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The Spring 2020 Housing Application is available in MyHousing from October 7 until the deadline of November 15 to participate in the room selection process. Students who apply after the November 15 deadline will be on the waiting list for housing.


Important Notification

Due to a change in ownership and planned renovations, the Nathan Hale Inn will not be available to resident students beginning in Fall 2019 and will not be part of the  spring 2020 Housing Selection process. Please make sure that you have additional plans as you approach room selection, as availability of suite-style/three person spaces will appear differently from past selection processes.


October 7
Spring 2020 Housing Application available in MyHousing

November 15
Spring 2020 Housing Application deadline
Campus Change Application Deadline

December 6
Room Selection times available in MyHousing

December 12-13
Room Selection occurs in MyHousing

January 18-19
Students move in for spring 2020 semester

Selection Success Tips

  • Remember that you only get ONE PICK during this process--whatever room you select is your assignment until the spring room change process begins. Please make sure that you are fully satisfied with your selection BEFORE hitting "submit".
  • We encourage students to have multiple contingency plans when it comes to selection, as we cannot guarantee that a specific room type will be available for you to select into.
  • Before your selection time begins, you can still go into the system and view available spaces so that you have a better feel for what spaces you can choose when it is your turn!
  • If you cannot pick during your turn, please review the options available so that our office can best assist you.

Roommate Requests

  • Due to the limited number of completely vacant rooms in the Spring semester, we are not accepting roommate requests for the Spring 2020 semester.

Selection Times and Class Standing

Current class standing determines the order in which students select a room. Seniors select first, followed by juniors, then sophomores, and then freshmen. Within class standing, students select rooms based on the number of credits earned. If more than one student has the same number of credits, students select in random order. Class standing by credits is as follows:

  • Seniors - 86+ credits
  • Juniors - 54-85 credits
  • Sophomores - 24-53 credits
  • Freshmen - 0-23 credits

Class standing is determined by the number of earned credits at the start of the Fall 2019 semester (recorded by the Registrar).

Students who are offered housing off of the waiting list will be assigned selection times at the end of the process.

Students Assigned but not participating in Selection

Students who are placed in assignments prior to or during selection include:

  • Resident Assistants
  • Husky Village residents
    • Please remember that Husky Village residents must abide by both the 2019-2020 Housing Contract and the Husky Village Contract.
  • Students with approved residential accommodations through the Center for Students with Disabilities
  • Students in special interest housing
    • Veteran student community
    • Gender Inclusive housing

Students who are placed/identified for these housing options in advance of selection are not eligible to participate in the selection processes and will not receive a pick time.

I am admitted to UConn for Spring 2020, how do I select housing?

Congratulations on your acceptance!

All new UConn students (including transfer students) will be placed by our office during the winter recess and we will notify all students of their housing assignments in early January.

Finding your Pick Time

Housing selection times (pick times) for the general process and for the room selection process will be available December 6, 2019 in MyHousing. Class standing is determined by the number of earned credits at the start of the Fall 2019 semester (recorded by the Registrar).


Unavailable during your Pick Time?

Students who are unable to go online at their scheduled time have two options:

  • Option 1: Enter MyHousing at a later time during your selection period to make your selection, or
  • Option 2: Request a proxy to enter housing selection at your scheduled time and select a space for you. To request a proxy, email at least 48 hours prior to your selection time asking for Residential Life staff to serve as your proxy. The email must include the following:
    • Email Subject: Proxy Request
    • Full name
    • Student ID Number (PeopleSoft number) or NetID
    • Selection date/time
    • Rank ordered list of at least four halls/areas or room types you would hope to select. A staff member will enter the housing selection at your scheduled time to pick a room on your behalf.

What if I’m not on campus during the selection process?

If you are participating in an Off-Campus Program or currently not on campus, you can still apply for housing and participate in a room selection process, as all of our selection processes take place in an online format. Please note that we run all processes in the Eastern Timezone.

If you are in an area with unreliable internet or not available during your selection time, please refer to our information above for students who cannot select housing during their pick time for options.


Residential Life can only verify the accuracy of information on our own website and materials. Information obtained elsewhere may not be accurate.



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