Stamford Resident Assistant (RA) Information


Role of the RA


RA Position Requirements

  • All candidates must meet the following requirements:
    • Be enrolled as a UConn Stamford student.
    • Have sophomore academic standing by the fall 2022 semester.
    • Have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) when grades are checked at the end of the fall 2022 semester.
    • Be a member of the community in good standing: cannot be on University Probation (not academic-related). Any other findings of responsibility/being in violation will be reviewed and may make the candidate ineligible to continue in the process; especially if the incident(s) occurred during the semester of application.

    RA Position Benefits

    Position Compensation:

    • RAs will receive a housing waiver for their RA room. The waiver is not an exact match for the RA’s assignment. Instead, it is an average of all room rates.
    • RAs will also receive a cash stipend of $4,160.00 for the academic year. The stipend is paid out biweekly.
    • RAs who are on-duty during break periods will be paid separately for the actual days worked.
    • Tuition and fees are not waived.

    Position Benefits: 

    • Multi-faceted leadership skills
    • Experience working with people from differing backgrounds; understanding the need to be open to those whose identities may be different than one’s own
    • Critical thinking skills
    • Strong time management skills
    • Written and oral communication skills
    • Honesty and integrity
    • Crisis management experience
    • Understanding the nature of working in/on teams.
    • Relationship-building skills, as well as helping others build relationships

    Stamford Residential Programming Model

    The Residential Programming Model puts student learning at the forefront of the residential student experience at the University of Connecticut at Stamford. Resident Assistants support the residential community by providing educational programming and meaningful conversations. Furthermore, RAs conduct passive programming and use campus resources to provide residents with the opportunity to engage in their community at UConn Stamford.

    The Department of Residential Life believes that the end result of students living on campus, being connected, and engaged with each other will be that our students will grow personally, interpersonally, and intellectually. RAs play a major role with their residents in achieving these goals with their residents.


    RA Application Process


    Submitting the RA Application Process for 2022-2023

    • Applications will be available starting Friday, October 29, 2021.
    • Applications close at 11:59pm on December 11, 2021. Late applications will not be accepted.
    • Applications must have an attached resume to be considered.
    • The application is located on eRezLife (

    How to Submit the Application

    Screening Criteria for All Applications

    • Round 1 Screening: Candidates must successfully meet all criteria in order to move to Round 2 Screening:
      • Grades: Candidates must have a 2.50 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) when grades are checked after finals in December 2021. The CGPA must be exact; we will not ‘round up’ (example: 2.48 doesn’t meet the requirement). Candidates on Scholastic Probation (as determined by the semester grade point average (SGPA)) may also be ineligible.
      • Candidates at Stamford who plan to campus change to Storrs for fall 2022 must meet all requirements and meet all deadlines for the campus change process .
      • All candidates must submit the Online Housing Application by the February 11, 2022 due date.
    • Conduct Status: Uphold the university’s Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code and the On-Campus Housing Contract. All students with a student conduct history will be subject to review. Students who are on University Probation at during the semesters of application review or interviews are not eligible to interview. Students who were found responsible for any incidents in the current academic year or during the application and interviewing process will not be eligible to interview or continue on in the process
    • Round 2 Screening:
      • A team of Residential Life staff will review the responses to all application questions.
      • Each application will be scored using a rubric.
      • Candidates will receive one of the following decisions based on the Rubric: Invited to 1stRound of Interviews, Back-Up Round (Eligible for Interviews if additional interviews are needed), No Longer Eligible for Consideration. Candidates will be notified of their status after Round 2 Screening in January 2021.
    • Round 3 Screening:
      • Qualified candidates will be asked to attend a group interview process on March 12, 2021. The group interview will be mandatory for a candidate to be considered.

    Information Sessions

    Applicants are highly encouraged to participate in at least one Information Session


    • Interviews* will be held from January 31, 2022 – February 4,  2021. Candidates will sign up for only 1 interview.
    • Interviews will be approximately 30-50 minutes and the interview location will be provided when the interview is scheduled.

    *When choosing the interview date/time, candidates must also leave the same day/time available for the following week in the event that UConn closes due to inclement weather.


    • All candidates who attended the initial interview will be notified of their status by the end of the day on March 10, 2022.
    • Candidates who are offered a position must respond by March 21, 2022 before 9:00AM.
    • Candidates who are designated as Alternates must also respond whether or not they are still interested by March 21, 2022 before 9:00am.

    Students Campus Changing

    If you are campus changing from Storrs to Stamford:

    • Requirements:
      • You must be living on campus at Storrs for Fall 2022
      • You must continue to be eligible to live on-campus (must complete the online housing application and be approved for Campus Change by the February 11, 2022 due date).
    • You will complete the 2022 Storrs RA application on
    • You will be invited to interview at the Storrs campus


    If you are campus changing from Stamford to Storrs:

      • Requirements:
        • You must be living on campus at Stamford for Fall 2022
        • You must continue to be eligible to live on-campus (must complete the online housing application and be approved for Campus Change by the February 11, 2022 due date).
      • You will complete the 2022 Stamford RA application on
      • You will be invited to interview at the Stamford campus
      • You will not participate in the Stamford group interview process

      Tips from Past UConn Stamford RAs