Storrs Waiting List FAQs

A Quick Summary of the Waiting List Process:

  1. Apply for housing
  2. Wait to receive an email offering your guaranteed housing
  3. Complete the Housing Guarantee Acceptance Form by the deadline provided in your email offer
  4. Depending on the month, either be assigned by housing staff or select your assignment

Storrs Waiting List Frequently Asked Questions

Summer 2021

Am I on the waiting list?

Students on the waiting list typically know if they are on the waiting list. They did not participate in General Housing Selection in April/May 2021. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to ask us by emailing

Why am I on the waiting list?

Students on the waiting list typically know if they are on the waiting list. They did not participate in General Housing Selection in April/May 2021. If you are unsure, please do not hesitate to ask us by emailing

What does it mean to be on the waiting list?

Students waiting for housing are not yet “guaranteed housing.” We need to wait for other processes to end and then assess how many spaces we have available on campus before we can offer housing to students on the waiting list. Before we tell someone, we can guarantee them housing, we want to certain a space exists for them!

Will I get housing?

Most years, we are able to offer housing to most people on the waiting list by the end of the summer, but this varies from year to year depending on how many students are on the waiting list and how many spaces are open.

Is the waiting list ranked? Where am I on the waiting list?

While certain groups are prioritized, the waiting list is ever-changing and it is impossible for it to be ranked daily. Generally, late applications and students readmitted to UConn are offered housing first, followed by students who missed deadlines. Students with 8+ semesters of living on campus are at the end of the list, as they are already familiar with the local area and could generally be more successful living off campus than others who are newer to Storrs.

Since I am on the waiting list, should I start looking at other options off-campus?

This decision is entirely up to you. Please know, we are sometimes unable to offer some students housing until late July to early August.

Does this information apply to students on the Stamford Housing Waiting List?

Housing at Stamford is coordinated separately from Storrs. For Stamford waiting list questions, please email

How are offers made?

Over the summer we email students in batches to notify them if we can offer them housing. Typically, these offers are made once per month.

How do I accept an offer?

Once you receive an email offering you guaranteed housing for the upcoming year, log into your My Housing portal and complete the Housing Guarantee Acceptance form. Please note offers are time sensitive and students have approximately 2 weeks to see the email and accept. The specific deadlines will be included in your offer email. If we do not hear from you, we will cancel your housing application.

Can I decline an offer?

Yes, if you are no longer interested in on-campus housing for the upcoming year, please complete the Housing Cancellation form in your My Housing portal. Do not complete the Housing Guarantee Acceptance Form. If you cancel your housing application or do not complete the acceptance form by the deadline, your housing application will be cancelled and you will no longer be on the waiting list.

How long will I have to decide once I receive a housing offer?

Typically, students have approximately 2 weeks from the time they receive an email offer to decide if they want to accept it or not.

Will I know where I am going to live before I need to accept my housing offer?

No, students will either select housing or be assigned after they accept housing. You will need to accept or decline your offer before you know where you will live.

If I am offered housing and accept it, will I select my own housing or be assigned?

Students who accept their offer by early July, will have the opportunity to select their own housing assignment in an online selection process this summer. Information about this process will be sent out as it nears closer. Students who do not receive and accept a housing offer by early July will be matched with a roommate based on lifestyle preferences and placed into rooms by Residential Life staff.

What if I find housing elsewhere? Can I cancel my application?

If you are no longer interested in being on the waiting list or do not wish to accept your offer, please email us at for access to the Housing Cancellation Application. There is no fee to cancel through July 31, 2021, if you have not already signed the agreement form to accept the housing offer. Once you sign the acceptance form, cancellation fees will apply. Please note that some students who campus change to Storrs campus for fall 2021 are required to live on campus for the 2021-2022 academic year. Please visit the Residency Requirement webpage for additional information.

Where do students on the waiting list typically live?

There is not a set area designated for students on the waiting list. Instead, these students fill in vacant spaces all over campus. Because we have more traditional double rooms, we suggest everyone plan to be in a traditional double. All open spaces on campus will be available in the waiting list selection process in July, or available for assignment by Residential Life staff (for students offered housing in July and August). For students who are assigned by staff, we will use your Housing Application rate preference as a guide.

What if I do not like my assignment?

There will be scheduled room change processes throughout the year. Additional details will be announced in the future.

Will I be able to live with my friends?

Our top priority is to be able to offer on-campus housing to students who need housing. Living in a specific room or with a friend is often not possible, although there could be opportunities to room change later in the academic year. If this is non-negotiable, we recommend looking at other housing options off-campus.

My friend is also on the waiting list. Can we live together?

If you and your friend are both offered housing and are participating in the same selection process, you can search for spaces that will accommodate you together.

My friend has an empty space in their room? Can I live there?

If your friend has a confirmed empty space in their room/suite/apartment and you would like to be placed there, please email us at when you accept your housing offer. We can try to place you in this space but cannot guarantee it.

Can I request to live with an incoming student?

Processes for continuing students and incoming students do not typically follow the same timelines, so it is unlikely that we would be able to assign you with a new incoming student. You and a friend would be able to explore an opportunity to live together during room change processes offered during the year.

Will I be able to live in a learning community or Honors housing?

Typically these spaces are already full by the time students on the waiting list are offered housing, as they may have their own waiting list for students who are already guaranteed housing.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Please contact if you or your student have any questions.