Social Media Contest

Want to Win a Free T-Shirt?

Enter the THSP Photo Submission Drawing during September!

T-shirt that says UConn Residential Life: Together we fight COVID-19 #HuskyStrong

How do I participate?

  • Follow us on the UConn Residential Life Instagram (@uconnreslife)
  • Post a picture of you and/or other UConn students that shows that you are following the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures (THSP)
    • Example: studying in a residence hall lounge following posted occupancy limit and mask wearing!
  • Tag the UConn ResLife Instagram handle in your post (@uconnreslife) as well as the hashtag #HuskyStrong
  • Send a direct/private message of your completed post to the @uconnreslife Instagram account along with the information for up to 4 total UConn Storrs residential students who are also featured in the photo:
    • Each student(s) UConn email address
    • Each student(s) UConn Peoplesoft ID number (7 digits)
  • We will feature your post on our Instagram story and enter your name into a drawing to win a free t-shirt

All successful posts that follow the instructions above will be entered into a weekly drawing to win a UConn ResLife T-Shirt. Weekly drawings will conclude at the end of September.


  • Review your own photo before submitting it to us. Be sure that everything in the picture aligns with both the Student Code and Housing Contract policies!
  • By submitting an image for this contest, you are verifying that all subjects in the image have agreed to have their image taken and potentially utilized by UConn/UConn Residential Life's digital media presence on UConn websites and social media accounts.
  • Only currently enrolled UConn Storrs residential students are eligible to be entered into the drawing for a free T-Shirt.
  • All currently enrolled UConn Storrs residential students can only enter one submission per week until the drawings are concluded.
  • Once a participant wins a drawing and receives a t-shirt, they are not eligible to win another drawing for the duration of the contest.
  • The same image cannot be used in more than one submission.



Please email Hall Director Troy Gonsalves with any questions or concerns about this contest!