Storrs Housing for UConn Avery Point and Hartford Students

First time, first year students at the UConn Hartford and UConn Avery Point campuses who meet stated deadlines and eligibility criteria will be guaranteed housing at Storrs.  


  • Must be newly admitted to UConn Avery Point or UConn Hartford
  • Email 3-5 business days after submission of the enrollment deposit to get access to the housing application
  • Complete the Housing Application (MyHousing)
  • Take the majority of your academic credits at the campus where you were admitted
  • Work with an advisor at the campus where you were admitted

Transportation and Parking

Students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from Storrs.  There is public transportation that runs between Hartford and Storrs several times a day.

At the current time, public transportation is not available between Storrs and Groton.

A single parking permit that allows for parking at the two campuses is available. Inquire with Parking Services.

Students taking classes at UConn Hartford can use CT Transit free of charge. CT Transit offers bus transportation to and from Storrs and Hartford multiple times throughout the day.

U-Pass CT is valid for students for unlimited rides within Connecticut on local & express buses, CTfastrak, Shore Line East, intrastate New Haven Line and CT Rail Hartford Line services.


Will I be able to split my coursework between the regional campus I have been accepted to and the Storrs campus?

It is important to remember that your academic campus is either UConn Avery Point or UConn Hartford and it should be treated as such. The majority of your coursework must be taken at the campus in which you were accepted. Your academic advisor, who will reside at your accepted campus, will work with you to create an acceptable class schedule.

Can I live in a Learning Community?

Choosing to live in a Learning Community is now part of the Housing Application and is open to all students living on the Storrs campus, including those commuting to Avery Point and Hartford.

What happens if I cancel my housing?

Regional campus students who have accepted guaranteed housing at Storrs, but cancel their housing and remain at eligible regional campuses (i.e. Hartford campus and Avery Point campus) are responsible for cancellation fees following the cancellation fee schedule. Please refer to the Residential Life Cancellation Policy page for more information.

Will my financial aid package be adjusted?

Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Services to determine how your financial aid package may change if you were to live on the Storrs Campus.

Do I have a dining plan option?

As a residential student on the Storrs campus, you can choose from three meal plan options, all of which offer unlimited access to Storrs campus dining halls during the operating hours. Meal plans can also provide a bag meal option for students commuting to class, therefore missing a Storrs campus meal.  All residential students are required to have a meal plan.  There is currently no dinning plan option at UConn Hartford and student will need to pick-up a bagged meal prior to leaving the Storrs campus.

Can I be a part-time student at UConn Avery Point or UConn Hartford and still take advantage of Storrs campus housing?

Students who are enrolled on a full-time basis will be given priority for Storrs campus housing. However, part-time students will be considered on a space available basis.

What will I pay in tuition and University fees

    Tuition is the same amount at all UConn campuses, however, the fees on each campus vary. By choosing to live on the Storrs campus, your fee bill will be adjusted to reflect Storrs campus fees. You will not be charged regional campus student fees.  The Office of the Bursar provides the official University fee structure and most up-to-date information regarding direct costs, indirect costs, and waivable fees.

    Will I be able to campus change sooner if I choose to live on the Storrs campus?

    The campus change process will remain the same for all students looking to transition to Storrs to complete their degree, regardless of whether a student has chosen to reside on the Storrs campus. Students will nothave the ability to transition (or campus change) to the main campus sooner if they choose to take part in the residential opportunity at Storrs. Students are typically required to complete 54 credits (two years) at a regional campus before transitioning to Storrs to complete a bachelor’s degree.

    I’m an incoming student interested in this housing opportunity, what Orientation program do I attend?

    Students admitted to UConn Avery Point or UConn Hartford should attend the Orientation session at the campus in which they were admitted. Our Orientation program has worked to align the topics covered on all UConn campuses. Any residential information not covered during your Orientation session at a regional campus will be covered during the Week of Welcome (WOW) programming when you arrive on campus.