New Student Room Change Process (Storrs Campus)


Information regarding the possibility of new students changing their room for Fall 2022 will be updated on this website in late July/August


Summer 2019 New Student Room Change Process

The Summer 2019 New Student Room Change Process is an online room change for students to view available spaces and select a new assignment prior to arriving on campus. Availability is extremely limited and may not include every housing option on campus. Our available spaces become very limited at the start of the year and most options that will appear will consist of Rate 1 housing in our traditional halls.

The Fall 2019 Room Change application will open after the second week of classes and will likely include higher rate rooms at that time, as staff will be able to review occupancy levels after opening is complete.


Requests for this process must be submitted via email to by August 7, 2019 and request to be in the New Student Room Change. Please include your seven-digit Student ID number (Peoplesoft number) in all correspondence so that staff can easily find you in the system.

A general tutorial for selecting housing within MyHousing is available below. Please note that this tutorial was originally intended for room selection (where students could only select one space). In the New Student Room Change, students can change rooms as many times as they would like before the process closes at 11:59PM ET on August 9.

Tutorial: Choosing Housing as an Individual


  • Assignments will be visible in MyHousing by August 1
    • Any student who wishes to change rooms or trade spaces must send an email by August 7.
  • More information will be shared via email to the student's UConn email on August 7.
  • Students will be able to change assignments online from August 8-9. The room change will close at 11:59PM ET on August 9.

Rooms Included in the Process

Spaces in this process are determined by available vacancies. Residential Life cannot guarantee that every room type will be represented during this selection process and do not predict that any apartment spaces will be available in this process.


Once a student changes their assignment, their former room will appear in the system for another student to select.


Students trying to find spaces for roommate groups may not be able to move into a fully open double or suite, as we currently predict that most open doubles and suite spaces will fill before the room change process begins, and it is unlikely that a full double or suite will open up during the process for roommates to select into together.

Students Eligible for this Process

New Storrs UConn students for Fall 2019 (incoming students and transfer students) are eligible to participate in this process.


The next room change process for current UConn students is the Fall Room Change, which will open after the second week of classes. More information on this process will be emailed to all students after students have returned to campus. New students will also have the option to participate in the Fall Room Change if they would like to change assignments at that time.

Room Rates and Meal Plan Changes

Room Rate/Meal Plan Changes
Room rate or meal plan changes can occur. Be aware that adjustments may be made to your fee bill depending on the room type you are moving in to or out of. 

Moving as an Individual

Moving as Individual – Selection Times Available August 7

  • Students who request to move individually to a vacant spot will choose their assignment online in MyHousing August 8-9.
  • Once a new room has been chosen, the student’s current fall assignment will be available to another student to select. Students can change assignments any number of times between August 8-9.
  • Roommates cannot be pulled-in through this process – a student can only choose a new assignment for themselves.
  • Students who do not select a new room during this process will remain in their current assignment for the fall semester.
  • Instructions will be available August 7 via email.

Don’t want to move? Changed your mind?

Don’t Want to Move? Don’t Submit an Application or Select a New Room!
If you don’t want to move, don’t submit an application! Only students who submit a room change request will be considered to change rooms.


If you change your mind about changing rooms while the process is underway, do not select a new space! Whatever assignment you are in when the process closes on August 9 will be the one that you will move into when you arrive to campus in a few weeks.


If you do not change assignments, the room that you are currently assigned to will be your Fall 2019 assignment.

Special Interest Areas

Special Interest Areas

  • There are special interest housing areas throughout campus. Students requesting these areas must meet programmatic requirements.
  • New students currently assigned in Learning Communities can leave the learning community and select a new assignment during this process.
    • This would mean that the student is no longer participating in the Learning Community and would be automatically removed from the community after the room change process ends.
  • New students currently assigned into Honors housing can request an assignment change by emailing Residential Life staff will review Honors housing for any available spaces and work directly with any students requesting an assignment change.

Single Rooms

Moving to a Single Room
Room changes to single rooms will be prioritized by class standing, not by specific requests. Students requesting a room change to a single will be issued a housing selection time and will be able to choose from whatever rooms are available.


Questions after reading this information can be sent to Please include your first/last name and 7 digit student ID number or NetID in your correspondence.