for students in residential housing is to create a potential area of protection within the residence halls. Residential Life recognizes this period may be isolating and staff will be attempting to safely engage students and provide opportunities for social interactions.

Will I be able to pick up packages at Student Mail Services when I arrive on campus?

Please be aware that student mail rooms will not be open until the first day of classes, August 31st. Please plan to bring with you what you will need for the first couple of weeks on campus.

This fall I have been assigned to a rooms that typically has had two students living in it. Will there be two sets of furniture or one set of furniture when I arrive on campus? Can I have the second set of furniture in my room removed from the room?

All rooms that were previously used as doubles will still have two sets of furniture in the room.  All Furniture that is in the room upon your arrival must stay in the room. You should not place work orders to have any furniture in your room be removed and stored.  The beds, however, are designed to be disassembled easily.  We recommend that you work with the person who accompanies you to campus during move in to disassemble the extra bed if you would like more space in your room.

How do I plan my arrival time?

In order to limit the number of people in a hall at a time, students will need to log into MyHousing to select an arrival time.  Move in dates are Friday August 14-17 from 9am – 3pm daily.

How do I sign up for my arrival time?

All students will need to log into MyHousing to select an arrival time

What if I can’t arrive on the posted date or times?

If after 3pm on August 14-16, a student who missed their arrival time may call The Operations Center to be let into their room for the night.  They will need to check in the next day at their designated check in site to receive their COVID test and keys.

If after August 17, we are developing that plan and should have more information posted August 1.

Can I move into my fall assignment before August 14?

Unfortunately, no. The move-in date of August 14 was determined with the State of Connecticut and cannot be made any earlier for students.

What is a staging area and what areas will check in like this?

Many but not all students will be assigned to a designated on-campus parking lot where they will be able to receive the COVID-19 test, check into your fall housing assignment and receive their keys. Students must bring with them an email confirmation of their move-in time and photo identification.

What if I don’t have my UConn ID, can I still check in?

The One Card Office will be open by appointment only for students who need to get their UConn ID.


Friday, 8/14/2020: 9am - 5pm (by appointment)

Saturday, 8/15/2020:  12pm – 4pm (by appointment)

Sunday, 8/16/2020:  10am – 4pm (by appointment)

Monday, 8/17/2020: 8am – 4pm (by appointment)



Typically when I arrive to campus my roommate and I would rearrange the furniture in our room together. Since I will be living alone can I place a work order to help rearrange my furniture?

We recommend that the person who accompanies you to campus to help you arrange the furniture before they leave campus.  The facilities group does not have the resources to assist with large-scale rearranging furniture on campus.  If your furniture is broken or not working properly please submit a work order at (860)486-3113 and the facilities team will be happy to fix the issue.

If you have questions related to any other Residential Life matter you may email them to livingoncampus@uconn.edu

Students living in on-campus housing on the Stamford campus are encouraged to visit the Living at Stamford page for Stamford campus specific FAQs.