New Students

Two students sitting in their residence hall room studying together

Tips for positive roommate relationships


Small issues can become much larger if they are not addressed appropriately from the outset. Share your likes and dislikes opening so you and your roommate can negotiate your needs and wants. We’ve created the HuskyMate Agreement to assist with this process.

Establish Boundaries

Establishing ground rules can provide you the space to discuss important expectations you have for the year with your roommate(s).

Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t make assumptions about things when it involves your roommate—or their stuff! Always ask for permission before using their items, snacking on their food, or inviting friends into your shared living space.

Share your Interests

Share things about yourself with your roommate so that you can establish a relationship, and in return, be excited to learn about them and their interests as well. Whether they have a different cultural or social background, be willing to learn more about each other.

Be Willing To Change

Use this time to challenge your thinking. Approach situations with humility and an excitement for the opportunity to learn, grow, and become a well-rounded person. Even the most frustrating situations can teach us a lot about the world if we give it a chance.

Have Fun

It’s easy to get stressed over school, work, and the countless stressors of college life; however, remember to have fun and to keep the atmosphere of your living environment light and inviting. Sharing a space with somebody can be a very rewarding part of college life if you let it!