Stamford Fall Check in (65 Prospect and 87 Franklin/Lillian)

Move-In/Check-In Appointment:

In order to make your check-in process positive, Residential Life appreciates adherence to the specific check-in schedule and require students to make a check-in appointment. Appointments will become available the week of August 5th. Log in to MyHousing to schedule your check-in appointment. Directions for Stamford move-in are found here: then click ‘Arriving to Campus’ and select ‘Specific Area Move In Information’ to find your Stamford Residence Hall move-in details.

65 Prospect and 87 Franklin St. Residents: Move in will be Sunday, August 28th, 9:00AM to 5:00PM - Students are required to stick to appointment time frame as an effort to limit traffic during move-in.


Arriving to Campus:

  1. Park at Government Center Garage, 888 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT.
  2. Proceed to the classrooms of 900 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT (follow signs) to our check-in location for room assignment and keys.
  3. After check-in, proceed to the drop off area for your residence hall:
    • 65 Prospect Street residents- Go to drop off area adjacent to 65 Prospect Street, Stamford CT to unload student belongings.
    • 87 Franklin Street residents- Go to drop off area underneath the 87 Franklin St building, where there is a parking lot to unload items.
    • Students will have 60 minutes to unload their belongings.
    • Staff will be at residence halls and directing students to entrances.
  4. Students will only be allowed one vehicle to assist with moving in student belongings.
  5. Masks are not required to be worn on campus, however, we ask that if anyone is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, should not attend move in. If you are unable to come, please email
  6. Bring your UConn ID or photo ID and your student ID number (PeopleSoft number) with you. ResLife staff will need this information to distribute keys and other check-in materials.


Parking Services:

Any student who has paid for a parking pass for the Stamford Residence Hall will need to follow the above instructions and can later move their cars into the Residence Hall parking area. It is important that when purchasing your parking permit, to include your on-campus address in order to receive your parking permit quicker. If you do not change your address, the parking pass will be sent to your permanent address. This will delay delivery of your parking permit, which may result in a parking fine. For more information about the parking pass please visit:

  • 65 Prospect Parking Passes- After you purchase your parking pass through parking services, you will work directly with 203Living to receive your parking spot and fob to get into the garage
  • 87 Franklin Street- There is limited number of spaces on the lot to be purchased. Please work with parking services to obtain a parking pass



Card Access:

Your University student ID card gives you access to your residential area. Please make sure to have your ID card with you at check-in. If you have not received your ID card, please have another photo ID available to provide identification for check-in. If you still need to obtain an ID card, please submit a photo for your student ID at ID’s will be created at Storrs and mailed to students prior to move-in. Students should receive communication from the Stamford Welcome Center ( indicating that their One Card ID has arrived on campus and is ready for pick-up. For more information about UConn One Card/activing your ID to have access to our building please visit:


Move-In Bins & Elevator Access:

ResLife staff will not be assisting students with move-in, and use of bins/dollies will be very limited. Students are advised to bring their own dollies/ways of transporting their items. Elevator access will be limited, and students may be required to use stairwells to move in belongings. Students should plan accordingly.