Winter Recess Housing

All students who wish to apply to remain on campus at any point during Winter Recess starting November 22, 2020 to the start of the Spring Semester must fill out a Winter Recess Housing Application and submit a Winter Break Housing Request Form explaining the need to remain on campus. Students living in apartment areas are required to fill out this application and are not guaranteed approval.

Students who are planning on staying on campus for Winter Recess Housing must remain in their same assignment unless they are being consolidated by Residential Life.

Application Information

Winter Recess Housing Application and Request Form– Available October 12, 2020 to October 30, 2020

Application -

  • All students who will need on-campus accommodations at any point during Winter Recess (November 22, 2020 to the start of the Spring 2021 semester) must submit the Winter Recess Housing Application and request form
  • When filling out the application please indicate the reason you wish to stay on campus. If the reason you are staying does not match one of the options please choose other. You will need to further explain your reason in the request form.

Fees for Students in Traditional and Suite Areas

Students Living in Traditional and Suite Areas:
Winter Recess Housing Fee $700

Students in Apartments, Husky Village, or Stamford Housing

Students living in apartment areas or Stamford Housing are required to fill out this application in order for Residential Life to have accurate records of all students who plan on being here at any point over Recess. Students living in these areas will not be charged to stay over Recess.  Not all students will be approved to live on campus.

Dining Options

Winter Recess Dining Options

Winter Session, beginning 11/22/2020:

  • All residents not residing in an on campus apartment complex are required to have one, of the two, Winter Session meal plans below:
    • Meals all 7 days per week: $180.00/ week
    • Meals 5 days per week (Monday-Friday only): $130.00 /week
  • Winter Session meal plans include: 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner per day. Unused meals do not rollover to the following day.
  • Students enrolled in academic, Winter Session classes (12/28 – 1/15/2021) , or working / interning on campus, may change their meal plan up until their third day living on campus, by completing the “change meal plan form” at
  • Students assigned to an apartment will not be assigned a meal plan. However, options are available to purchase through Dining Service’s web site.
  • Students who have purchased a Winter Session meal plan and cancel their housing will be charged for the full period of the week that they cancelled.

Eligibility for Winter Recess Housing

Eligibility for Winter Recess Housing
Students can request to remain on-campus for the reasons listed below. Students on University
probation will not be permitted to remain on-campus. Students who wish to live on campus over Winter Recess must have both a Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Assignment and must remain in the same assignment for both semesters unless being consolidated by Residential Life.

  • Enrolled in Winter Intersession in person course
  • Academic internship (must provide proof of participation)
  • Affiliated with University team requiring accommodations during Winter Recess
  • Other (taking an online course and in-adequate technology elsewhere, are unable to return home)

Academic Internship/Employment Verification

Academic Internship Verification
Students who are participating in an academic internship during Winter Recess must provide proof of their employment/participation to Residential Life. An email from the employment or academic supervisor is sufficient.

Internship Verification
Email with the following information to

  • Include student’s first/last name, 7 digit student ID number or NetID
  • State that student will be completing internship or is employed by department
  • Dates of internship/employment

Winter Recess Staffing & Policies

Winter Recess Staffing & Policies
Students remaining on-campus during Winter Recess will have limited access to Residential Life staff. Due to the holidays and reduced staffing, residents who remain on-campus during this time must contact Operations Center at (860) 486-3113 if they are locked out of their residence. Facilities related incidents that need immediate attention need to be reported to (860) 486-3113. All emergencies should be reported to the UConn Police Department at 911.

Students must adhere to all University policies during Winter Recess including the current Temporary Health and Safety Procedures Contract. Please refer to both the Housing Contract and the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures Contract for information regarding specific policies. Students may be asked to leave housing if policies are violated. Remaining on campus during a time when classes are not in session is a privilege, and thus students are expected to uphold a high level of responsibility while staffing is limited. Students must continue to practice social distancing, wearing a mask and are not permitted to have guests in the residence hall.

Cancelling Winter Recess Housing

Application & Cancelling Winter Recess Housing
The application and request form will be available until October 15, 2020 to November 1, 2020. Any student who does not submit an application and request form and who is not approved will not have access to the residence halls during Winter Recess. Any student who requests to cancel their Winter Recess housing after 5:00pm, November 20, 2020, will be charged the full Winter Recess housing fee. The Winter Recess Housing Fee can not be appealed.

If you have questions regarding Winter Recess housing, please call (860) 486-2926 or email Please include your first/last name and 7 digit student ID number in your correspondence.