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Welcome from Dr. Pamela Schipani, Executive Director of Residential Life

Welcome to UConn Residential Life’s Recruitment Website!


I am pleased that you are considering joining the Residential Life staff at UConn.  I have worked in the department for many years and find it to be both a supportive and ever-changing environment.  Our focus is on students and our goals include helping them: achieve personal success, become interpersonally competent, and to become intellectually engaged as a University student.


In order for students to be successful and achieve their goals, professional staff who help to facilitate this need to work in an environment that is both supportive and provides appropriate challenges.

If you join the UConn staff you will be provided with a meaningful and well thought out on-boarding and training program. Our training has been designed and will be carried out by staff who understand what is necessary to make a transition to a new role go smoothly. You will also have the opportunity to work with an experienced supervisor who has been at the institution for several years.  This is someone who can guide you in our daily work and can work with you to design a developmental plan that will focus on skill acquisition and development related to jobs you may want to consider in the future.


Although UConn is a land-grant institution located in a rural part of Connecticut there are many opportunities for fun and relaxation within the state and throughout the surrounding states, which are only a short distance away.


I hope that you have a chance to learn more about UConn and that you find the opportunities we have to offer you.  We look forward to learning more about candidates who are interested in UConn’s residential life program!


Welcome from Nate Gordon, Chair of the Hall Director Search Committee

Welcome from Nate Gordon, Chair of the Hall Director Search Committee

Thank you for your interest in our Residence Hall Director (HD) position at the University of Connecticut! It is an exciting time in the Department of Residential Life and I am thrilled that you are considering UConn as a next step in your career.

The primary purpose of the HD is to support the health, safety and well-being of residential students. Residence Hall Directors are also responsible for the overall student learning and community development in the residence halls by implementing our Residential Learning Model. The HD supervises Resident Assistants (and may supervise a graduate level Assistant Residence Hall Director) in an area of approximately 400-700 residents.


As the states flagship institution, UConn Residential Life enhances students’ personal, interpersonal, and intellectual growth by creating safe and inclusive environments, producing innovative programs and services, and fostering meaningful relationships. Our comprehensive, student-centered, residential program houses over 12,000 students.  Approximately 70% of the undergraduate student population resides in university-managed housing.  We offer our students an array of housing facilities and options to enhance their learning experience, including a variety of learning communities.


Residential Life is committed to providing support and encouragement for individual staff members’ professional development as it relates to the mission and goals of Residential Life. An example of some of the opportunities that our staff have been involved with include ACUHO-I, NASPA, ACPA, NEACUHO, NASPA Region 1 and ASCA. If you join our team, you will work with your supervisor, an Assistant Director of Residence Education, to map out professional development opportunities that best suit your goals and the vision of the department.


We are currently doing a national search for our positions. Please visit to upload a resume, cover letter and list of three (3) references, including names, addresses and telephone numbers. At least one of those references must be an immediate supervisor. Please indicate the professional relationship of each reference to the candidate. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled and review of applications will begin immediately. The University of Connecticut is an EEO/AA employer. We will also be attending The Placement Exchange conference and please indicate on your cover letter if you will be there.


Thanks again for your interest in the Residence Hall Director position at UConn!


Go Huskies!


Signature from search committee chair




Nate Gordon

Assistant Director of Residence Education

Search Chair


Meet our Recruitment Team!


Shea Middleton

Shea Middleton

My favorite thing about working at UConn is being a part of such a large institution where there are so many professionals to connect with and learn from. Also, I love the UConn school spirit and the excitement and pride students have for their university! GO HUSKIES!

Rachel Conners

Rachel Conners, Hall Director

UConn is a vibrant place where students have energy and talent. Working for UConn is exciting as the institution strives to be a top-ranked research institution that is both innovative and diverse.  Being a Husky means proudly contributing to and fostering a community of leaders. Residence Life at UConn offers opportunities for staff to develop core competencies as well as connect with one another and have fun!

Josue Quiles

Josue Quiles

My favorite part about working at UConn is working with the RA’s on my staff! They embody the reasons I decided to join the field, which is centered around student engagement & student development.

Yomarie Diaz

Yomarie Diaz

I have enjoyed returning to my alma mater and experiencing the university from a different perspective. Working at UConn has also allowed me to connect with new experiences which have challenged my professional growth such as working with the Honors College and Honors student population.

Justin Kyle Tanner

Justin Kyle Tanner

Hey Y’all! At UConn, I’ve had an awesome chance to make some connections with awesome professionals from all over campus. Also, who could turn down the chance to be in various major cities in like an hour drive! Go Huskies!

Our Residence Education Resume


Why UConn?!


HD Development Plan

Each RHD will sit down with their direct supervisor in a 1-1 to develop an intentional professional development plan that is guided by our staff professional development structure. These plans are individualized and designed around the needs and interests of each RHD and the needs of the department.

Opportunities UConn Has to Offer:

  • Learning Communities
  • Themed/Specialty Housing
  • Traditional-style Housing
  • Suite-style Housing
  • Apartment-style Housing

Professional Development and Diversity Opportunities

The Department of Residential Life supports professional development opportunities for the Hall Directors. Your work with your supervisor on requesting funding to participate in various events and offerings. These have ranged from National and Regional Conferences, Drive-In Events, Various Institutes and even the purchasing of books. The department has also supported staff being involved in leadership roles of various organizations related to Residential Life and Student Affairs.

The Residential Learning Model (RLM)

The Residential Learning Model, also known as the RLM, is an intentional way of promoting learning in college and university residence life programs. It is a very specific approach to structuring learning outcomes.

The philosophy of the RLM maintains that programming is only one way to connect and engage students.

Our primary goal is to ensure that we are helping our students connect to UConn, to other students, staff, and campus resources. Additionally, we want them to be engaged in the campus community.

The Department of Residential Life believes that end result of students living on campus, being connected and engaged will be that our students will grow personally, interpersonally, and intellectually. RAs play a major role with their residents in achieving these goals with their residents.

Hall Director Apartments

Make sure that you check out our video tours below to see the Hall Director Apartments!

Here is some additional information about this live-on role:

  • Team-led vs. Solo-led
  • Pet Policy
  • Live-On Partner Policy
  • Accessible Areas

Unionized Environments


How to Apply and the Interview Process



Application Process


Hall Director Position Description

Apply on the UConn Human Resources Website

Interview with the Recruitment Team at The Placement Exchange (TPE)!

TPE has been cancelled and all interviews will be conducted via WebEx


Interview Process


Arrival Day/Night before the Interview

  • All candidates begin their interview experience the night before your interview day. Should you be flying in for your interview, transportation will be provided for you to and from the airport by our HD Search Chair. All candidates will be housed on-campus the night before their interview and expected to check-out in the morning before breakfast.

Sample Interview Schedule

Each candidate will have a host from the HD Search Committee present throughout their interview day. 

  1. Informal dinner at a dining hall with a search committee member (night prior to interview day)
  2. Breakfast at a dining hall with staff member
  3. Interview session 1: Residence Education Assistant Directors
  4. Interview Session 2: UConn student leaders
  5. Interview Session 3: Residential Life staff
  6. Lunch with Dr. Pam Schipani, Executive Director of Residential Life, and Nate Gordon, HD Search Committee Chair
  7. Driving campus tour with host
  8. Interview Session 4: Diversity Statement
  9. Interview Session 5: Residence Education Associate Directors
  10. Interview Session 6: Director of Residence Education
  11. Wrap-up with HD Search Committee Chair

Sample Interview Schedule

Diversity Statement

    Prepare a Diversity Statement- UConn is committed to providing an environment that is open and welcoming to all students. We are requesting that all candidates prepare a Diversity statement that express their view and commitment to diversity issues on a college campus.

    Here are some parameters regarding the statement:

    • Please do some research on organizations/universities/college diversity statements to help formulate and structure your statement.
    • Your diversity statement should be your own original personal statement on diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.
    • Generally, statements are about half a page single spaced (however, you are welcome to format this as you like).
    • During this interview time frame (25-30 minutes), a small group of individuals from your interview day will join you to hear about your statement, how you came to this, your journey, etc. They will have a few questions for you.
    • Consider this timeframe a discussion of your statement.

    We hope these few guidelines are helpful to you as your reflect and prepare for this part of your interview.

    Virtual On-Campus Driving Tour


    A Day in the Life of a Hall Director at UConn!


    Hall Director Jacob Nathaniel

    Hall Director Jen Napiorski

    Hall Director Karen Lohr

    Hall Director Blake Sherman

    Hall Director James Walker

    Hall Director Rachel Conners


    Visit some Hall Director Apartments!