Building Community

Students sitting in a residence hall room laughing together

Learning Communities

  • UConn has a number of learning communities on campus that allow students to live together in communities based on a shared interest or major. Students in learning communities take an extra class that supports their activities within the community and allows classroom discussions to continue within the residence halls.
  • A full list of information related to learning communities and where each community is housed on campus is available at:

Honors Housing

  • First year students in the Honors program are housed in Buckley/Shippee residence halls. These students participate in specific programs that are managed by the Honors Office and have specific GPA requirements to remain in the community.
  • More details about the Honors Program can be found at:

Special Interest Housing: Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing is available to offer a living environment that is welcoming to all gender identities; one that is not limited to the gender binary. Gender Inclusive Housing allows for students of any gender to live together regardless of biological sex. Students who undergoing a gender transition process can find additional resources at:

Special Interest Housing: Veterans Community

The Veterans Community is a partnership with the Office of Veteran Affairs & Military Programs and is committed to creating a community for student veterans that promotes success and growth among student veterans. The primary reason that the community is in place is to help veterans transition from military to student life in a supportive environment. The community is located in South Campus and has four students assigned to each suite (with two students in each bedroom of the suite). Specific questions about the community or requests to live in the community can be submitted to Nikki Eberly in the Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs at

Special Interest Housing: Husky Village

Husky Village opened in 2004 as housing for the fraternities and sororities on campus. Students who are in their second year (or higher) and are members of the social organizations in Husky Village are eligible to live there. For more specifics on Husky Village, please visit