Summer Room Change Process (Storrs Campus)

Summer 2022 Undergraduate Room Change Process

There will be two distinct processes for students to change rooms through the Summer 2022 Room Change & Trading Spaces Process for the Fall 2022 semester. The application will open in MyHousing on May 16 and remain open until June 26, 2022.

Room Changes – Move to an Open Spot (Requests accepted May 16 – June 26, 2022)

  • Moving as an Individual – Choose Room Online
  • Moving as a Pair/Group – Offered by Residential Life

Trading Spaces (Requests accepted May 16 - June 26, 2022 via email to

  • Swap rooms with another student. Does not involve a vacant space. Students cannot request to trade spaces into a single from other room types.
  • Both students who wish to trade spaces must email with the following information:
    1. Name
    2. Student Number
    3. Name of Person you are trading with
    4. Student Number of Person you are trading with
    5. Room you wish to move into

The Summer Room Change process is entirely online and does not need to be completed on campus. Please note that this process is not intended for students who are new to the University of Connecticut, as they have a different housing placement process.

Tutorial: Choosing Housing as an Individual


Update Regarding Group/Pair Room Change Requests

In order to process a group/pair room change, we must have a room with enough open spaces to accommodate your entire roommate group. At this moment, the number of completely open rooms is extremely limited and we will not be able to offer a group move for every group/pair who have asked to be reassigned into a new room with a specific roommate.

For example, if two students wish to live together in a traditional double, we currently need multiple students to move out of the same double room (either via participating in the room change process or cancelling housing) to create a room with two open spots for us to offer to that pair/group. This is currently the case for almost all of our room types, including apartment and suite areas.

We are prioritizing our very limited number of group/pair room change offers to students who are currently not in an assignment with their preferred roommate. While we understand that some friend groups are hoping to shift from a suite to an apartment area and keep their current roommate group, we are hoping to help as many students get into a room with a preferred roommate as we are able to with our current vacancies.


What do I do if you can't process my group/pair room change request?

If we are not able to process your group/pair room change request, you will receive an update via email. You will still be able to participate in the online room change process as an individual even if we are not able to process your group move request. You will receive more information once your pick time is visible in MyHousing and you will be able to view all open spaces and choose a new room during the online room change process if you still wish to change assignments. If you do not see a room that appeals to you, you will automatically receive a pick time for the following week so that you can look at the latest availability after other students shift around.

Our suggestion for trying to live with a friend via the online room change will be for you to wait until both you and your friend are eligible to change rooms (i.e. both of your pick times have occurred) and then search for a room with 2 open spots in it. Each of you must use your own pick time to select your individual housing assignment (you cannot "pull in" a roommate during the online room change), but if you both individually choose into the same room you will be together as roommates. Please note that the available rooms list will show you our current vacancies for each round of the online room change and we cannot guarantee that a fully open room will appear for you to select into.

Sometimes students can also utilize the Trading Spaces process to try to swap places with another person so that you could live with a preferred roommate. More information on the exact steps to request a Trading Spaces move are included below. As a reminder, students should not be unwelcoming or try to require/pressure a person to change their selected assignment if the person does not wish to move. In the past we have found that some students are open to the idea of swapping places if you are assigned into a comparable room and approach them politely.


Apply May 16 - June 26 in MyHousing
Any student who wishes to change rooms must submit an application between May 16 - June 26.

Trading spaces requests can be submitted via email to between May 16 - June 26.

Group Room Change Offers Begin – May 30
There will be an early application deadline of May 30, 2022 for the following students:

  • Students wishing to move as a pair/group
  • Students requesting a specific (non-single) space
  • Students moving within a specialty area (Honors, LCs)

Applications received by this date from the above groups will be given priority in room change offers over those received after May 27.

Please click on "Moving as a Group" or "Moving as an Individual" for more specific timelines for those processes.

Moving as a Pair/Group

Moving as Pair/Group

  • If you apply prior to May 27, group/pair room change offers will only be sent by our office the week of May 30.  If you apply after May 27, groups/pairs may enter the online selection process each week to search and select a new space.  In order to select into the same room the students will need to wait to select when the student with the later selection time is also able to select.
  • After all students in the group/pair have submitted an application, they will be contacted by a staff member via email if a space is available.
  • There will be a 48 hour deadline to respond to the offer, and typically one offer is made. Students are not obligated to accept an offer and can choose to remain in their current room.
  • Any student without a room change offer after June 3rd will receive a room change selection time in the event they wish to view room availability.


Please refer to the important update above regarding group/pair room change requests. 

    Roommate Requests for Group Moves

    Requested Roommate List

    To request to move as a roommate pair/group, you must add the other student(s) to your roommate list in MyHousing by May 27.

    • Log-in to MyHousing
    • Room Selection > Roommates/Suitemates
    • Select Term: Fall 2022
    • Add the student(s) that you wish to move with to your roommate list.
    • Only roommate pairs/groups that read “Your roommate group is fully matched” will be considered for group room changes.
    • This process is only for current undergraduate students who currently have a fall 2022 housing assignment. Students who are new to the University will complete a separate roommate pairing process prior to placement. Students on the waiting list for housing are not eligible to pair as roommates for this process. 

    Rooms Included in the Process

    Spaces in this process are determined by available vacancies. Residential Life cannot guarantee that every room type will be represented during this selection process. Once a student changes their assignment, their former room may appear in the system for another student to select.

    Students trying to find spaces for larger groups may not be able to move into a fully open apartment or suite, as we currently predict that most apartment and suite spaces will fill before the room change process begins on May 23. It is unlikely that a full apartment or suite will be available for this process.


    Students on the Waiting List or Participating in Phase 2 Selection

    • To be eligible to participate in the Summer Room Change, students need a Fall 2022 housing assignment.
    • Students in Phase 2 of Housing Selection will receive access to the Summer Room Change application after they select an assignment.
    • Students on the waiting list for housing are ineligible to apply for Summer Room Change but will be eligible to apply for a room change in the Fall Room Change process. More information about the Fall Room Change will be available after students move in for the fall semester.


    Room Rates and Meal Plan Changes

    Room Rate/Meal Plan Changes
    Room rate or meal plan changes can occur. Be aware that adjustments may be made to your fee bill depending on the room type you are moving in to or out of. 

    Moving as an Individual

    Moving as Individual – Selection Times Available each week on Tuesday

    • Students who request to move individually to a vacant spot will choose their assignment online in MyHousing each week, Wednesday through Friday, June 8 – July 1. Students looking to move to a specific (non-single) room, or to an Honors or LC space will be offered a room change from Residential Life.
    • There will be 4 opportunities to pick a new room through the summer for students who submit the room change application. Each Wednesday through Friday starting on June 8, eligible students can log into MyHousing and view all available spaces.
    • Once a new room has been chosen, more than likely the student’s fall assignment will be available to another student to select. Students can change assignments multiple times in each week's selection process. A student that selects a new room in one of the online selection weeks will not automatically receive another selection time the follow week(s).
    • Roommates cannot be pulled-in through this process – a student can only choose a new assignment for themselves.
    • Students who do not select a new room during this process will return to the same room for the fall semester.
    • Instructions for selection will be each week via email on Tuesday.
    • Any room changes occurring after the fall fee bills are generated will be reflected on the fee bill in late July.

    Specific Room Requests

    Specific Room Requests
    Know of a room that will have an opening? Make sure you include that on your room change application and Residential Life will see if the room will be available to move you into. Requests for a specific traditional: single or suite: single room are not allowed.

    Don’t want to move? Changed your mind?

    Don’t Want to Move? Don’t Submit an Application!
    If you don’t want to move, don’t submit an application! Only students who submit a room change/trading spaces application will be considered to change rooms.

    If you change your mind about changing rooms while the process is underway, do not select a new space! Whatever assignment you are in when the process closes on July 1 will be the one that you will move into when you arrive to campus in August. If you do not change assignments, the room that you selected during housing selection in will be your Fall 2022 assignment.

    Special Interest Areas

    Special Interest Areas

    There are special interest housing areas throughout campus. Students requesting these areas must meet programmatic requirements. Students cannot move into or out of Husky Village during this room change process.

    Single Rooms

    Moving to a Single Room
    Room changes to single rooms will be prioritized by earned credits, not by specific requests. Students requesting a room change to a single will be issued a housing selection time and will be able to choose from whatever rooms are available. Students cannot request to trade spaces into a single from other room types.

    Trading Spaces (Swap Rooms with Another Student)

    Email May 23 - June 26, 2022

    Both students who wish to trade spaces must email with the following information:

      1. Name
      2. Student Number
      3. Name of Person you are trading with
      4. Student Number of Person you are trading with
      5. Room you wish to move into

      Do you want to update your application answers after submitting the room change application?

      Students can update their application answer for the room change application by logging into MyHousing and clicking on the room change application again. Under the dropdown menu, select "Revisit/update this application" and you can resubmit it.

      Process Timeline

      The schedule below shows each week's timeline for the 4 rounds of the Summer Room Change process.

      Students who submit an application but do not select a new room will automatically be issued a time for all remaining rounds of the room change process. This means that if you apply before May 23 but do not pick a room during the online process taking place June 8-10, we will automatically give you a pick time for the June 15-17 online process so that you can look at availability during that process.

      Students who request a group move, specific room request, or special interest area will be processed manually by staff.

      Please bear in mind that group moves and specific room requests will be processed during the week of May 30 and must be submitted by the May 27 application priority deadline. After May 27, students with a specific room or group move request select in the online process.

      Submit the Room Change

      Application in MyHousing By:

      Online Room Change

      Selection Dates

      (In MyHousing)

      May 27 Deadline for Group/Pair Requests and Specific Room Requests
      June 5 June 8 - 10
      June 12 June 15 - 17
      June 19 June 22 -24
      June 26 June 29 - July 1

      Talk with our Team!

      Going through Room Change after leaving campus means that it can be more complicated to stop by our office to ask a quick question or to get help than in previous years.

      We have a few solutions to try to help you connect with our Housing Services team and get your questions answered! Please remember that you can also email or call (860) 486-2926.

      Staff work during the hours of 8:00am - 4:00pm (ET) on Monday - Friday during the summer. 


      Questions after reading this information can be sent to Please include your first/last name and 7 digit student ID number or NetID in your correspondence.