Spring 2021 Communication to Students

January 8: Arrival Instructions for Students

Students received instructions via UConn email for their specific arrival plan for Spring 2021 Opening. A comprehensive list of all messages is available, and additional information is also available on the Spring 2021 Arrival Information page.



Below are the individual arrival pages for each area:

Apartment Areas

Hilltop Apartments

Northwood Apartments


Suite Areas

Busby Suites

Garrigus Suites

South Campus


Traditional Areas



East Campus

Hilltop Halls (Hale/Ellsworth)


North Campus



Werth Tower

West Campus


Stamford Campus

900 Washington Blvd.

65 Prospect

October 5: Spring 2021 Housing Information for Charter Oak Apartments Residents

October 5, 2020


Dear Student,

We hope that you are excited as you begin to plan for spring semester, on both the course registration and housing sides.  As you know, our primary focus in making housing assignments has been to maintain a high level of safety by maintaining the lower density of our residential population, which thus far has proved successful.

In an effort to maintain the greatest confidence in our efforts to keep student healthy and safe, we are changing your housing assignment for the spring semester.  Charter Oak Apartments will be reserved as a medical quarantine area and thus will not house students permanently for the semester.  Any student who currently lives in Charter Oak Apartments and plans to return to campus for the spring will need to choose a new assignment for the spring, and will need to move out completely on November 21.

Any Charter Oak Apartment resident returning for the spring will be part of a priority group in the spring housing selection process and will have the opportunity to choose housing before all other student groups.  You will be able to choose from all available spaces on campus, including Hilltop Apartments which can accommodate all displaced Charter Oak Apartment residents.

If you are interested in living on campus again for the spring, please submit the Spring 2021 Housing confirmation form.  Students participating in the spring housing selection process will receive selection times on November 11.

We appreciate your understanding of this change and wish you a successful completion of your fall semester.



Residential Life

October 2: Spring 2021 Housing Notification

October 2, 2020

Dear Student,

This email seeks to inform you of our on-campus housing process for the spring semester.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic will not allow the residential areas to be open at full capacity as hoped for Spring 2021.  As such, we will need to continue under a similar reduced occupancy model of around 50% occupancy.

Before beginning the process of a spring housing selection process, it is important that we confirm your interest to be living on campus in the spring.  We will continue to adhere to the additional safety measures that were implemented in the fall semester and that have helped us to remain open as a residential campus, including COVID-19 re-entry testing, quarantine, isolation, physical distancing and mask wearing.

The University is offering robust online course offerings in the spring in addition to in person learning.  Spring housing will not be available to students who are enrolled in online only classes for the spring semester, unless the student lived on campus during the fall 2020 semester.

On Monday, October 5, 2020 you will be given access to the spring 2021 Housing Confirmation form, located in your MyHousing account under “Applications.”  Please submit this form by the priority deadline of November 6, 2020 if you are interested in living on campus for the upcoming spring semester.  All students must complete this form, regardless of fall housing status, if they are interested in living on campus for the spring.  Students living on campus at the current time who do not submit this confirmation form by November 6 will have their housing cancelled for spring 2021 and will be required to move out by November 21.

Students currently living on campus for the fall and wish to return for the spring semester will have the option to remain in their same assignment and keep their belongings in that assignment over winter recess.

Your submission will be considered along with the priorities expressed by the institution and the number of available spaces on campus.  Please note a priority is not a guarantee of campus housing.  Those priorities include:

  • All students living on campus during the fall 2020 semester
  • Students with a demonstrated hardship that makes it difficult to impossible to reside anywhere except on campus
  • International students who are enrolled in online or in-person classes
  • Athletes who will be participating in athletic competition
  • Out of state students who are enrolled in in-person classes
  • In state students who are enrolled in in-person classes
  • Students newly admitted to UConn for the spring semester

If approved, you will receive a notification from livingoncampus@uconn.edu.

Students who submit the confirmation by November 6, 2020 and are approved to live on campus for the spring will receive information for participating in an online selection process. Students who submit the confirmation/application after November 6, if approved to live on campus will be assigned to on-campus housing by residential life staff.



Department of Residential Life