Summer Room Change Process-Junior and Senior Students

During the April housing selection process some rooms in the apartment and suite style buildings were unavailable.  These rooms are currently on hold for the fall semester as quarantine and isolation spaces. However, Residential Life believes that during the summer the University will release some of these spaces and make them available as student housing for the fall.


In the event that the University is able to adjust their quarantine/isolation plans and return some of these spaces to Residential Life, we would like to offer students who would typically have the ability to select into these areas an opportunity to room change before the start of the fall semester. This will allow students who are juniors and seniors to have the ability to potentially room change into apartment or suite spaces (pending availability).


Please note that students must have earned more than 53 earned credits in order to be considered a junior or senior in the University database.

    The Summer Room Change process is entirely online and does not need to be completed on campus.

    Tutorial: Choosing Housing as an Individual


    Apply June 4th – July 5th in MyHousing
    Any student who has earned more than 53 earned credits reflected in the University database by July 5 and wishes to change rooms via this process must submit an application between June 4th – July 5th.

    Week of July 5th Group Moves Processed
    Students who wish to move as a group must complete the following steps:

    1. Revisit your room change application (or apply) and make sure that you answer the final question regarding giving consent for Residential Life to relocate your group without sending you a room change offer first!
    2. Double check your application answers with the other members of your roommate group to make sure that all of you have listed the same area/room type as your first preference.
    3. Make sure that your entire group is mutually matched under the Roommate Pairing section of MyHousing for Fall 2021.

    Any groups who do not meet all three of these steps for the entire group will not have their group room change request processed. Each person must complete these steps as individuals before July 5 in order to be considered.

    July 14th - July 23rd Online Room Change in MyHousing
    Spaces available will include any returned apartment/suite spaces and any available rooms that are vacant for the fall 2021 semester

    Moving as a Group Pair

    We are pleased to announce that we will be able to accommodate students who wish to move in groups/pairs.

    Students who wish to move as a group must complete the following steps:

    1. Revisit your room change application (or apply) and make sure that you answer the final question regarding giving consent for Residential Life to relocate your group without sending you a room change offer first!
    2. Double check your application answers with the other members of your roommate group to make sure that all of you have listed the same area/room type as your first preference.
    3. Make sure that your entire group is mutually matched under the Roommate Pairing section of MyHousing for Fall 2021.

    Any groups who do not meet all three of these steps for the entire group will not have their group room change request processed. Each person must complete these steps as individuals before July 5 in order to be considered.


    Moving as an Individual

    Moving as Individual – Process occurs July 14 - 23, 2021

    • Students who request to move individually to a vacant spot will choose their assignment online in MyHousing July 14-23.
    • Once a new room has been chosen, the student’s previous fall assignment will be available to another student to select. Students can change assignments any number of times until this process ends at midnight on July 23.
    • Roommates cannot be pulled-in through this process – a student can only choose a new assignment for themselves. If you wish to move with a roommate, please see the "Moving as a Group/Pair" section above for important steps that we need your group to complete by July 5!
    • Students who do not select a new room during this process will move into their currently assigned space for the fall semester.
    • Instructions will be available July 12 via email.
    • Any room changes occurring after the fall fee bills are generated will be reflected on the fee bill in late July/August.

    Rooms Included in the Process

    Spaces in this process are determined by available vacancies in apartments and suites, including spaces returned to Residential Life from spaces previously held for quarantine initiatives for the fall 2021 semester. Residential Life cannot guarantee that every room type will be represented during this selection process. Once a student changes their assignment, their former room will appear in the system for another student to select.


    Students trying to find spaces for larger groups may not be able to move into a fully open apartment or suite, as we currently predict that most apartment and suite spaces will fill before the room change process begins, and it is unlikely that a full apartment or suite will become available for every interested group to select into. Students in this process can only move as individuals and cannot "pull in" roommates into a space. Please bear in mind that all students should be welcoming to any students who room change into their space and cannot attempt to reserve a space inside of a suite/apartment or dissuade a person from living in a vacant space. Students who wish to move as a group should follow the steps in the "Moving as a Group/Pair" section above. 

    Room Rates and Meal Plan Changes

    Room Rate/Meal Plan Changes
    Room rate or meal plan changes can occur. Be aware that adjustments may be made to your fee bill depending on the room type you are moving in to or out of. 

    Special Interest Areas

    Special Interest Areas

    There are special interest housing areas throughout campus. Students requesting these areas must meet programmatic requirements. Students cannot move into or out of Husky Village during this room change process.

    Single Rooms

    Moving to a Single Room
    Room changes to single rooms will be prioritized by class standing, not by specific requests. Students requesting a room change to a single will be issued a housing selection time and will be able to choose from whatever rooms are available.

    Don’t want to move? Changed your mind?

    Don’t Want to Move? Don’t Submit an Application!
    If you don’t want to move, don’t submit an application! Only students who submit a room change/trading spaces application will be considered to change rooms.

    If you change your mind about changing rooms while the process is underway, do not select a new space! Whatever assignment you are in when the process closes will be the one that you will move into when you arrive to campus in August. If you do not change assignments, the room that you selected during housing selection in will be your Fall 2021 assignment.

    Do you need to update your application answers after submitting the room change application?

    Students can update their application answer for the room change application by logging into MyHousing and clicking on the room change application again. Under the dropdown menu, select "Revisit/update this application" and you can resubmit it.

    If you would like to move as a group and have already applied for the room change process, you are required to revisit your application and provide consent for Residential Life to relocate you without sending you a room change offer first. Students who do not provide consent will not have their group room change request processed but will be able to participate in the online room change as an individual.

    Talk with our Team!

    Going through Room Change after leaving campus means that it can be more complicated to stop by our office to ask a quick question or to get help than in previous years.

    We have a few solutions to try to help you connect with our Housing Services team and get your questions answered! Please remember that you can also email or call (860) 486-2926.

    Staff work during the hours of 8:00am - 4:00pm (ET) on Monday - Friday during the summer. 


    Live Chat Option

    We have a live chat that will be available on the following schedule for students to reach out to a Housing Services staff member and can help troubleshoot concerns or guide you on the process. When active, an icon will be available on the bottom right corner of this page and once you start chatting, a staff member will be with you momentarily.

    live chatbox widget reading "We Are Here!"

    Day Live Chat Hours
     Wednesday, July 14 9:00am - 3:00pm
    Thursday, July 15 9:00am - 3:00pm
    Friday, July 16 9:00am - 3:00pm
    Monday, July 19 9:00am - 3:00pm
    Tuesday, July 20 9:00am - 3:00pm
    Wednesday, July 21 9:00am - 3:00pm
    Thursday, July 22 9:00am - 3:00pm
    Friday, July 23 9:00am - 3:00pm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is eligible to participate in this room change?

    Participation is limited to only those with 54+ completed credits. Only students with a current Fall assignment will be eligible to change rooms. New students and students currently or previously on the Fall 21 waiting list are ineligible, as they do not have an assignment yet 

    How do I sign up?

    Complete the “Summer 2021 Room Change Application for Fall 2021 Assignment” application in your My Housing portal by July 5, 2021. 

    Is this separate from the Summer Room Change that started earlier in June?

    The processes have been combined. Juniors and seniors requesting to move as a group or pair will be assigned by staff first. When the online selection begins, seniors will select first, followed by juniors and then sophomores.  

    When will the online selection process take place?

    The online process will run July 14-23 in MyHousing.

    How are selection pick times determined for the online selection process?

    Selection times are based on credits, with earlier times going to students with the most credits. 

    How do I live with a friend who is a sophomore/not eligible for the Junior/Senior Room Change Process?

    Students are eligible to request and move to any area on campus that is vacant, but our priority is to relocate students looking to live in the suites and apartments.  

    I am a Junior or Senior either currently on the waiting list or who recently accepted an offer for guaranteed housing. Am I eligible to participate in this process to live with friends who are Juniors/Seniors?

    No. Only students who currently have a Fall 21 housing assignment in their My Housing portal are eligible to room change during this process. Students who were on the waiting list but receive an offer for housing will select their housing later this summer. 

    How many new rooms will be available in this process?

    The final number is not yet determined as it is dependent on the percentage of residential students who are fully vaccinated. We anticipate a large number of spaces being available, but cannot guarantee all interested students will be able to move. 

    Which campus areas will be included in this process?

    Most areas which were previously held out of selection will be available in the Junior/Senior Room Change process for students to consider, in addition to any spaces that become available once students start selecting new rooms. 

    Can I move with my friend/can I pull in a friend?

    • Students who wish to move with friends must each complete the room change application and indicate they wish to move as a group. They must also all be fully matched as a group in My Housing.
    • The online room change can only be completed as an individual, but friends can be in good communication with each other and both try to select into a fully vacant room if one becomes available during the online process. Because each person must use their own pick time, friends can either wait until both students are eligible to room change and then look for rooms with multiple vacancies, or the person with the earlier time can pick a room and see if the other half remains open until their friend's turn.
      • As a general reminder, students cannot reserve, dissuade, or be unwelcoming to any student who selects into a room.

    Will I select my own room if I am moving as a group or pair?

    • Students who are moving as part of a group will be assigned by staff members. We will use your room change application preferences and roommate matches to place you.  
    • All students in the room change process, including those who were recently assigned by staff, will also receive a room selection pick time and be able to select a new space from the list of available rooms. Please note, students in the online selection process will select as individuals and will not be able to “pull in” other students, even if they are fully matched with roommates. 

    What if my roommate group is assigned by staff into a place that we do not want to live?

    • Everyone who submitted a room change application will receive a selection pick time for the online room change. Students will need to select as individuals in this process and cannot “pull in” other students. As such, if you wish to live together, you will need to look for open spaces together at your respective selection times.  

    If my roommate(s) and I are assigned to a space, but we want to rearrange inside of the suite/apartment so that we are in different bedrooms/sides of the suite, what do we do?

    • In August, we will take requests for students to change rooms within their current suite or apartments. Please look for an email with information on this process later this summer. 

    What if the space my group wants is not available?

    • If your preferred area/room type is not available or if your roommate pair/group is not fully matched, students will receive a selection time for the online selection process. Please note that the online selection process is for individual moves; students will not be able to “pull in” other roommates.  

    Why do I need to revisit my existing room change application if my responses have not changed?

    • If you previously applied for the Summer Room Change Process, you will need to log in to review your answers and to answer newly added questions. 
    • In previous room change processes, students are historically emailed a room change offer and have time to decide if they wish to accept. Because this process is occurring so late in the summer, students moving as a matched group or pair will automatically be reassigned by staff. As such, students must give consent for this to occur, as long as the move is to their listed preference, by revisiting the room change application or else they will not be moved. 
    • If you plan to move as a pair or group, have all roommates confirm they are fully matched and that their room change preferences are identical.  

    How do I revisit my application?

    • Login to My Housing and click on the room change application in the “Applications” section. Use the dropdown menu to select “Revisit/update this application” and you will be able to reopen your application and make any changes. 

    If I am only looking to trade spaces with another specific student, do I sign up for this process?

    No, all students involved in the trade should email with this request by July 30.  

    What do I do if I am looking to live with an incoming student?

    You do not need to enroll in this room change process. Instead, both the new and returning student should email by July 16 to make this request. 

    Once I submit an application, is it possible to change my mind and remain in my current space?

    Juniors and seniors in matched roommate groups who indicated they want to move as group will be automatically moved. Those entering the online selection process as individuals can opt not to move by simply not selecting a new space at their selection time. 

    What if I select a room but change my mind, what do I do?

    Once you select a new room, your former room immediately becomes available for someone else to pick. You will be able to select another room from the list of open spaces, but your previous room may no longer be available.  

    Will there be additional opportunities to change my housing assignment?

    We hope to offer other room change opportunities once the academic year begins. We will send emails to those eligible for a room change when details are finalized 

    I have additional questions, who can I contact?

    On Friday, June 25 and Monday, June 28 from 8am-4pm Residential Life staff will be available for a live chat on this webpage. You can also email or call our office at 860-486-2926 during business hours. 


    Questions after reading this information can be sent to Please include your first/last name and 7 digit student ID number or NetID in your correspondence.