Special Interest Housing

Honors Housing

Most first-year students entering the Honors Program will live together in an Honors residential community in Buckley or Shippee Hall. Individuals living in this community will have the benefits of living, studying, and socializing together with other high-achieving students. Learn more about this community on the Honors Housing page.

Honors Housing After the First Year

After the first year, Honors students can continue living in Honors housing on a space available basis, or choose from a variety of housing options available in non-Honors buildings during room selection. Returning Honors students may choose to live in Shippee Hall and Snow Hall (suite-style residence hall)or New South. Housing in an Honors community after the first year is not guaranteed, nor does Residential Life or the Honors Program guarantee on campus housing for four years.


American Sign Language Housing is an accessible living community open to ASL students, Deaf, DeafBlind and hard-of-hearing students, and others who know American Sign Language. ASL Housing consists of one co-ed floor of a residential building located in the Alumni Quad. This community is dedicated to promoting accessibility for the Deaf community and encouraging the learning of American Sign Language on campus.

Features of ASL Housing:

  • Located near the center of campus, Alumni Quad is a 30-second walk from two dining halls, and just a few minutes walk from Gampel Pavilion, the UConn Bookstore, the Rec Center, and Homer Babbidge Library.
  • Residents will have the opportunity to participate in community and social events throughout the year, including movie nights, dinners, and game nights all held in sign language.
  • Residents will receive regular updates about new opportunities and events within the Connecticut Deaf community.

To request to live in ASL Community Housing, or for more information, please contact uconn.asl.community@gmail.com. For questions about accessibility of the building, please reach out to livingoncampus@uconn.edu.

Veterans Community

The Veterans Community is offered as a partnership between the Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs, Department of Residential Life, and students committed to creating a community for student veterans that provides support, connection, and resources for veterans as they attend the University of Connecticut.

The primary mission of the Veterans Community is to help veterans transition from military to student life in a supportive environment. This community is located within South Campus, with four students assigned to each suite (two students in each bedroom of the suite). Within the community, veterans can participate in programs and events that allow for peer learning and connection with other veterans. This community is dedicated to helping veterans navigate the complexities of the college experience and making a successful transition from military life to civilian life.

To request to live in the Veterans Community, or for more information, please contact Nikki Eberly in the Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs at (860) 486- nikki.eberly@uconn.edu.

Residential Life supports the success of student veterans. Student veterans (individuals with prior military service), who elect to live in on-campus housing but do not wish to live in the Veterans Community may request to live with a fellow student veteran or an older student by following the steps below. Questions? Contact Residential Life at (860) 486-2926.

  • Complete the housing application in ApplyOnline
  • Request a veteran/older student roommate in MyHousing > Personal Preferences

The Wellness Community

The Wellness Community is a new exciting housing opportunity for first and second year students interested in living well and contributing to a healthy world.  The Wellness Community is centrally located in New South near the Recreation Center, Student Union, Bookstore and Gampel Pavilion. Through personalized wellbeing resources, you will have the opportunity to cultivate your own health, including physical, mental, and emotional well-being, in order to Be Well, Feel Well, Do Well, and Live Well.

Learn Together!

The Wellness Community provides opportunities to explore what works best for you to support your overall wellbeing.  Through social events, community gatherings and guided activities, as a member of the Wellness Community you will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive impact on your personal health, the health of your communities, and the health of the planet. 

Members of the Wellness Community will: 

  • Learn new wellbeing skills to facilitate personal health and well-being to achieve individual, academic, and professional goals 
  • Participate in engaging, motivating, and inspiring educational and recreational activities
  • Foster environmental compassion and connection with nature to boost your own individual wellbeing
  • Deepen connections with peers, faculty, and the broader UConn Nation
  • Be a part of a community for collective action to improve health outcomes
  • Enhance understanding of the intersection between social, political, economic, and environmental systems and their impact on health and well-being
  • Innovate solutions to enhance the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and the planet

The Wellness Community is a vibrant, engaged community that provides opportunities to explore different ways to strengthen your overall health and wellbeing skills.  Join the Wellness Community to learn what works best for you and to be part of a supportive, positive, and thriving living environment at UConn.  Check out all the information at The Wellness Community | Student Health and Wellness (uconn.edu)

Substance Free Living Community

The Substance Free Living Community is designed for students who commit to living in an environment free from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs. Students choose substance-free housing for a myriad of reasons: to support academic achievement, for religious or cultural beliefs, for health and wellness needs, to support their recovery, and the list goes on. It is important to understand your motivation for choosing this housing option in order to commit to maintaining an environment that is substance free. Students who select to live in the Substance Free Community are committing to maintain an environment that is substance free, not only for themselves but also for their fellow residents.

The Substance Free Living Community is located centrally in West Campus, specifically Shakespeare and Troy residence halls.  This location is close to the Recreation Center, Student Union and Gampel Pavilion.

Eligible students may apply by doing the following:

  • Indicate they are interested in Substance Free Living Community on their Residential Life Housing Application
  • When notified by Residential Life, submit the acceptance form to participate in the housing selection process for the Substance Free Living Community.