Gender Neutral Housing

The University of Connecticut is excited to offer an expanded and refreshed version of Gender-Neutral Housing for the Fall 24 academic year.  Gender-Neutral Housing is housing that is open to students of any gender to live together.  Gender-Neutral Housing is not taking the place of Gender Inclusive Housing Community but a separate and different living option for all students.  Depending on the interest from students in Gender-Neutral Housing all types of housing may be offered including Apartments, Suites and Traditional style housing.   More information will be available in February of 2024 to share with students that expressed interest about the exact location/s of Gender-Neutral Housing across campus.


  • Students will have to agree that they understand that they may be assigned/select to live with another student of a different gender than them.


  • Co-ed floor/building: A floor or community in a residence hall for students of any gender.  Typically, with rooms shared by members of the same gender.
  • Single-sex building: A building that is designated as male or female. Buildings in East Campus are identified to house only female students.
  • Single-sex floor (co-ed building): A floor or community in a residence hall that is designated as male or female.
  • Gender Inclusive: A community that allows for students of any gender to live together regardless of legal gender.  Students who are assigned to this community must request to live in the community and accept the values and expectations.
  • Gender-Neutral Housing: A room/apartment/suite that allows for students of any gender to live together.

Gender Transitioning Students

Students who are undergoing a gender transition process can find resources available at

Who chooses the Gender Neutral Housing option?

Gender Neutral Housing exists for all students. Students who decide to choose this option should not care about the gender or their roommate or want to live with specific people who are not the same gender as them, such as friends, siblings, family and so on.

What is the Difference between Gender Neutral Housing and the Gender Inclusive Community?

Gender-Neutral Housing is not a specific community. In Traditional communities, Gender Neutral Housing will have two or more bathrooms which are gender-restricted, while in Gender Inclusive Housing, the bathrooms are not limited to specific genders. Gender Neutral Housing options will be available throughout campus, depending on interest, while Gender Inclusive Housing is a specific community intended to create a welcoming and safe environment for those on a gender journey and their allies.

How does Residential Life manage vacancies?

If there are anticipated vacancies, Residential Life will communicate to student/s living in that space if time allows that we have available space if they know of another student that may be interested in living in their space. Students will also have the option during room change processes to indicate that they would like to live in a Gender Neutral Housing and be able to select into an open space.

How can students indicate interest in Gender Neutral Housing?

Students can select Gender Neutral on their housing application. If a student has already submitted their application, they can write to to indicate their interest in the housing type.

How are students assigned in Gender Neutral Housing?

Gender Neutral Housing allows students of any gender to live together. Students can request a specific roommate- that roommate must also have selected the Gender Neutral Housing option and the request must be mutual to be able to select together. If you do not have a specific roommate request, you can still live in Gender Neutral Housing, and you will be able to select through the selection process.

What do the bathrooms look like in Gender Neutral Housing?

Floors in the Gender Neutral Housing for traditional areas will have multiple bathrooms with each being assigned a specific gender. The showers have individual stalls with shower curtains and toilets have individual stalls that lock.

Is Gender Neutral Housing a Learning Community?

No, the Gender Neutral Housing is just a housing type that is offered to students.

Contact Information and Additional Resources

If you would like more information about Gender Neutral Housing, please email our general inbox at or call the Residential Life main office at 860-486-2926.