Student Mail Services- Stamford Residence Hall

Hours and Information

Our mailrooms are operated traditionally Monday through Friday from 2pm to 7pm.  We are not a post office.  To mail items out from the University, students can utilize the services at our local UPS store or our local post office.

Mailroom Location

900 Washington Blvd. Mailroom – Ground Floor

Mail Services

The 900 Washington Blvd. mailroom services will not be available until the start of the semester, August 27, 2018. This said, we will not be able to accept packages until the start of the semester.

Properly Addressing Package

University Mail Services is utilizing the latest in mail sorting software and equipment to confirm students housing assignments, sort and process the incoming mail and packages.  It is critical that the following address guidelines are adhered to in order for mail and packages to reach the intended student.  Altering this layout will result in delay of delivery and possibly the rejection of the mail/package being processed.

Residence Area: Stamford Apartments

Correct Address Format
Students Full Name
900 Washington Boulevard Apartment #
Stamford, CT 06901

Sample Address:
Jonathan Husky
900 Washington Boulevard Apartment #100
Stamford, CT 06901

Mail and Package Processing

Letter mail and first class USPS packages are sorted in the afternoon and placed in mailboxes.

Packages arriving in the morning will be sorted in the afternoon and a package slip will be placed in the student’s mailbox asking that they come to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­the Hall Director office located on the ground floor to sign for their package. Please make sure to bring your University ID with you.

Additional Information

  • Roommates and apartment-mates share mailboxes. First class and standard mail is placed in mailboxes. If you seek to have mail sent to a student while keeping it private, utilize a tracking method which would require the item to be signed for at the mailroom’s service window and not placed in the mailbox.
  • We accept UPS, FedEx, US Postal Service (USPS), and DHL mail. We are not able to accept freight shipments. If you are expecting an item larger than 40 pounds or 4 feet long, please arrange to have it shipped to a local post office.
  • Mailrooms are operational when classes are in session. The hours for the Stamford residence hall mail room will be Monday- Friday 2:00pm-7:00pm. If inclement weather causes classes to be canceled, the mailrooms will also be closed at that time.
  • We are not able to accept packages that require an Adult (or +21) signature.
  • One mailbox is assigned to each apartment. Residents have access to their mailbox with a key. Mail clerks will be happy to assist residents with box numbers, but cannot hand out mail from the mailbox to residents. PLEASE bring your key to access your mailbox.
  • We will place a slip in your mailbox to let you know when you have received a package.
  • Please have your student ID available when picking up your packages. In order to safeguard the mail, we require the recipient of the package to pick up and sign for their own packages.
  • Please do not mail perishable items to any residential student as we are unable to keep them in a cool location.
  • We provide mail services to current residents of UConn housing. If you are not a current resident in UConn housing, please do not have mail or packages sent to a residence hall address. Mail & packages will not be held or available for pickup for non-residents.
  • To ensure safe delivery, please request that all important mail (plane tickets, checks, birth certificates, etc) be sent by special service mail like Certified, Insured, Express, or Registered mail. Please inform correspondents NOT to send CASH or cash equivalent items through the mail.
  • We do our best to see that each student receives their mail and packages as quickly as possible but misdirection can happen. If you find yourself in possession of mail or a package that is not intended for you, please return it immediately to the mailroom attendant.  Our Student Code of Conduct requires your honesty in these matters.
  • Packages not claimed within one month will be returned to sender. Mail and packages will not be forwarded.

    Large Packages

    Packages over 40 pounds and/or over 4 feet in length will not be delivered to student mailrooms. These over-sized packages will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.

    Do’s and Don’ts


    • Use your student's full name as registered at UConn
    • List their apartment number
    • Double check addresses when ordering from an online vendor
    • Delete old addresses on vendor websites


    • Don't use student's nickname, abbreviated name or omit it altogether
    • Don't allow vendors to add additional numbers onto our zip code
    • Don't use the words UCONN or University of Connecticut in the address
    • Don't utilize a mail service that requires a signature from a person over 21 years of age

    Contact The Mail Manager

    Phone: (203) 251-8582, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
    Please include contact information your tracking number when leaving a message.