Housing Processes Central

Welcome to Housing Processes Central!

This a one-stop location for all of your housing process questions or needs. Please review the information on this page to assist you in the upcoming housing processes.

If you have any questions after reading the materials on this page, please email livingoncampus@uconn.edu so that staff can assist. Please include your 7-digit student ID number in all communication with our office.

Housing Selection Information

Housing Selection for current students occurs inside MyHousing, and the majority of students will be able to select their own room. Please visit Housing Selection Central for more information about selection including timelines and tutorials.

Our largest selection process takes place during the Spring semester and allows current students to select their room for the upcoming academic year. To help students plan, we will release data on our social media platforms regarding the previous year's selection so that students can get a feel for which rooms/campus areas tend to be selected first. If you don't already, make sure that you follow us on Instagram (@uconnreslife), Twitter (@UConnResLife), and on Facebook (UConn Residential Life) so that you can stay in the loop!


Some general tips for success:

  1. Put a note on your calendar for January 1--that's the day that the housing application will open for current students! Students who want to participate in selection will need to apply by by the deadline in February!
  2. Have multiple plans in place in case your preferred room type or location isn't available when it is your turn!
  3. Talk with friends/roommate groups in advance to decide how you might divide if you all can't fit into one room together (will your group of 6 turn into two groups of 3? Will you all pair off with 1 friend? Will every person go as individuals?). Having these plans in advance can make it easier to be flexible and can avoid hurt feelings if something changes at the last minute.
  4. TAKE YOUR TIME! Students tend to rush when it comes to housing selection and often make mistakes. Carefully read all communication and pause for a moment to make sure that whatever action you are about to complete is your final decision. Once you select a room, you can't change or leave it until the next room change process!

Room Change vs. Trading Spaces vs. Online Room Change

The following are room change processes that occur throughout the year. As each process occurs, we will feature it on this page and include additional information related to the process. There are three ways students can participate in room changes:

  1. Room Change (students receive an offer from staff to move to a vacant space)
  2. Trading Spaces (students request to swap spaces with another student)
  3. Online Room Change (students choose their own room in MyHousing)

Room Change Processes

UConn Residential Life typically offers 6 room change processes throughout the year:

  • Fall Room Change (Room Change, Trading Spaces, and Online Room Change Processes to change fall housing assignment)
  • Midyear Move (Online Room Change Process for fall residents to change their spring housing assignment before the semester begins)
  • New Student Pre-Arrival Spring Room Change* (Online Room Change Process--newly admitted students change spring housing assignment prior to arrival)
  • Spring Room Change (Room Change, Trading Spaces, and Online Room Change Processes to change spring housing assignment)
  • Current Student Summer Room Change (Room Change, Trading Spaces, and Online Room Change Processes--students change fall assignment over the summer)
  • New Student Pre-Arrival Summer Room Change* (Online Room Change Process--newly admitted students change fall assignment in August prior to arrival)
    • For Fall 2021 we are not able to offer this room change process and the first opportunity for students to request a room change will be during the fall room change process, with dates and additional information to be shared after all students have arrived on campus.

*New Student processes are only intended for newly admitted freshmen or transfer students who are about to attend UConn for the first time.

Submitting Applications in MyHousing

MyHousing is your portal to so many important features for ResLife. Often, students are asked to fill out applications in MyHousing to agree to policies or officially change their housing status. If you have any questions or difficulty submitting an application, please contact livingoncampus@uconn.edu so that staff can assist.

Important Reminder:

Submitting a Housing Cancellation Application WILL remove you from housing and your assignment. Students who submit the cancellation application by accident can reactivate their application by emailing livingoncampus@uconn.edu, but they will be in-queue for housing and not immediately guaranteed a space in housing. If you are trying to redo an application or are unsure about cancellation process, please call or email our office BEFORE submitting any cancellation application!

Checklist for filling out MyHousing Applications

When filling out an application in MyHousing, please remember to:

  1. Carefully review the name of the application to make sure that it is for the correct process AND correct campus
  2. If asked for a signature, carefully read all information on the page before agreeing to any terms within it. For housing applications, this includes reading the Housing Contract in its entirety so that you are aware of all policies and expectations.
  3. Answer all application questions thoughtfully and read any instructions that are included. Take your time--you won't be able to change your answers after submission without emailing livingoncampus@uconn.edu!
  4. Read the confirmation page carefully for any instruction! Often it includes information that you signed off on, and it will be sent to your UConn email account as a confirmation email as well!