West Campus Fall Check in

Check In Dates and Times for West Campus

(Alsop A & B, Chandler, Hollister A & B, Lancaster, Shakespeare, Troy)


There are many possible paths to get to campus. However, during move-in, thousands of vehicles are attempting to get to campus, and many roads on campus are one-way or blocked to help with traffic flow. We have mapped out the best path for you to take for each of our residential areas; this is a different set of directions than those that you have used to visit campus on prior occasions. Please disregard your GPS and take these routes instead whenever possible. Taking the routes that are mapped to specific areas of campus will alleviate vehicle congestion and get you to your destination sooner.


West Campus (Alsop A & B, Chandler, Hollister A & B, Lancaster, Shakespeare, Troy)

West Campus - Directions from West of Campus (I-84 East)

*Note: If you are traveling from west of campus, take the route for I-84 East (see below). Please do not take I-384 unless necessary for your route.


If it is necessary to take I-384 East, please follow this route: https://goo.gl/maps/TtUJZWCNaGM2


West Campus - Directions from North/East of Campus (I-84 West)



West Campus - Directions from East of Campus (Route 6 West)


*Note: If you are traveling westbound from Providence or other eastern points, take RI Route 6 instead of RI Route 101 (see here: https://goo.gl/maps/HTnR8LUrMpQ2)


West Campus - Directions from South of Campus (I-95N, I-395, Route 32 North)

*Note: If traveling on I-95N, take I-395N and then State Route 32N.