Spring 2022 Housing FAQ

We understand that the decision to delay the opening of the halls until January 29 may generate a number of questions. Below are some answers to questions that we have received already and we will continue to update these Frequently Asked Questions page with additional information as we learn more about the spring 2022 semester.



Why has opening weekend been delayed for Spring 2022?

In an abundance of safety, the University has decided to have courses held virtually for the first two weeks of the Spring 2022 semester. 

When can students return to the residence halls or move in?

Unless approved by the university in the process mentioned below, the majority of students should plan to return to campus January 29-30. 

How will move-in/arriving to campus work when everything opens on January 29?

  • We anticipate move-in will occur as previously planned, simply two weeks later.  
  • More information can be found at our Spring 2022 Arrival Information website  
  • Our team is working on updating all of our processes as quickly as possible and we will update our website as we continue to learn more about what your arrival will look like on January 29. 

Who will receive a refund for housing and dining?

A refund will be given to those students who do not live on-campus for the two-week period. Students who live on campus during this period will not receive a refund. More information regarding the amount of the refund and the timing will be available in the near future. 

Can I cancel for free if all of my course modalities change to fully remote?

Students can be released from their on-campus housing contract without penalty if all of their course modalities are changed to remote learning.  Students in this situation must submit a contract release form by February 14, 2022 and must supply evidence that their classes are entirely remote.  Students who have moved onto campus will be charged a daily rate for the days between their move in date and the date they remove their belongings and return their room key.

I need to pick up something from my room before classes start for the spring, what do I do?

  • Students will be able to return to campus on January 14-16  between the hours of 9AM and 8PM to pick up any necessary belongings from their room Card access will be turned on only during this time frame. Remember to bring your ID card and room key to prevent any lockout charges! 

I emailed livingoncampus@uconn.edu and have not received a response. Should I email again?

  • We have an extremely high volume of emails in our livingoncampus@uconn.edu inbox. Additionally, professional staff have a high number of emails in their inboxes. We appreciate students’ and parents’ patience as we work to respond to these emails.  Please do not send a second email at this time 

I have additional questions. Who can I ask?

Residential Life Professional Staff will have a limited presence in the office and are mostly working remotely during standard business hours. While we are checking voicemails periodically, email is the best way to reach staff at this time. Please use the links below to contact Residential Life staff members, Hall Directors, or submit general questions to livingoncampus@uconn.edu.


We are currently experiencing a high volume of emails. A comprehensive email was sent out on January 3, 2022 with additional information about spring opening. Please refer to that email as multiple offices coordinated in an effort to answer many of the questions students have asked about the spring semester.   Thank you for your patience while we respond to emails as quickly and thoroughly as possible to answer all questions and concerns.


Contact Residential Life Staff

Contact your Hall Director

I have questions for Student Health and Wellness

Please visit the Student Health and Wellness website for additional information. SHaW has also updated their Mental Health Resource Page with other information and resources.

Who is eligible to live on-campus during the 2 week remote learning period?

  • In an effort to enhance student safety, the number of students approved to live on campus during this period must remain low.  
  • Only International students and others traveling from abroad, students currently approved to stay on campus for winter recess who need to extend their stay, and students with housing insecurity who need immediate housing are eligible to apply.   
  • Students participating in certain in-person academic programs may also be approved.  Residential Life will be working directly with those departments to determine approval for students.  
  • Only fully vaccinated students will be approved. Students not yet compliant with vaccinations or who have been given an exemption through the Dean of Students Office will not be approved.  

What if I do not meet the above criteria but I am still in need of housing during this period?

How do I request to live on campus during the 2 week remote learning period?

When will I hear if I have been accepted to return to campus for the 2-week remote learning period?

  • Decisions will be sent to students by January 12, 2022 via UConn email.  

If I am approved to stay on-campus during the 2 week remote learning period, when will I return to campus?

  • Students who are approved will move in on Saturday, January 15 or Sunday, January 16. Students who need to pick up keys because they are new to campus or moving to a new room for the spring will need to schedule a check-in time. Information about this process will be sent to eligible residents prior to January 15. 

Will students who work on campus be approved to return on January 15/16?

On-campus or local employment does not guarantee approval. 

I was approved for Winter Recess housing, do I need to do anything?

Yes, any student in need of housing during this period must submit the request form by January 6 at noon.

I am an international student with a previously scheduled flight before January 29/30. What should I do?

Please contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) to confirm your approval and complete the request form on the Residential Life website by January 6 at 12pm noon. 

Additional Questions About Spring 2022

Will the Rec Center be open during the 2-week remote learning period?

  • No, the Rec Center will be closed.

Can I leave campus if I have been approved to live on campus for the 2 week remote learning period?

  • No, students who are approved must remain on campus. Students must observe all Temporary Health and Safety Procedures for their entire stay. 

What is the mask policy for the 2-week remote learning period?

  • Masks are required except when a student is in their own residence hall room. Students should practice physical distancing whenever possible.  

I am still on the waiting list for Spring 2022 housing. Is it still possible that I will receive a housing offer?

  • Yes we intend to still make housing offers to those who are waiting. Please check your UConn email inbox daily.  

Will my meal plan work during the 2-week remote learning period?

  • Students who have a spring meal plan will have access to a dining hall, but dining locations and hours may be limited. Meals may be grab and go style. More information is forthcoming.  
  • Students who do not have a spring meal plan will not be assigned a meal plan for this time, however, options are available to purchase one through the Dining Service’s website.  

Will I be able to have guests if I am approved to live on campus during the 2 week remote learning period?

  • Residents are asked to limit their interactions off campus when possible in order to protect themselves and others.

Will there still be an opportunity to change rooms during the spring semester?

  • At this time, we anticipate offering the spring room change process. The process will begin in early February. More information will be sent out to students after the January 29/30 move-in.  

When will new students and those who accepted a waiting list offer in January learn their Spring 2022 room assignment?

  • New student and waiting list assignments for Spring 2022 will be delayed. We apologize for the delay as our priorities have been refocused on changes due to the 2-week remote learning period. 

If you have questions related to any other Residential Life matter you may email them to livingoncampus@uconn.edu