Fall Room Change Process

Fall 2022 Room Change & Trading Spaces Process

The Fall Semester has limited vacancies and many areas of campus are full. This room change process is intended for students that need a room change due to extenuating circumstances. Students requesting to move during this time should be willing to be flexible about what areas of campus they are looking to move to.

There will be two distinct processes for students to change rooms for the Fall 2022 semester

  1. Room Changes = Move to an open spot. Apply in MyHousing
  2. Trading Spaces = Swap rooms with another student. Does not involve a vacant space. Both students who wish to trade spaces must email livingoncampus@uconn.edu

Moving to a Vacant Space

Individual Requests

  • New! Online Fall Room Change—students will use MyHousing to view open spaces on campus and pick a new room.
  • There will be 7 opportunities to pick a new room throughout the fall semester for students who submit the room change application. Every Wednesday and Thursday starting on September 14, eligible students can log into MyHousing and view all available spaces.
  • If you select a new room during the process, you are committing to moving over that weekend and will return your former assignment keys to our drop box at Whitney Hall (East Campus) by the end of the day on Sunday of that weekend.
  • Your keys to your new assignment will be available to pick up in the lower level of Whitney Hall (East Campus) on Friday between 12:00-4:00pm of the week you select a new room.
  • Important Note: If you are not available on a specific weekend, please wait until a later room change round in this process so that you can meet this timeline as we cannot make exceptions or have you move outside of this timeline. A lock change will be issued if the key is not returned on time and a lock change charge will be added to your fee bill ($100 per lost room key, $10 mail room key)
  • You will only be able to see open spaces on campus and it will not update with each person’s former assignment until the next opportunity opens the following week. This means that if you are hoping to live in a space that a friend vacates during the first round of the room change process, you may not see that spot in your MyHousing until the following week.

    Specific Room Requests

    • Specific Room Requests: Students who know of a specific room that is empty and wish to move into that space can include the hall and room on their room change application.  If the space is available we will do our best to offer the space.  Students can request specific rooms within apartments (i.e. single bedrooms within a Charter Oak or Hilltop Apartments).
    • Students CAN NOT request a single room as a specific room request.

    Learning Community and Honors Requests

    • Learning Community and Honors: Students looking to move into an LC or Honors space should do a specific room request and include the LC or Honors area that they are hoping to move into.

    Moving as a Group

    • Unfortunately due to space constraints there is no group requests available for this process.

    Trading Spaces

    Trading Spaces Requests

    Trading Spaces involves two people swapping rooms. Students cannot trade into a single if they live in a different room type. Trading Spaces does not involve any vacant spaces.

    These requests are accepted through October 19th via email to livingoncampus@uconn.edu.

    Students who want to trade spaces both must email livingoncampus@uconn.edu and include:

      1. Your Name
      2. Your Student Number
      3. Name of Person you are trading with
      4. Student Number of Person you are trading with
      5. Building and Room you wish to move into

    Students that trade spaces can only do so after approved by Residential Life.


    Important Room Change Reminders

    • Students who are non-compliant with the Meningitis vaccination requirement are NOT eligible to change rooms.  Students must also be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to participate in this process.
    • Students cannot move into Husky Village during this room change process. Students in chapters currently recognized by the University cannot move out of Husky Village during this process.
    • RAs can not request a move during this process.
    • There are special interest housing areas throughout campus. Students requesting these areas must meet programmatic requirements.
    • Room rate or meal plan changes can occur. Be aware that adjustments may be made to your fee bill depending on the room type you are moving into or out of.
    • Graduate students can email livingoncampus@uconn.edu to inquire about room change opportunities. Include your full name and 7 digit student ID number in your correspondence.

    Don't want to Move? Don't submit an application!

    If you don't want to change your assignment, do not submit an application in MyHousing! Only students who submit a room change/trading spaces application before the deadline will be considered to change rooms.

    Process Timeline

    The schedule below shows each week's timeline for the 7 rounds of the Fall Room Change process.

    Students who submit an application but do not select a new room will automatically be issued a time for all remaining rounds of the room change process. This means that if you apply before September 12 but do not pick a room during the online process taking place September 14-15, we will automatically give you a pick time for the September 21-22 so that you can look at availability during that process.

    Students who request a group move or special interest area will be processed manually by staff but still need to follow the timeline below for key pick-up, transition, and the return of their former assignment keys. Please refer to your room change confirmation email for specific details.

    Submit the Room Change

    Application in MyHousing By:

    Online Room Change

    Selection Dates

    (In MyHousing)

    Key Pick-Up

    12:00pm - 4:00pm

    Main Residential Life Office

    Lower Level of Whitney Hall

    (East Campus)

    Transition to

    Your New Space

    Return Keys

    Whitney Hall
    Key Return Dropbox


    September 12 September 14-15 September 16 September 16-18 September 18
    September 19 September 21-22 September 23 September 23-25 September 25
    September 26 September 28-29 September 30 September 30 - October 2 October 2
    October 3 October 5-6 October 7 October 7-9 October 9
    October 10 October 12-13 October 14 October 14-16 October 16
    October 17 October 19-20 October 21 October 21-23 October 23
    October 24 October 26-27 October 28 October 28-30 October 30

    Help Me Understand This Table

    1. The room change application will be open in MyHousing from September 1 until October 24. We will be hold 7 weeks of online room change opportunities for students to pick a new room in MyHousing (or for students requesting group moves/special interest areas, to be offered a room change by our staff via email).
    2. In order to participate in the online room change process each Wednesday/Thursday, you must submit the room change application in MyHousing before midnight on the date in the "Apply By" column. Everyone who applies on-time will receive a pick time for that week's online selection process and will be able to login to MyHousing during the Selection Dates to view our open spaces and pick a new room. If you sign up but do not pick a room during that week's process, we will continue to issue you a new pick time each week so that you can continue considering your options during each room change selection.
    3. If you select a new space (or your group move/special interest room change request is processed) that week, we need you to come to Whitney Hall (East Campus) and go to the lower level so that you can enter the main Residential Life Office and pick up your keys between 12:00pm-4:00pm on that Friday. That is the only time that you will be able to pick up the keys to your new room. 
    4. You will move to your new room during the "Transition Dates" and must return your old room keys to our Whitney Hall Key Return Drop Box by the deadline in order to avoid being charged for a lock change.
    5. If you are not available to pick up keys or move during a specific weekend, we recommend waiting until a different week of the process and then selecting a new room, as we cannot make any exceptions to this timeline.


    Questions after reading this information can be sent to livingoncampus@uconn.edu. Please include your first/last name and 7 digit student ID number or NetID in your correspondence.