Room Rates

2023-2024 Academic Year

All students residing in on-campus housing are required to purchase a resident meal plan except residents assigned to apartments.

The rates on this page apply to Storrs housing, please see for Stamford Housing for Stamford room rates.

Rate 1


  • Regular Double*
  • Triple - Traditional Residence Hall*
  • Northwood Apartments (Double in 2 Bedroom/3 Person – Undergrads)
  • Quad/4 person room, traditional residence hall

Rate 2


  • Peter J. Werth Residence Tower Double

Rate 3


  • Busby/Garrigus Suites Triple
  • South Campus Quad/4 person room

Rate 4


  • Busby/Garrigus/South Suites Double
  • Husky Village
  • Northwood Apartments (Single in 2 Bed/2 Person – Grads Only)
  • Northwood Apartments (Single in 2 Bed/3 Person – Undergrads)
  • Regular Single*
  • Regular Double with Private Bathroom*

Rate 5


  • Peter J. Werth Residence Tower Single

Rate 6


  • Busby/Garrigus/South Suites Single
  • Charter Oak – 2 Bedroom/4 Person
  • Hilltop Apartments Double Efficiency

Rate 7


  • Charter Oak/Hilltop Apartments – 4 Bedroom/4 Person

Rate 8


  • Charter Oak/Hilltop Apartments – 2 Bedroom/2 Person

*Regular or traditional rooms refer to the room types in campus areas that are not specifically listed in the rates.

Housing rates are determined by the Board of Trustees each spring and updated on this website once approved.

Placeholder Room Rate for New Admitted Students

For newly admitted students, a placeholder charge equivalent to Rate 1 will be added to student fee bills as the housing guarantee room rate so that their housing bill can begin being processed in our system. Once a student is officially assigned into housing, their fee bill will update to the applicable room rate in early August and may increase depending on what type of room the student is assigned into.

Highest Preferred Room Rate
Students have the ability to share their highest preferred room rate on their housing application. To do this, email with your name, seven-digit student ID number, and your highest preferred room rate. This preference does not guarantee an assignment will be made to a room/area in that room rate, rather, it allows us to consider this information in our assignment process, should higher rate spaces be available for new student assignments.

Important Dates

Residents in Storrs and Stamford follow a multi-step process to select housing. Check the important dates page to make sure that you are able to select housing successfully.

Important Dates