Stamford Campus Housing


Welcome to Stamford Campus Housing

Stamford Campus housing has a variety of living options available ranging from studio apartments to two bedroom apartments. Stamford housing is currently offered at 900 Washington Blvd., 77 Prospect Street, and 65 Prospect Street.

There are Hall Directors and Resident Assistants to offer students support.

Room Features & Hall Amenities

• Each apartment is fully furnished with bedroom, living room and kitchen furniture

    1. -All beds at 900 Washington Blvd., 77 Prospect, and 65 Prospect are Twin XL

• The kitchen of each apartment has a stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and a washer and dryer
• Heat, Hot water, AC, internet and cable TV access are all provided in cost
• Mailroom: First Floor of 900 Washington Blvd.
• Recreation: Study space on each floor as well as space including a game room and larger recreation room on the second floor
• Parking: Limited spaces are reserved for an additional cost

2018-2019 Room Rates
Rate Apartment Type Semester Year
Stamford Rate 1 Standard Shared Bedroom $5,124  $10,248
Stamford Rate 2 Premium Shared Bedroom $6,214  $12,428
Stamford Rate 3 Penthouse Shared Bedroom $6,490  $12,980
Stamford Rate 4 Oversized Penthouse Shared Bedroom $6,734  $13,468
* Residential Life will try to meet your rate preference but cannot guarantee it. 

Floorplans for 900 Washington Blvd. and 65 Prospect are also available on our Floorplans webpage.

Maintenance Requests/Work Orders

RentCafe is designed to make your life easier as a resident! Once you are registered, you will have the ability to submit maintenance requests. Registration is a breeze, please use the following link:, and follow the instructions below:

  • Click on “Click here to register
  • Follow the Registration Process
  • When asked for the Registration Code, use the following:

Your specific code: This was emailed to you at the beginning of the semester. If you are unsure of what your code is, please see your RA.

Student Mail Services (Stamford Campus)

Stamford Housing Contacts

Office Location: First floor of Stamford Apartments (900 Washington Blvd.)
Phone: (203) 251-8582

Stamford Housing Hall Directors

Stamford Housing Questions:

Stamford Housing Maps

Please note that this is the physical address for the building not the mailing address.

Stamford New Student Information

Stamford New Student Central

Winter Recess Housing Information (Stamford Campus)

All students who plan on staying on campus at any point during Winter Recess, December 17, 2018-January 19, 2019 must fill out a Winter Recess Housing Application. Students living in apartment areas are required to fill out this application in order for Residential Life to have accurate records of all students who plan on being here at any point over Recess. Students living in apartment areas will not be charged to stay over Recess.

Application Information

Winter Recess Housing Application – Available November 5th – December 10th at

  • All students who will need on-campus accommodations at any point during Winter Recess (December 17th- January 19th) must submit the Winter Recess Housing Application
  • When filling out the application please indicate the reason you are staying on campus. If the reason you are staying does not match one of the options please choose other.

Students in Stamford Housing

Students living in Stamford Housing are required to fill out this application in order for Residential Life to have accurate records of all students who plan on being here at any point over Recess. Students living in these areas will not be charged to stay over Recess.

Eligibility for Winter Recess Housing

Eligibility for Winter Recess Housing
Students can request to remain on-campus for the reasons listed below. Students on University
probation will not be permitted to remain on-campus. Students who wish to live on campus over Winter Recess must have both a Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Assignment.

  • Enrolled in Winter Intersession course
  • Working for University department (must provide proof of employment)
  • Academic internship (must provide proof of participation)
  • Affiliated with University team requiring accommodations during Winter Recess

Academic Internship/Employment Verification

Academic Internship/Employment Verification
Students who are participating in an academic internship or who are working on-campus during Winter Recess must provide proof of their employment/participation to Residential Life. An email from the employment or academic supervisor is sufficient.

Internship/Employment Verification
Email with the following information to

  • Include student’s first/last name, 7 digit student ID number or NetID
  • State that student will be completing internship or is employed by department
  • Dates of internship/employment


Winter Recess Staffing & Policies

Students remaining on-campus during Winter Recess will have limited access to Residential Life staff. Due to the holidays and reduced staffing, residents who remain on-campus during this time must contact the RA on Duty at (203)-833-2507 if they are locked out of their residence. Facilities related incidents that need immediate attention need to be reported to RMS at (203)-249-9054. All emergencies should be reported to the UConn Police Department at 860-486-4800 or to Stamford Police at 911.

Students must adhere to all University policies during Winter Recess. Please refer to the Housing Contract for information regarding specific policies. Students may be asked to leave housing if policies are violated. Remaining on campus during a time when classes are not in session is a privilege, and thus students are expected to uphold a high level of responsibility while staffing is limited.

Overnight guests will not be permitted during Winter Recess, due to limited staffing and specific billing policies.

Cancelling Winter Recess Housing

Application & Cancelling Winter Recess Housing
The application will be available until December 10, 2018. Any student who does not submit an application will not have access to the residence halls during Winter Recess. Any student who requests to cancel their Winter Recess housing after 5:00pm, December 14, 2018, will be charged the full Winter Recess housing fee. The Winter Recess Housing Fee can not be appealed.


Questions after reading this information can be sent to Please include your first/last name and 7 digit student ID number or NetID in your correspondence.