Selecting Housing

We have tried to make housing selection as simple as possible for our residents:

  • Current class standing determines the order in which students select a room. Seniors select first, followed by juniors, then sophomores, then freshmen.
  • Within class standing, students select rooms based on the number of credits earned.
  • Students with the same number of credits will be randomly assigned an order.

Some things to remember:

You only get one pick during this process — whatever room you select is your assignment until the summer room change process begins. Please make sure that you have your roommate group finalized and that you are fully satisfied with your selection before hitting “submit.”

Have multiple contingency plans when it comes to selection -- we cannot guarantee that a specific room type will be available for you or your roommate group to select into.

You can go into the system and view available spaces before your selection time to get an idea of what spaces may be available when it is your turn.

If you cannot pick during your turn, please review the options available so that our office can best assist you.