Resident Assistants—Stamford & Storrs-Spring 2019 Applications

Position Announcements

There are no announcements at this time. 09/11/18

RA Position Description

Position Benefits

Housing: we will pay for your RA assignment. For budgeting purposes, the University uses the average of all room rates as the RA housing waiver. The waiver is not based on your specific housing assignment.

If you are hired after your fee bill is due, you will be refunded for your housing.

Stipend: RAs hired for one semester will earn $2080.00. If hired after the official start date, the stipend amount will be pro-rated to match the employment period. The stipend is paid biweekly.

RAs are responsible for all other fees and costs.


Spring 2019 RA Process Calendar

Applications Due: 10/01/2018, 11:59PM

Application Screening: as applications are submitted

Interviews: Between 10/08/18 and 10/19/18

Hiring Decisions: Beginning 10/24/18. Since vacancies are announced throughout the middle/end of the fall semester, we will send out position offers as positions are available.

Start Date: 01/06/19 [subject to change, but will NOT be any earlier].

Employment End Date: 05/14/19 at 6:00PM

The Application

The application is submitted online. It is located on eRezLife.

It is due 10/01/18 by 11:59pm.

Go to:

  1. You will be asked to log in with your NetID and password
  2. Select 'applications' from the left hand menu.
  3. Select 'job postings'.
  4. Select '2019 January RA Application'.
  5. Select your campus, 'Stamford' or 'Storrs'.
  6. Complete the application and click on 'submit'.

No other documents are required.

Application Screening Criteria


Candidates currently on University Probation [not Scholastic/academic probation] are not eligible to apply.

Candidates who have participated in the university's conduct process for any other reason will be individually reviewed.

All decisions are final.



All candidates must have a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average [CGPA] based on spring 2018 grades.

Candidates currently on Scholastic Probation [SP] may be ineligible; cases are reviewed individually.

Candidates must have sophomore status by spring 2019 in order to be considered.

Candidates cannot have any 5-day per week academic commitments for spring 2019 [student teaching, clinicals, etc.]

all coursework for spring 2019 must be on the campus for which the candidate has applied.



All candidates must currently live on-campus, and be guaranteed housing.

Candidates who cancel their housing contract at any point will be ineligible to continue in the process.


If you are invited for an interview, you will receive an email from Nancy J. Abohatab, notifying you of your invitation.

  • You will then be contacted by 1 of our Hall Directors who will schedule your interview. Interviews will be held between 10:00am-5:00pm Monday--Friday.
  • Interviews last approximately 1 hour.
  • You will be interviewed by 1 Hall Director.
  • Following the interview, the Hall Director will complete and submit the interview rating forms.
  • Your eligibility for hire will be based on the interview score.
  • Candidates who meet the interview score requirement, but are not offered a position for spring 2019, will be eligible--as alternates--for any positions which come up for spring semester.
  • Candidates who do not meet the interview score requirement will no longer be eligible for spring 2019 positions.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Question: What if I submit my application, meet all the screening criteria, but don't get an interview?


We will be interviewing a limited number of candidates since we will have very few vacancies for spring semester.

We will hold your application to be considered in the process for 2019-2020 positions [unless you tell me you were only interested in spring 2019].


Question: How will I know if I meet the requirements?

Answer: Everyone who submits an application will receive an email indicating their status. This notification email will indicate whether you are invited for an interview or not; which screening criteria you did not meet, etc. Any questions can be submitted to: The subject line should be: January 19 RA Candidate Question.


Question: Do I need to submit a cover letter, resume, or references?

Answer: No. The only requirement is a completed application.


Question: What if I'm offered a position, but can't be here for training on 01/06/18?

Answer: All RAs must arrive by the required employment start date.


Question: Can I work another job, or be involved in student organizations while I'm an RA?

Answer: RA time commitments are limited, and your academics come first!

When you add up all of your academic hours [classes, labs, etc.],  you can only request the number of hours outside the RA job that is the difference between your academic hours and 30 hours. Example:

You have 17 academic hours. You can request no more than 13 hours of involvement in student organizations and/or a part-time job on campus.

Not all requests will be approved.


Question: If I'm eligible to be hired, can I select where I am assigned as an RA?

Answer: The supervisors will assign you to the vacancy they feel will work best with your experiences, skills, and abilities.

Candidates who are offered a position, but do not want the assignment provided, are basically turning down the offer.

Get On Board with UConn Residential Life! RA applications for Spring 2019 are being accepted until October 1, 2018.