Living On Campus Fall 2021

While living on campus is different during this time, there are opportunities for students to connect through different activities on campus.  The Ukindness website maintains an activities calendar for students and is available at: . The Residential Life staff continues to be committed to supporting our residential students.


It will be important for students to pay attention to the UConn COVID Dashboard to be aware of the color coded alert level status of the campus.  This alert levels dictates if distancing, mask wearing and other safety related practices are in place due to the health of the campus.


As a reminder, approval to live on campus is contingent upon agreement to the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures. There will continue to be strict protocol for quarantine and isolation and these protocols will occur to and around all students on campus during the fall semester. Unvaccinated students may be asked to quarantine on numerous occasions if directed to do so by SHaW.


All residential students need to commit to their own health and wellbeing, and understand that engaging in appropriate activities and contacting SHaW for any physical and mental health needs are vital for personal residential success. Additionally, students need to commit to the UConn Promise, which has allowed for residential community success thus far.

What Living on Campus is like during COVID-19

Meet RA Sheryl John, who shares some tips about living on campus for the 2021-2022 school year!