Important Dates

Summer 2024

May 6
New Students can request roommates
May 6 - May 11
Steam Shutdown across campus
May 13
Summer Room Change Process Application Opens
May 24
Summer Room Change Priority Deadline for Groups/Pairs/Specific Rooms
June 5-7
Summer Room Change Online Selection Week 1
June 12-14
Summer Room Change Online Selection Week 2
June 14
New Student Housing Application deadline
June 19-21
Summer Room Change Online Selection Week 3
June 30
New Student Roommate Matching Deadline
July 1
Residency Exemption Deadline
July 15-26
New Student Selection Process
July 15
Cancellation Deadline
August 9
Opening Weekend signup times available
August 22 and 23
Move in for First year students (students will be assigned one of the two days)
August 24 and 25
Move in for Upper-class and Transfer students

Fall 2024

August 22-25
Move-In Weekend (More details can be found at Check-In and Arrival | Residential Life (
August 29
Fall Room Change Application Available for Eligible Storrs Residents
September 9
Tenth day of classes, students must be enrolled in classes by this date to stay in housing
September 11 – October 24
Weekly rounds of the Fall Room Change (see Fall Room Change Website for specific information)
October 1
Current Fall Residents who cancel Spring 2025 Housing are responsible for $500 cancellation fee
October 7
Spring 2025 Housing Application Opens for New Spring Residents (current Fall Residents do not need to reapply)
October 21
Fall Room Change Application Deadline for Eligible Storrs Residents
October 28
Midyear Move Room Change Process Application Available for Eligible Storrs Residents
November 1
Current Fall Residents who cancel Spring 2025 housing are responsible for 100% Spring Room Rate
November 1
Winter Recess Housing Application Available in MyHousing
November 15
Spring 2025 Housing Application Deadline
Spring 2025Campus Change and Spring into Storrs Deadline
Midyear Move Room Change Process Deadline
November 22 - December 1
Fall Break/Thanksgiving Recess (Halls Remain Open)
December 4-6
December 13
Winter Recess Application Deadline
December 16
Halls Close at 12:00pm (noon) for Fall Semester, Winter Recess Begins

Spring 2024

January 1
2024-2025 Housing Application is Open
January 3-7
Spring Housing Selection for New Guaranteed students for the spring semester
January 13– Residence Halls open for the spring semester for students returning to same room
Students returning to the same room that they lived in for the Fall 2023 semester can return anytime starting at 8:00am on Saturday January 13
January 14 – Residence Halls open for the spring semester for new students and new assignments
Students that are moving into a new room or are new to housing for the Spring semester will be able to check-in and receive their keys on January 14 between the hours of 10:00am and 4:00pm in the Charter Oak Community Center
January 18
Spring Room Change Application is Open
January 31 – February 1
Spring Room Change Week 1
February 1
2024-2025 New Student Part Application Available in My Housing for Newly Admitted Students (Students receive access 3-5 business days after the enrollment fee is processed)
February 7-8
Spring Room Change Week 2
February 9
Housing Application deadline for current Students
February 14-15
Spring Room Change Week 3
February 21-22
Spring Room Change Week 4
February 28-29
Spring Room Change Week 5
March 1
Campus Change Students Housing Application Deadline for F24-Sp25 Housing
March 1
Summer Housing Application Available in My Housing for Summer 2024
March 6-7
Spring Room Change Week 6
March 9-15
Spring Recess – Halls remain open
March 20
Housing Selection times visible in My Housing
March 22
Roommate Pairing is open for 2024-2025 Storrs Housing Selection Process
March 31
Fall 2024 Cancellation Deadline - No Cancellation Fee
April 1
Students who cancel housing for Fall 2024 are now responsible for 500.00 cancellation fee
April 1-2
Upper Division Housing Selection in My Housing
April 3
CSD Single Room Accommodation Housing Selection for Returning Residents
April 4-5
2024-2025 Learning Community Selection
April 8-26
General Selection
May 6
Halls Close at Noon
May 13
Hilltop and Charter Oak Apartments close at noon