Room Rates

All students residing in on-campus housing are required to purchase a resident meal plan except residents assigned to apartments.

2017 - 2018

Rate Room Type Semester/Year
Rate 1 Regular Double*
Triple - Traditional Residence Hall*
Quad - Four Person Room*
Northwood Apartments (Double in 2 Bedroom/3 Person - Undergrads)
Rate 2 NextGen Hall Double $3,505/$7,010
Rate 3 Busby/Garrigus Suites Triples
Nathan Hale Inn Triple
South Campus Quad - Four Person Room
Rate 4 Busby/Garrigus/South Suites Double
Husky Village
Mansfield Apartments
Northwood Apartments (Single in 2 Bed/2 Person - Grads only)
Northwood Apartments (Single in 2 Bed/3 Person - Undergrads)
Regular Single*
Regular Double with Private Bathroom*
Rate 5 NextGen Hall Single $4,253/$8,506
Rate 6 Busby/Garrigus/South Suites Single
Charter Oak/Hilltop Apartments - 2 Bedroom/4 Person
Hilltop Apartments Double Efficiency
Rate 7 Charter Oak/Hilltop Apartments - 4 Bedroom/4 Person
Charter Oak/Hilltop Apartment - 2 Bedroom/2 Person (Rate for 2017-2018 only)

Room Rates for Stamford Housing are available on the Stamford Campus Housing page.

*Regular or traditional rooms refer to the room types in campus areas that are not specifically listed within this rate table.