Fall Housing 2021 FAQs

Fall 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to providing as holistic a living experience as possible for our students, while implementing precautions to protect their health. As always, campus services for students, faculty, and staff also also available to provide assistance. Please visit the UConn COVID website for additional information.

What percentage of residential students are fully vaccinated?

All students are required to get vaccinated unless they are approved for medical or personal exemption.  Currently, close to 70% of students have informed the University that they are vaccinated. 

Are vaccinated and non-vaccinated students being housed in different locations?

No, vaccination status is not factored into room assignments. 

My roommate is not vaccinated, but I am. What does that mean if I have been exposed?

  • Students who are fully vaccinated are not mandated to participate in quarantine protocols and are not required to participate in surveillance testing, as you and are able to interact safely with students who are not fully vaccinated. If a fully vaccinated student is exposed to someone not fully vaccinated and wishes to request a COVID test, they can do so.  Any fully vaccinated student would be required to isolate only if exposed and if they receive a positive COVID test result. 
  • Students who are not fully vaccinated are required to participate in all testing, quarantine, and isolation protocols as established by the University.  

Do I need to quarantine if I am exposed?

Students who are exposed to anyone not fully vaccinated will be contacted by Student Health and Wellness through their contract tracing processes and will be advised appropriately by medical staff on their exposure level and what precautions to take. 

Will there be testing for everyone?

  • Students who are fully vaccinated will not be required to participate in surveillance testing.  If a fully vaccinated student is exposed to someone not fully vaccinated and wishes to request a COVID test, they can do so.   
  • Students who are not fully vaccinated will be instructed by Student Health and Wellness to participate in testing procedures as necessary.  

Can I wear a mask if I want to?

  • Absolutely! Students are welcome to wear a mask if they feel more comfortable doing so or if they are feeling ill. 

  • Everyone will be required to wear a mask while indoors, including anyone who comes to help during move-in weekend!

What steps are the University taking to ensure my safety and the safety of staff performing maintenance in my room during the semester?

    The University has used CDC and state guidance to develop best practices to ensure the safety of  both students and employees.  All staff members will be required to wear face coverings while in the residence halls and students rooms.  When staff members respond to a work order submitted for student rooms they will ask the resident to put on a face covering and remain at least 6 ft from the staff member while they are performing work in the room.  If it is not possible to maintain safe physical distance from staff members while they are in student rooms the staff member may ask you to temporarily leave the space while they are working in the room or reschedule the work for a time that works better. 

    Will the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures still be in effect this year?

      The Temporary Health and Safety Procedures (THSP) for the 2021-2022 school year are in effect and can be reviewed on our Housing Contracts & Forms webpage.  

      Does my guaranteed Fall 2021 housing status mean that I can definitely live on campus for the Spring 2022 semester?

      • Students who live on campus for Fall 2021 are guaranteed Spring 2022 housing and will have their same assignment appear in the Spring 2022 term. We anticipate being able to offer a room change process over Winter Recess for students who wish to change to a new room for the spring semester, and more details will be available in October 2021.
      • Only students who are not currently living on campus for the fall semester will need to officially apply for Spring 2022, and the housing application will be available in MyHousing starting in mid-October 2021.

      Can I still live on the Storrs campus as a Hartford or Avery Point student?

      Students who attend UConn Hartford and UConn Avery Point can still request to live on campus at Storrs for the 2021-2022 academic year by completing a housing application inside of MyHousing 

      I need to apply for Fall 2021 housing after the semester begins, what should I do?

      Please email livingoncampus@uconn.edu and request to have access to the housing application and staff will assist you with the housing process.  

      What is the cancellation fee for students who cancel Fall 2021 housing?

      • Students who submit the cancellation application by September 30, 2021 will receive a $500 cancellation fee. After September 30, any Fall 2021 housing cancellations will be responsible for 100% of their Fall Room Rate.  
      • Fall 2021 residents who wish to cancel their Spring 2022 housing can do so without cancellation fees through September 30, 2021. Spring 2022 housing cancellations from October 1 – 31 will result in a $500 cancellation fee, and any Spring 2022 cancellations after October 31 will be responsible for 100% of their Spring Room Rate.

      • Additional information regarding cancelling housing is available on the Residential Life Cancellation Policy webpage. 

      • Students who are part of the Residency Requirement are not eligible to cancel their housing.  

      Will any efforts be made to help returning students who are new to living on campus learn about campus and meet new people?

      We recognize that many of our students have not experienced a typical semester on campus.  In additional to intentional programming to help students acclimate, ResLife staff, including resident assistants, are happy to help students transition to on-campus living. 

      Will there be “reduced density” in the residence halls this year? Will I have a roommate?

      For the 2021-2022 academic year, the halls are returning to their typical occupancy levels. This means that students will have roommates in their multiple-occupancy rooms, including three people/room in Busby Suites and Garrigus Suites, and two people/room in traditional doubles, South Suites, and Apartment Efficiency Doubles.  


      I would prefer to live with a vaccinated person. Can I request a room change?

      Vaccination information for individual students is not shared with Residential Life staff.  Housing assignments are made based on housing application preferences and requested roommates where applicable.  If there are planned room change processes for the fall semester, any student can request to participate in that process regardless of reason.  More information about possible room change processes will be available in late August. 

      I would prefer to live in a single. How can I get one?

      • There are limited single rooms on campus and the majority of these rooms have been filled, via the online housing selection process and ongoing housing assignments or through room changes made by Residential Life staff. There are no medical protocols in place this year to limit one student per room in a typical double or triple room. 
      • If a room change process is held, there will be opportunity for students to request a move to a single room, if available. Due to demand, we do not keep a waiting list for students interested in single rooms.  

      Will there be regular room change processes this year?

      • We anticipate being able to offer a room change process during the fall semester and more information will be available after opening weekend.

      Fall 2021 General Selection Updates

      We understand that the recent changes made to General Housing Selection may require you to modify your plans for Fall 2021 housing and you may have questions about how Selection will be impacted. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below and will continue to update the content as new information becomes available.  We thank you for your ongoing support of the UConn Promise, as we work to ensure a safe campus community for all Huskies.  

      Why are some areas no longer available in Selection?

      Even though we anticipate cases of COVID-19 will decrease as more people are vaccinated, we need to reserve spaces for quarantine and isolation, should we need them for medical care. Safety is a top priority.  

      How many spaces will be out of use for quarantine and isolation spaces?

      Approximately 1,000 beds will be reserved for quarantine and isolation. 

      Why are this many spaces needed?

      Based on the recommendations of medical professionals and the lack of current knowledge related to our Fall campus vaccination rate, we need to hold approximately 10% of our anticipated occupancy as quarantine and isolation spaces. 

      If COVID-19 numbers a low and most people are vaccinated, could this change?

      We are hopeful that if a high percentage of residential students are vaccinated and COVID-19 positive cases are low, we may not need as many spaces in the fall for quarantine and isolation. If so, we may be able to re-open some of the areas currently being held out of selection.  

      What percentage of students need to be fully vaccinated before areas can be reopened to the general population?

      Currently, we do not have a specific number or percentage of students. Other factors such as campus, local, and national positivity rates will also play into determine how many spaces are needed for quarantine and isolation. We will continuously monitor numbers all summer and encourage everyone to get vaccinated when eligible to do so 

      Is Husky Village being used for quarantine and isolation in the 2021-2022 academic year? Why?

      No. Husky Village will return to housing students in sororities and fraternities. Because students in Husky Village do not have private/semi-private bathrooms, it is not optimal for quarantine and isolation. 

      Is there a fee to cancel my housing?

      There is no fee for anyone to cancel housing by July 31, 2021. Beginning August 1, it will be $500 to cancel.   

      Can I participate in Selection and then cancel my housing if I want?

      Yes. There is no fee for anyone to cancel housing by July 31, 2021. 

      Will cancelling my housing impact eligibility for housing in the future?

      We are returning to most of our normal housing contract policies and practices, so students who cancel housing for the 2021-2022 year may not be guaranteed housing in the future. 

      Is the Residency Requirement for new students in place for Fall 2021?

      Yes. More information about the new student residency requirement can be found on our website: https://reslife.uconn.edu/residency-requirement-information/

      I have questions about Fall Housing or the actual Selection process. Who can I contact?

      Please see our Storrs Housing Selection Central - Fall 2021 website for more information about the Selection timeline, how to roommate match, and more: https://reslife.uconn.edu/housing-selection/  

      I have additional questions not covered here. Who can I contact?

      Please email any questions to livingoncampus@uconn.edu.

      How many people will be able to live on campus in Fall 2021?

      We will have space to house approximately 10,000 students.

      What areas of campus will no longer be available in Fall Selection?

      • Charter Oak Apartments
      • Mansfield Apartments
      • Undergraduate spaces in Northwood Apartments
      • Busby Suites
      • Rosebrooks (located in South Campus suites)
      • The following buildings in Hilltop Apartments:
        • Wu
        • Woodhouse
        • Wheeler

      Why were these areas selected?

      While we understand the areas now designated for quarantine and isolation are sought after choices in Selection, suite and apartment spaces are best for quarantine and isolation purposes as students have access to a private/semi-private bathroom.  

      Are these areas also unavailable for Spring 2022?

      At this time, these spaces will be used for quarantine and isolation for the entirety of the academic year, but we will continue to evaluate the need for spaces throughout the year. 

      In what order will residence halls be added back in, if it is safe to do so?

      As the buildings have different occupancy numbers and space available, we will evaluate this, along with the level of vaccinations available and the rate at which students are providing vaccination information.  We will put a whole building back into circulation before only a partial building. 

      How would someone get a space in one of these areas, if they become available?

      As apartment and suite spaces are typically selected by juniors and seniors in Selection, if it is determined that some areas can be used for housing, we would aim to offer a room change process exclusively for juniors and seniors.  Room change would go by credits and these students would most likely not be able to “pull in” sophomores 

      Are any areas at the Stamford campus being reserved for quarantine and isolation?

      The Lillian will not be available in Selection, as this building will be used for “comfort spaces” at the Stamford campus. 

      Will triple rooms be available in Selection?

      Triples in traditional style halls will be at their typical occupancy levels for the Fall 2021 Housing Selection process, including triples within the Learning Communities of Northwest and Alumni. 

      Is there anything else I should do to prepare for Selection?

      As we do every year, we recommend students create multiple backup plans, in case the areas they’d like to live in are not available at their Selection time. We suggest friend groups trying to live together discuss how they will split up, if larger spaces are not available. As a reminder, at your Selection time, My Housing will only show spaces that will accommodate your fully-matched roommate group. For example, if you are a group of 4, it will not show available traditional doubles or suites with less than 4 spaces. If no spots for 4 people are available, in that moment, the student picking housing for the group will need to release some roommates in order to select.  We encourage you to discuss these plans in advance! 

      Will I be able to get a space in a specific area?

      It’s difficult for us to predict when each area will fill up during Selection as having these areas out of the Selection process is unprecedented. In typical years, spaces in Hilltop Apartments tend to fill quite quickly, followed by suites. Most students should anticipate selecting a space in a traditional residence hall. 

      What happens if I am signed up to participate in Selection but do not see a space I want?

      Anyone who does not select a space will have their housing application cancelled and will not be eligible to participate in a room change process, should more spaces become available at a later date 

      What apartment spaces will be open for Fall?

      Hilltop Apartments will remain available, except for Wu, Woodhouse, and Wheeler. 

      What suite areas will be open for Fall?

      Garrigus Suites and Wilson Hall (South Campus). Snow Hall (South Campus) will also be available for Honors students who opted into Upper Division Honors Housing. 

      How many suite spaces will be in Selection

      There will be approximately 500 suite spaces available in Selection. Please keep in mind that the rooms are designated as approximately 50% female and 50% male. 

      During Selection, can students still “pull in” friends to the available apartments and suites?

      Yes, this process will not change for the upcoming General Selection process. 

      How does this impact students currently on the waiting list for housing?

      Students on the waiting list who are offered housing will have the opportunity to participate in a selection process in July. These students will be able to select from the available vacancies listed, which may or may not include spaces in these areas, depending on the results of the room change process and how many beds were put back into circulation. 

      What will happen to Learning Communities in areas which are now closed?

      Learning Communities will be relocated to other areas. The Transfer Community will move from Busby Suites to Garrigus Suites. The new location for the Veterans Community has not yet been finalized. Students who have signed their community’s agreement form will still be required to live in the community until the Summer Room Change process.  

      How will this impact RAs who work in these areas?

      Any RAs impacted by these changes will receive information via email.  

      How will this impact students with a CSD accommodation? Will there be enough spaces to meet accommodation needs?

      Yes! Students with an approved accommodation through the Center for Students with Disabilities will still have their accommodation needs met.  

      How will this impact housing for graduate students?

      Graduate student housing in Northwood Apartments will still be available.  

      How will this impact athletes who live in athletic housing?

      Athletes who would have typically lived in the Hilltop Apartments areas which are now being used for quarantine and isolation will be relocated by Housing Services staff in collaboration with Athletics. More information will be sent to impacted student athletes in the near future. 

      Will Upper Division Honors Housing remain in Snow Hall (South Campus) and McMahon and First Year Honors Housing be in Buckley and Shippee?

      Yes. Students who have signed the Upper Division Honors Housing acceptance form will select a space in either Snow or McMahon. First year honors students will still live in Buckley and Shippee. 

      Communication Sent Regarding Housing Selection Updates

      Housing Selection Update Email sent March 31, 2021

      March 31, 2021


      Dear student,

      We are writing to you as a student eligible to live on campus for fall 2021, with some updates about the upcoming housing selection process and information pertaining to the weekly Dean’s email that was sent earlier.

      The email indicated that we will need to set aside spaces for quarantine and isolation purposes for the fall semester, to appropriately accommodate students who are not vaccinated when we return in the fall, or who may test positive for COVID during the fall semester and may need medical care.  The hope is that as the summer progresses and more students are vaccinated, we will not need the full number of beds that were initially set aside.  However, for planning purposes at this time, the spaces we need to set aside will not be available in housing selection and will not be available for students to choose as their fall housing assignment.

      It is necessary to set aside apartment style and suite style spaces for quarantine and isolation.  This impacts the selection process and there will be several areas missing from selection, including Charter Oak Apartments, Busby Suites, Northwood Apartments and some buildings in Hilltop Apartments and South Campus.  We know that these are highly desirable spaces for juniors and seniors.  As the Dean’s email mentioned, the hope is that over the summer some of these spaces can be made available for student assignments and that they can be offered to junior and senior students via an online room change process.  In order for junior and senior students to be eligible for a room change process in the summer they must select an available space during the April selection process students who do not select a space during he April process will not be eligible for a room change in the summer.

      We are moving forward with plans for fall 2021 to be at an increased housing capacity, and we hope that you continue with your plans to live on campus.  As the spring and summer months progress, we will make necessary adjustments based on the health and status of the state.  We will always have your best interests in mind and will communicate updates to you as early as possible.

      As information becomes available about a possible room change process in the summer for upper division students, we will send an email with instructions on who is eligible to apply and how to participate.

      Please contact us at livingoncampus@uconn.edu with any questions.



      Residential Life


      Don't Want/Need On-Campus Housing?

      If you no longer want/need on-campus housing, please go to https://reslife.uconn.edu to cancel your 2021-2022 housing application. Students can cancel until July 31 with no fee.