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Exterior view of the Stamford Dorm (Residence Hall) on July 6, 2017. (Ryan Glista/UConn Photo)Students at UConn Stamford talking in the hall before class on Oct. 18, 2017. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)A two bedroom, three student suite of new dormitory housing for students at the UConn Stamford campus on Aug. 16, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)Students in a suite at the UConn Stamford residence hall on Sept. 7, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)A panoramic viewe of a two bedroom, three student suite of new dormitory housing for students at the UConn Stamford campus on Aug. 16, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)Students study in a lounge at the UConn Stamford residence hall on Sept. 7, 2017. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)Student's at UConn Stamford studying with the Students Today Huskies Forever slogan printed on the wall on Oct. 18, 2017. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)Exterior view of the Stamford Residence Hall (Dorm) at dusk and night on Oct. 18, 2017. (Sean Flynn/UConn Photo)

Living on-campus at the University of Connecticut is a wonderful, positive experience. The impact that on-campus living has on a student's academic and social life is significant.

To create a positive learning community, each resident must take an active role in the development of the living environment. Residential Life staff are excited about collaborating with you to develop a positive community in your residential area.


Looking to discuss student information with the Department of Residential Life?  Students need to provide explicit consent to allow this communication to occur. More information can be found on the University’s “Share My Information” page.

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Who's who?

A guide to Residential Life resources that you may work with during your time on campus

Please click on our contact pages to reach specific staff:

Hall Directors  Residential Life Staff

Resident Assistants (RAs)

  • Resident Assistants (RAs) are paraprofessional student staff and are typically undergraduates, although some are graduate students. There are approximately 10 RAs in the residential areas of  the Stamford campus. RAs are usually located on the residential floor and have received special training relative to student needs, campus resources, conflict resolution, and overall University policies and procedures.
  • The Resident Assistant (RA) position is a premier leadership opportunity for students. RAs are student peer leaders responsible for entire communities of resident students. The RA position is more than just a job; it is a leadership journey that will challenge and offer opportunities for success and development at UConn.
  • For more information about qualifications and responsibilities, please visit the Resident Assistant page on our website.

Hall Directors (HDs)

  • Hall Directors (HDs) are full-time professional staff who hire, train, and supervise the Resident Assistants. All of these staff members have prior residence hall experience and Master's degrees. Hall Directors live on-campus and have offices in the areas for which they are responsible. Hall Directors serve as campus resources, educators, advisors, and student conduct officers.
  • The Stamford Residence Hall has two Hall Directors, whose offices are located on the ground floor of 900 Washington Blvd.

Assistant Directors of Residential Education (ADs)

  • Assistant Directors of Residential Education supervise hall staff and are full-time professional staff with Master's degrees and five or more years of full-time residence hall experience. Each Assistant Director is responsible for an area of approximately 2,500 students, 3-6 Hall Directors, and approximately 60 Resident Assistants for residents either on the Storrs campus, Stamford campus, or a hybrid of both campuses. The Assistant Director works with and through their staff to better connect students to each other and UConn.
  • Currently the Assistant Director who is responsible for Stamford Housing has their office located on the Storrs campus.

Housing Services Staff

  • Housing Services staff are responsible for room assignments and room changes throughout the calendar year. They also oversee the housing application process, housing selection, and the contract release process. Most of the print and email communication sent throughout the year to students and parents, including the departmental website, originates in the Housing Services unit.
  • Currently the Housing Services staff member who works with Stamford Housing has their office located on the Storrs campus. Questions related to housing can be directed to or by calling (860)486-2926. 

Billing and Fiscal Staff

  • The financial staff manage complex billing processes to generate and reconcile housing revenue from resident room fees and related fees in conjunction with the Bursar’s Office.  They also direct procedures and audit financial controls for purchasing, accounting systems, finance report generation, and the oversight of a multi-million dollar departmental budget which includes forecasting for future budgetary needs.
  • Currently the Billing and Fiscal staff members have their offices located on the Storrs campus. Questions related to this staff can be directed to or by calling (860)486-2926.

Residential Life staff stand with family on move in day

The Housing Application Process

Housing Application Process: Stamford Fall 2022

Please review the steps below for specific information related to applying for housing in the Fall 2022 semester.

Step 1: Complete the Housing Application starting February 1

  • A confirmation email is automatically sent  once an application is submitted. Please contact Residential Life if you do not receive this communication.
  • Newly admitted students to the Stamford campus for fall semester can submit housing applications starting February 1. Students who submit a housing application and have updated financial aid packages will be notified as early as mid-March of their fall housing eligibility.

Step 2: Notification of Housing Status as early as Mid-March

  • Students will be notified if they are guaranteed on-campus housing, with information about cancellation fees and policies.
  • Newly admitted students to the Stamford campus for fall semester can submit housing applications starting February 1. Students who submit a housing application and have updated financial aid packages will be notified as early as mid-March of their fall housing eligibility.

Step 3: Complete Part 2 of the New Student Housing Application

  • Students are encouraged to fill out Part 2 of the housing application, which includes more lifestyle questions to help our Housing Services staff with placement.
  • Please use your previous experiences sharing a living space with another person when considering your answers to these questions.
  • An email notification will be sent out in Summer semester to notify students when this part of the application is available so that they can go into MyHousing and complete it.

(Current Stamford students do not have a Part 2 application, as all lifestyle questions were included in the current student application.)

Step 4: Request a Roommate in MyHousing

  • We make every effort to match mutual roommate requests but we cannot issue a guarantee that every student who requests a roommate will be assigned together.
  • Roommate requests are not mandatory and the majority of students are placed with someone they did not know before coming to the University.
  • Students can use the Advanced Roommate Pairing feature in MyHousing in Summer semester to find a roommate, otherwise students can also use as another option to look for compatible roommates.
  • Roommate Requests will be accepted inside of MyHousing during Summer semester.

Tutorial: Forming a Roommate Group in MyHousing

Step 5: Submit the Health History Form to Student Health and Wellness by July 1

  • The Health History Form must include mandatory meningitis vaccination information, per Connecticut state law, and meningitis vaccination verification or immunization exemption information must be on file with the University to live in on-campus housing.
  • Get the form at

Step 6: Check your UConn email account!

  • Residential Life will email assignment and check-in information to UConn email accounts in August.
  • Assignments are made using the personal preference information submitted on the On-Campus Housing Application.

Housing Accommodations

  • Students with a documented health/medical condition or disability which may impact their living environment must contact the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) to register and request a housing accommodation.
  • Students are encouraged to register by July 1 for Fall semester and by December 1 for Spring semester. Requests received after July 1/December 1 may not be honored due to availability.

Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD)


Convictions, Pending Charges, or Removal from Housing

  • On-campus housing may be denied to students with felony or misdemeanor convictions (other than minor traffic violations), pending charges, or who have received disciplinary sanctions at another institution which resulted in removal from on-campus housing. Students must share this information on the housing application (or via email if after submitting the application), and must submit the following information in writing to

Information Required & Notification of Housing Eligibility

  • Detailed explanation of the conviction, charges, or sanctions. The correspondence should include first/last name, netID, and contact information.
  • Once the statement of explanation is reviewed by the Associate Director of Housing Services, applicants will be contacted regarding eligibility.


Please review the links below for information related to other Residential Life resources

Stamford Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Can graduate students apply for housing?

On-Campus housing is not available for graduate students at Stamford.  Off Campus Student Services at UConn can help with your search for local housing.  Their website is

How will you consider my medical needs when making my assignment?

Students who have documented disabilities that may impact their living environment are encouraged to request a housing accommodation with
appropriate documentation regarding the disability at the Center for students with Disabilities (CSD). Students who request a housing  accommodation must meet all Residential Life deadlines (including application deadlines). The CSD staff will determine if an accommodation
is necessary and if so, make a recommendation to Residential Life.

Visit or call (860) 486-2020 for more information. Students are encouraged to request an accommodation by July 1 for Fall semester and December 1 for Spring semester.

Is there a vaccination requirement to live on campus?

  • Connecticut State Law requires all students residing in university-owned housing be vaccinated against meningitis or submit immunization exemption information.
  • Before students move in, they must fulfill the meningitis requirement by receiving the immunization at Student Health and Wellness, providing documentation that they have previously received the shot within the last 5 years, or by filling out an exemption form (medical/religious reasons, or student 29 or older).
  • Please visit for more information.

What is the duration of the housing contract?

  • Students who submit a housing application are bound to the terms and conditions of the housing contract for both semesters (fall and spring terms). The occupancy period is for the full academic year; cancelling the contract to live off campus may result in a financial penalty.

How will Residential Life communicate with me?

  • Residential Life utilizes the UConn email system exclusively to communicate with students on a regular basis. It is important to regularly check this email account to stay informed about important housing related updates. Students will receive their housing assignments in their UConn email accounts.
  • Residential Life is not responsible for email messages not received by students.

Does UConn offer housing during the break periods?

All areas are open over Thanksgiving and Spring Recess. Winter Recess housing is available for the time period between Fall semester and Spring semester at no additional cost, but we ask students to submit an application in November so that we are aware of who is staying on campus during that time.

What is the easiest way to get around campus?

Everything on campus is within walking distance. However, the shuttle bus is a convenient alternative. More information can found at Bicycle racks are also available throughout campus for individuals who wish to bring a bicycle to campus.

Can I bring a car with me to campus?

Limited parking will be available at the apartment building for an additional fee. Information about this option will be available in May.

When can new students move in?

  • Fall arrival information will be posted as soon as plans are finalized.

What if I don’t want furniture in my room?

Unfortunately, the residence halls do not have adequate storage facilities for students to store furniture, and university furniture cannot be taken off site. Students will be held responsible for the furnishings in their room. If there is a concern about the furnishings or if a repair needs to be made, you can notify the Hall Director by visiting their office on the ground floor of the building.

Can I smoke in my room?

All state-owned buildings, including residence halls, are smoke-free per Connecticut State Law. Residential Life collects information on smoking preferences in an effort to facilitate compatible roommate pairings, when possible.

What is the alcohol policy?

The alcohol policy can be found in the Student Code at In accordance with state law, students who are under the age of 21 are not allowed to possess or consume alcohol. While we do not have any official “Substance Free” housing, no alcohol is permitted in any room where both roommates are under 21. Illegal substances are never allowed at UConn.

Where can students study?

Many students choose to study in their residence hall rooms or study lounges, while others find that the library is a more effective place to study.

Residence Hall Quiet Hours
Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 pm to 7:00 am

Weekends: Midnight - 10:00 am

During other hours, the noise level must not interfere with the rights of residents who want and need to study at that time. 

Is there any way to recycle in the residence halls?

Recycling and trash stations are located in each of the traditional residence halls and suites. Apartment residents can take their trash and recycling to a collection point outside their building. Students, staff, and faculty can place recyclable material in any recycling container on-campus and can rest assured that the materials will be properly recycled.

Can I have guests?

Residents can have guests! Just remember you should always consult with your roommate and adhere to the guest guidelines in the housing contract.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?

Living with someone is a great opportunity to develop life-long relationships, even though it can be a challenging new experience. Before August 1st, students complete the Sharing Spaces Module online, which includes tips on fostering a positive roommate relationship (available each summer prior to arrival). Students who experience difficulties with their roommate(s) are encouraged to seek out help from their HD (Hall Director). HDs are professional staff members trained to assist students in resolving conflicts with other students.

Fall Roommate Requests

Roommate requests will be accepted until a specific date in July in MyHousing.  Only mutual requests can be considered. The roommate pairing deadline will be shared during the spring semester.

Spring 2022 Roommate Requests

Due to the limited number of completely vacant rooms in the Spring semester, we are not accepting roommate requests.

What safety measures are taken in the residence halls?

Safety and security is the shared responsibility of all community members.

Students should:

  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Use the door viewer before opening the door
  • Close doors (no propped open doors)
  • Avoid dark areas and traveling alone late at night
  • Let someone know when they are going somewhere and when they will be back (especially for overnights)
  • Call 911 for all emergencies or to report suspicious persons

The UConn Police Department’s primary mission is the protection of lives and property at the University of Connecticut and all adjacent areas within the jurisdiction of the University. All residence halls are locked 24 hours a day; students must use their ID card or a foyer key to gain access to the building. Security screens are on most ground floor windows.

Resident Assistants are on duty weeknights from 7:00 pm -7:00 am and on weekends from 7:00 pm on Friday evening to 7:00 am Monday morning. There is always a professional Residential Life staff member on duty for the residence halls as well.

Are my belongings safe in my room?

You should always lock your door when you are not in your room. Most thefts from residence hall rooms occur when students leave their doors unlocked. You can also purchase locking devices for computers and printers, locking them to each other or a larger item in the room.

Do my parents/guardians have access to my personal records/information at UConn?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits universities from talking about students’ records with anyone but the student. This includes financial aid records, housing records, transcripts and all other university records that have student names on them. Students can give a parent or guardian access to some or all records through the On-Line FERPA Waiver.

For more information please visit
It is strongly encouraged that students fill out this waiver before an emergency or incident occurs so that information can be provided to the designated contacts.

How can my family member get updated on general Residential Life processes?

Residential Life posts periodic updates and newsletters for parents and family members of our residents online at To receive an email informing you when these updates are posted, or when important deadlines or processes are approaching, please provide us with your email address by following the steps below.

To add a parent email – Include parent/family email address in your Student Admin account.

Add to your safe email sender list. Emails returned because is not a “safe sender” will not be re-sent.

Parent emails are sent into our system from the University database and staff are not able to update or change a parent email in our system. Please encourage your student to keep their parent email listing in Student Admin up to date if your email address changes during their time at UConn.