Hilltop Apartments Fall Check in

Check In Dates and Times for Hilltop Apartments

(Beard, Bethune, Crandall, Crawford, French, Grasso, LaFlesche, Merritt, Novello, Stowe, Wheeler, Woodhouse, Wu)

There are many possible paths to get to campus. However, during move-in, thousands of vehicles are attempting to get to campus, and many roads on campus are one-way or blocked to help with traffic flow. We have mapped out the best path for you to get to Hilltop Apartments.  Please disregard your GPS and take these routes instead whenever possible. Taking the routes that are mapped to specific areas of campus will alleviate vehicle congestion and get you to your destination sooner.


Stage 1: Picking Up Your Room Key and Moving In  

From Interstate 84: https://goo.gl/maps/VifhnA9XJq5C6gfa9  

From HWY 6: https://goo.gl/maps/iMnUxW1vfU9fdtnw5  

From HWY 44W: https://goo.gl/maps/QX7jrrqZjbEapcJz8  

From HWY 44E: https://goo.gl/maps/ZtHaC17LKXBAcuft9  

Please make sure to have your ID and copy of your move-in confirmation email ready to be presented when you arrive at Hilltop Apartments.



You will have 15 minutes to unload your car and move it to the appropriate parking area. We ask that at least one person stays with your car while the student brings their belongings to their room. After unloading, you will park in your car in the designated garage or parking area, and then be able to return and set up your space for as long as needed. Thank you for making move-in effortless and fun for everyone!


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