Stamford Campus Housing


Welcome to Stamford Campus Housing

Stamford Campus housing has a variety of living options available ranging from studio apartments to two bedroom apartments. Stamford housing is currently offered at 900 Washington Blvd., the Lillian (87 Franklin Street), and 65 Prospect Street.

There are Hall Directors and Resident Assistants to offer students support.

Room Features & Hall Amenities

• Each apartment is fully furnished with bedroom, living room and kitchen furniture

    1. -All beds at 900 Washington Blvd., and 65 Prospect are Twin XL

• The kitchen of each apartment has a stove, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator and a washer and dryer
• Heat, Hot water, AC, internet and cable TV access are all provided in cost
• Mailroom: First Floor of 900 Washington Blvd.
• Recreation: Study space on each floor as well as space including a game room and larger recreation room on the second floor
• Parking: Limited spaces are reserved for an additional cost



2020-2021 Room Rates

Rate Apartment Type Semester Year
Stamford Rate 1 Standard Shared Bedroom $5,277  $10,554
Stamford Rate 2 Premium Shared Bedroom $6,400  $12,800
Stamford Rate 3 Penthouse Shared Bedroom $6,684  $13,368
* Residential Life will try to meet your rate preference but cannot guarantee it. 

Fall 2020 Housing Information

  • Returning Residents
    • All on-time returning student applicants will receive an update in late January/early February 2020 regarding housing eligibility so that they can plan accordingly. Notifications regarding housing eligibility will be sent to the UConn email account of the student. The roommate selection process will begin the week of March 23 and the room selection process will begin the week of April 6. More information about both processes is available at Stamford Housing Selection Central.
  • New Residents
    • Newly admitted students to the Stamford campus for fall 2020 can submit housing applications starting February 1, 2020. Students who submit a housing application and have updated financial aid packages will be notified as early as mid-March of their fall housing eligibility.


Stamford Summer Housing

Visit Stamford Summer Housing Information page for specific details about living on campus at Stamford this summer!

The application will open on March 1 in MyHousing.

Floorplans for 900 Washington Blvd. and 65 Prospect are also available on our Floorplans webpage.

Maintenance Requests/Work Orders

RentCafe is designed to make your life easier as a resident! Once you are registered, you will have the ability to submit maintenance requests. Registration is a breeze, please use the following link:, and follow the instructions below:

  • Click on “Click here to register
  • Follow the Registration Process
  • When asked for the Registration Code, use the following:

Your specific code: This was emailed to you at the beginning of the semester. If you are unsure of what your code is, please see your RA.

Student Mail Services (Stamford Campus)

Stamford Housing Contacts

Office Location: First floor of Stamford Apartments (900 Washington Blvd.)
Phone: (203) 251-8582

Stamford Housing Hall Directors

Stamford Housing Questions:

Arrival Information

Stamford Housing Selection Central

Winter Recess Housing

Stamford Housing Maps

Please note that this is the physical address for the building not the mailing address.

Stamford New Student Information

Stamford New Student Central

Spring 2020 Room Change Information

Spring Room Change Basic Overview

Spring Room Change Basic Overview

Apply February 3 - February 17 in MyHousing

Any student who wishes to change rooms or trade spaces must submit an application between February 3 - February 17. All moves must be completed by February 22, 2020.

Room Changes (Move to a Vacant Spot)

Room Change Request Reminders

  • Vacancies are limited and requests are high. Residential Life will contact you if a room change can be offered.
  • Requests from pairs/Groups: Requests to move as a pair/group cannot be accepted, as multiple vacancies in the same room are not available.

Specific Room Requests
Do you know of a room that will have an opening? Make sure you include that on your room change application and Residential Life will see if the room will be available.



Trading Spaces (Swap Rooms with Another Student)

Trading Spaces (Swap Rooms with Another Student)

Step 1: Email February 3 – February 17.

Both students who wish to trade spaces must email with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your 7-digit student number
  3. The name of the person you are trading with
  4. The 7-digit student number of the person you'd like to trade with
  5. Your current hall and room
  6. The hall and room you wish to move into

 Step 2: You will be contacted by Residential Life

A Residential Life staff member will contact trading spaces pairs once both residents have submitted a trading spaces request. Students can trade only AFTER approval has been given by a Residential Life staff member. Please do not change rooms or exchange keys until you have met with Hall Staff. all procedures must be followed by the swapping students. Students cannot request to trade spaces into a single room from other room types.

Room Rate Changes

Room Rate Changes

Room rate changes can occur. Be aware that adjustments may be made to your fee bill depending on the room type you are moving in to or out. Changes often occur within 1 week of being assigned to a new space.

Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

Meningitis Vaccination Requirement

Students who are non-compliant with the meningitis vaccination requirement are not eligible for this process.


Questions after reading this information can be sent to Please include your first/last name and 7 digit student ID number or NetID in your correspondence.