Welcome to Northwest Quadrangle

Batterson, Goodyear, Hanks, Rogers, Russell & Terry

The Northwest Quad (NWQ) houses over 1,000 students. The NWQ is comprised of first year students and is a designated first-year area outside of the learning communities.

The small buildings, Goodyear, Hanks, Rogers, and Terry house approximately 130 students each on all four floors. Each small building also has study lounges and a laundry room on the first floor.

The large buildings, Batterson and Russell, house approximately 245 students each on the second, third, and fourth floors. The first floors of each building house study lounges, and a laundry room.

Room Features & Hall Amenities

  • 6 buildings (2 large buildings and 4 small buildings), 4 Floors per building
    • Single-sex and co-ed floors available
  • Bed lofting is not available in Northwest.  Bed bunking is available in Northwest
  • Standard double room dimensions are 10.5 ft. by 14ft.
  • Laundry is located on the ground floor of each building
  • Mailroom: Russell Hall, separate exterior entrance (no accessible to the residence halls)
  • Dining: Northwest Dining Hall, North Dining Hall
  • Learning Communities: Nursing, Pre Pharmacy
  • Recreation: Game Room (Batterson Hall, separate exterior entrance)
  • Hall Director Office (Batterson Hall, Ground Floor--has both exterior entrance and accessibly via Batterson Hall)
  • Located in close proximity to UConn bus stops and the North Parking Garage

Northwest Area Contacts

Office Location: Batterson Hall – First Floor
Phone: 860-486-0946

Northwest Hall Directors

Operations Center

Visit the Operations Center to submit Maintenance Requests/Work Orders

Operations Center


Building Code: NWRH

Please note that this is the physical address for the building not the mailing address. For the correct mailing address please visit Student Mail Services

Floor Plans & Virtual Tours

Get more details about this space! Visit the Floor Plans page for housing diagrams.
Check out the Virtual Tours page for larger images of these tours as well as 360 tours of all sample rooms.

Northwest Double


Northwest Laundry


Northwest Bathroom


Northwest Lounge