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The Service Desk operates as an informational hub for all Residential Life Questions and centralized management for all residence hall keys on campus.

Who uses the Service Desk?
Students who are changing rooms, moving into spaces mid-semester, leaving housing mid-semester, or have general housing questions can visit the Service Desk for assistance with the keys to their residential spaces. Families, faculty, and staff can call or visit the Service Desk with any questions related to living on campus.

Visit Us
Hours: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.
For accessible entry to the Service Desk, call 860-486-2926. Accessible entrance located through the parking lot, behind Whitney Hall.

Key Usage/Responsibilities

All residence halls use keys for room, suite, and apartment entry. Many areas of campus also utilize mail keys for mailbox entry. A resident will be assigned keys upon arrival to campus and is expected to maintain those keys and reach out to the Service Desk with any questions related to their keys.

Residents may be assigned anywhere from one to four keys, depending on their housing assignment. When residents are given keys, they are also given information to identify which key corresponds with which door or mailbox. Some mailboxes utilize combinations in place of keys; this information is provided to residents upon receipt of keys.

Resident Responsibilities

  • Residents must maintain keys in good working order.
  • Resident’s that lose their keys are responsible for the costs associated with the required lock changes.
  • Residents will notify Facilities Operation Center at 860-486-3113 or FO.UCONN.EDU if their keys are lost or bent.
  • Residents will not provide their keys to other students or any non-UConn persons for access to their space.
  • Residents will return keys to the Service Desk within 24 hours of moving out of an assigned space on campus (ie. Room change, cancellation of housing, moving out at the end of the semester).
  • Residents are required to carry their keys at all times when leaving their room.

Residential Life Responsibilities

  • Residential Life routinely checks keys to ensure that they work in assigned spaces.
  • Residential Life provides centralized location to pick up or return keys

Facilities Responsibilities

  • Facilities Operations will provide lock out services to students who are locked out of their rooms for a fee of $25 per lock out.
  • Facilities Operations will provide lock changes for students when keys are reported missing or not returned in a timely manner.

Returning Keys to the Service Desk

Students moving out at the end of the semester will receive detailed move out instructions from their Hall Director.

Students moving out during the semester may return keys in one of the following two ways:

  • Return keys to the Service Desk at Whitney Hall, Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Return keys outside of business hours in our key drop box at Whitney Hall, located by the rear entrance and parking lot (not outside the dining hall)

whitney hall key drop box

Key Drop Box Instructions: Use a key return envelope located to the left of the Drop Box and fill it out including your name, room information that corresponds to the keys you are returning, and the date and time that you are returning your keys. Take a picture of the keys you are returning showing the codes on the keys.  Once complete, place the envelope in the drop box and a staff member will process your keys during the next business day.

Lock Change

Lock Change and Lock Out Appeals

Residents who have been billed for a lock change/lockout may file for an appeal to these charges. Appeals must be received within one month (four weeks) of the lock change/lockout. We are not able to accept any appeals after one month from the lock change/lockout.

Residents wishing to appeal a lock change/lockout charge must provide documentation showing that their keys were returned prior to any check out or move out deadlines or that the lockout was not the result of keys being left inside the room.

Lock out appeals will not be approved if a student did not have their keys with them when then left the room, regardless of how the door became locked.

Documentation must be one of the following items:

  • a photo or video of the resident returning keys
  • a dated email from a Residential Life staff member confirming that the keys were received
  • documentation that the lock mechanism could not be opened by a key (for lockout charges).

The standard processing time for these requests could take up to 3 business weeks. Residents will be notified of the decision via their UConn email. All appeal decisions are final.  By submitting the appeal form you understand that the appeal process is final and there are no additional appeal processes.


Why is a lock change performed?

Lock changes are performed when keys are lost or not returned by a resident. Lock changes are required to ensure the safety and security of the residents in the room.

How much does a lock change cost?

Lock changes are $100 per door, and $15 per mail key

I lost my key, who should I contact?

For lost mailbox keys, email

For lost apartment/room/suite keys, call the Facilities Operation Center at 860-486-3113

Please note that lost keys will result in a lock change and will be billed to the resident's account.

My key does not work, who should I contact?

For mail keys that do not work, speak with your mailroom or email

For apartment/room/suite keys that do not work, contact the Facilities Operations Center at 860-486-3113

Can I return keys by mail?

We are not able to accept keys returned via mail due to the slow timeframe of mail services and the possibility of keys being lost in transport.

If you believe you have extenuating circumstances email

What do I do if my keys are bent/broken?

For bent or broken mail keys, email

For bent or broken apartment/room/suite keys, call the Facilities Operations Center at 860-486-3113

You must keep your bent or broken key to exchange for your new key

Why don’t I have a mailbox key?

Charter Oak Apartments and South Campus  and New South Campus do not use mailbox keys. These spaces use combination code mailboxes. If you are in need of your combination code, please visit the Service Desk or your mailroom for assistance.

How can I get a bike room key?

Residents who live in an area with a locked bike room should visit their Hall Director’s office to inquire about a bike room key