Storrs Campus Summer Housing

Group of exchange students having a meeting on the Student Union Mall on Aug. 18, 2017.

Summer 2021 Housing Information

Summer 2021 Housing Application


The Summer Housing Application is available from March 8. The priority deadline is March 26.


Eligibility for Summer Housing

To live on campus, residents must meet one or more of the following:

  • You are not able to return home or have the inability to live somewhere else for the summer term. This does not include the inability to live somewhere else because you are doing an internship or work on or close to campus.

Students requesting a late stay for the remainder of the spring term who will also need summer housing should request this on the Late Stay Application.

Students taking online-only courses, completing an internship, or working on campus are not eligible for summer housing this year.

If you intend to meet one or more of the above criteria, please complete the application in your My Housing portal. Beginning March 27, please write in to to request access to the Summer Housing Application

Summer Housing at Stamford

Information about summer housing at the Stamford campus will be forthcoming, including room assignment location, accommodations, and rates.

Verification of Eligibility

  • Summer coursework will be verified though University records.
  • Staff will reach out to students who have indicated they are unable to live elsewhere.

Summer Housing Accommodations

  • Summer housing will be in single-occupancy spaces in Werth Tower.
  • Assignments are based on availability. Residents will be provided with a specific room assignment at check-in.
  • Health/Medical Accommodations: Residents with a documented health/medical condition or disability which may impact their living environment must contact the Center for Students with Disabilities to register and request a housing accommodation. Current students who already are registered should notify their CSD case manager that they will need a summer housing accommodation.

Summer Rates

  • Summer housing is billed on a flat, weekly rate from Sunday-Saturday.
  • Fee bills are generated once per month, generally three days after each summer session begins. These billing dates apply to all residents, including those not taking a summer course.
  • Residents living on-campus for multiple months will be receive multiple bills, as each bill covers 1 month.

Additional Billing Information

  • Summer housing is billed on a flat, weekly rate from Sunday-Saturday.

Temporary Health and Safety Procedures

Summer residents will need to agree to and abide by the Temporary Health and Safety Procedures.  This may also include periodic testing and the need to quarantine and/or isolate, similar to the Fall and Spring semester.

Transitioning from Spring to Summer Housing Assignments

  • Students approved for a late stay in Spring 2021 who also require summer housing will remain in their Spring assignment for the full Spring term. Directions for their move to Werth Tower for Summer housing will be emailed at a later date.

Summer Residents Transitioning to Fall 2021 Housing

  • More information is forthcoming.

Summer Residents Not Living On-Campus for Fall 2021

  • More information is forthcoming.

Planning Check-in and Check-Out Dates

As housing is billed as a weekly flat-rate, please include the Sunday you plan to check-in (or the Sunday prior to your check-in, if you plan to arrive mid-week) and the Saturday you plan to check-out (or the following Saturday, if you plan to check-out midweek).

Plans Change?
If your plans change after completing the application, please contact

Leaving Summer Housing for at least 1 Week and then Returning to Summer Housing

If you intend to live on campus for part of the summer, leave for at least 1 week, and then return to summer housing, please indicate “yes” on the last question of the application. A ResLife staff member will contact you to coordinate your multiple arrival and check out dates.

To meet the demand of room requests, we cannot guarantee a resident will be reassigned to the same room during each stay. As such, all belongings will need to be removed at each check-out.

Did your plans change after filling out the application?

If your plans change after completing the application, please contact

Summer 2021 Undergraduate/Graduate Room Rates

Summer 2021

Undergraduate & Graduate Room and Meal Plan Rates


Room Rates

Summer housing is billed by the week, Sunday-Saturday Hilltop Apartments Northwood Apartments Werth Tower
Housing Rate
$300/week $203/week $175/week + meal plan

Meal Plan Information

  • Students living in Werth Tower are required to purchase a meal plan. There are two meal plan options:
    • Meals all 7 days per week: $171.50/
    • Meals 5 days per week (Monday-Friday only): $122.50/week
  • Summer meal plans include 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner per day. Unused meals do not rollover to the following day.
  • Students enrolled in a summer class may change their meal plan for each term they are enrolled until the third day of classes. After you’ve checked-in, please contact Dining Services at (860) 486-3128 to make changes during this window.